And so it was- they were married. It was a bit of a long journey to reach there, but they did- that was important, right? It was a small, private reception with only the closest and nicest of family and friends invited, which seemed perfectly normal to the two young men hoping to make an absolutely new start in life as one.

David and Prescott were married at last. What seemed like an eternity to these two young men had finally drawn upon a close, when they finally tied the knots and performed their nuptials. A fun little thing it was, with everyone being basically happy and proud of the whole thing- after all these two were so cute together!

Both in their early 20's, David was the older one. Well built and handsome, he had the most beautiful red hair and smooth, pensive eyes. They seemed to express everything about his heart and soul- it just seemed so lovely. He had this moustache- oh this absolutely tantalising moustache which suited him so well, just a little twitch of it would make all the girls and boys just swoon over this sweet young man that he was- such an attractive young dazzler was he. Yet he was a fun young man to be around and had a very wonderful way with words, rhetoric practically flowing out every time he opened his mouth. Dressed in white that day though, he shocked everyone- white was certainly not his colour, at least his self proclaimed fashion expert said so. Then again, he was a man of esoteric tastes and particularly disliked fashion, very unlike what most would expect; but it was his life, wasn't it?

Prescott was the younger one. Considerably shorter than his mate, he had brown hair which made a slight fringed mop and made him look like a young child; rather a teenager. He had beautifully dazzling lilac eye which were of the most natural shade of grape and crocus, blended together in a smokescreen of beautiful elements. His eyes were just as beautiful as David's if not better. Yet he was more serious and the one more fashionable and rather, elegant. Meticulous and passionate, he had an extremely classy taste for all things elegant and palpable to the eye. The quiet dreamer, Prescott had an intense passion for many artistic things, such as dance and crafting, some of his best talents. It was pretty hard to even imagine they'd like each other as friends, let alone lovers.

When most of the ceremony was over and so was their absolutely delectable wedding cheesecake, they walked arm in arm with all well wishers throwing off rice and little white rose petals on them, they proudly strode off to a large green car waiting to pick them up, dressed in the most beautiful of roses and jasmines, David's favourite flowers. Prescott took a glance at the fluorescent car and grimaced. "You really do lack good taste, you know that, Dave?" he spouted. "If I did, would I have ever picked you, honey?" David grinned seeing his husband turn a deep shade of scarlet and then giggling which made him smile too. Prescott was so adorable when he giggled- it reminded him of an angel's call, a singer's serenade. He then kissed his forehead which made him blush harder.

"Seriously, now?" he scolded. Then he was in a bit of a hurry to walk off to the car when suddenly David' ears picked up the rather loud sound of a ruffling dress in crinoline and linen when the two newlyweds turned around and smiled. There she was- their ever lifetime support.

"Becker!" the two exclaimed as they both hugged her.

"So now I'm at your wedding- this is so exciting!" she spouted in a bubbly excitement. "I just can't believe it- I don't care how weird this may seem!" The two smiled- this was Becker alright, how else would she be? The tanned brunette was very beautiful, with her bronze skin iridescent in day and her beautiful curly black streaked hair sprung up and down in that excitement of hers. "Oh Beck- could we have ever done this without you?" David gushed sweetly.

"Please- this is all yours!" she said sweetly. "After all that haggling, it was worth it!"

"Well, we did promise to call you for the wedding, and we did!" David laughed. "Though according to Press, you do need to alter your fashion sense..." which made Prescott punch David- he was prone to embarrassment easily. Becker just laughed- why is it so cute seeing boys act like this? Becker was their best friend of sotrs and a straight woman who was very kind to them and often treated them normally, if nothing. A bubbly exciting girl, she brought life and joy to the entire world.

"I wish I get to have a partner just like you do..." she gushed. "Becky, that shouldn't be too hard. Believe me, so many guys would flip for someone like you, we know!" David said while Prescott smiled. "See-? Even Press agrees!" he chortled while Prescott punched David, albeit lighter this time. "I can talk, you know? And stop calling me that, it's annoying!" he snarled.

"I don't remember calling you 'That' before!" David interjected while Becker burst into peals of laughter. Prescott sighed and grabbed David away.

"So, we'll be off. Thanks for everything, Beck. Love yaw!" Prescott then hugged her and gave a social kiss while David backed away for a minute. Becker ran all the way and waved out to the new partners.

"Bye! Have a great trip!" she waved off while the car drove away and the others followed suit. After a whole round of waving, the two were tired and drove back to their house to prepare for the honeymoon, rather just get their valises. "Going to miss her, eh?" David nudged. Prescott said nothing and folded his hands. "It's pointless to argue with an idiot." he mumbled. David put his hand on his. "Come on, bud; learn to take a joke." Prescott smiled at his new husband. "That's my boy. Keep smiling like that, it's cute!" He beamed now- he loved pleasing David, although he'd need to get used to that now.

Prescott often looked upon this day with fondness, then again which couple wouldn't for their wedding day? Ah the memories!...