The wedding happened almost 12 years ago. Now in their early 30's, they were still pretty much the same, Prescott being the soulful dreamer as ever and his ever so vindictive husband just being his silly old self. Prescott smiled seeing their wedding pictures. A hell lot had changed ever since.

He was married and had a large, comfortable house with a queen's garden in there. He was happy; his dancing had more flavour, passion and soul ever since; as if his marriage incorporated something in there. Their careers took off much faster than ever and Becker was expecting her first niece or nephew, her thoughts floating of children and being her usual, if not more bubbly self. Prescott giggled even think of Becker. People may have claimed her to be immature, but he knew much more than that, David was her male counterpart.

Yet something plagued him for years now. It had been rather late for them to think this way, but something really did make him feel weird. Something he often dreamed of as a child, swore off as a teenager. He felt that his family was incomplete and as much as he struggled with himself with not thinking this way, it was still popping in his head, like an annoyingly catchy song. It was just the same, except like a painfully guilt- inducing subliminal message which he could not erase. Prescott was a good man, it was just the very thought of this not occurring earlier that annoyed him. What would David think? Would he get his approval? That may be a little hard to decipher, but all the same, after a few days and weeks of struggling with his inner forces, he realised the message was not only the real deal, but the true want of his life now.

He was alone. He wanted children.

It took a hell lot of time to wonder how to break it to David? Prescott often had doubts of his parenting abilities, especially after he was with Becker as a child; that thought still sent shivers up his spine.

Sane old sunny day of September, if not sunny, at last not gloomy. Fall was imminent and the whole day was left to play before every child's worst torturous nightmare- school.

"Davey, I want to climb the tree!" Becker told her red haired friend.

"Girls can't do such things, you know!" the other boys teased.

"Just let her." Prescott said annoyingly while just... filing his nails?

"Seriously, stop doing that! It's scary; it makes me feel like you're hacking off your fingers!" David moaned, but Prescott just rolled his eyes. "You sir, are incredibly paranoid. Let Becker climb the tree and get over with it!" David sighed- Prescott had this odd tendency to speak in incredibly complex language which annoyed him, yet was quite sweet. So he relented. "Are you helping out?" he asked. Prescott stuck his tongue. "I don't do such stuff- how do I put this, unlike most others, I like having my bones in one piece."

"I take that as a no." David spouted and then he climbed up the tree in quick ascension, of course, being the child of an aspiring sports star did help a hell lot. "Hey! I want to get up too!" Becker groaned. David gave her the signal to try climbing, and she did. She then lifted her dress up, clung to the trunk and slowly climbed it with the calculation of a mountaineer and the grace of a panther. Prescott knew very well she was actually scared to death, hereby calculating her every move and really wasn't getting anywhere. Nevertheless, she did like trees, so he really did not care.

Sadly, clinging to the tree for dear life was not fruitful enough and she was slowly slipping down. David attempted to cheer her on by giving advice. "Stop putting so much pressure, relax a bit Becky!" he called. None of that really was working and she slipped down to the grass. David sighed and actually jumped off the tree, landing gracefully. Becker was pretty chassed off by this while Prescott tried not to be very apathetic; girls cried too much. David ran up to her. "Come on Becky, that's okay. Not every nature girl can do this, but you still got up a bit! You should stop being so scared. Dad said that to me and now I'm an expert. Why not practice a bit?" he consoled. That strange behaviour of his often intrigued Prescott. Usually David was obnoxious and at times pretty caustic, but when he showed his soft side, he really did have a heart of gold. Becker nodded and tried over 5 times, but she was still too frightened to climb the large oak. Finally, tired of everything, they lay on the grass and started chatting about stuff. Then, a bright idea struck David.

"How about I get you to the top?" he asked. Prescott nearly face palmed- he was out of his wits. Becker's eyes shone. "Really, you'll do that for me?" she asked hopefully. David smiled and nodded. "Yeah, sure. Just climb onto my back like the piggy back riding and I'll climb up, okay?" David reassured. Becker nearly cried and hugged him really hard. "Thanks Davey! You're the best!" she squealed while David was clearly embarrassed. "Don't tell anyone I did this!" he warned. Prescott's lips were sealed.

Becker hoisted upon David and her legs were wrapped around his waist. Arms around his neck, Prescott was giggling seeing this. "Horse and rider..." he mumbled while avid shot him an acid look which made him shiver. "Sorry."

"Now hold tight and still. I'm gonna be climbing a mountain!" David proclaimed while the other boy calmly stepped back. He just smiled- David was sometimes a little too sweet a boy; no matter how much that hard yet handsome exterior spouted out, he still had that warmth of a sunlight basked cake, as he enjoyed describing him- David was a hell of a cake, a hard cake.

Filled with fruits, rather attractively coloured he was so, yet with such an intimidating air, but when one bites into it, a strange, sweetness filled your mouth and your soul- it was that beautiful. You just can't get over its delectability, which is the true test of a cake's character. And David was everything like that and more- Prescott knew it. He watched David's brave ascent up the oak getting higher and better. David was puffing, but still showed no signs of it as to not embarrass himself.

The large brown mountain was capped with that beautiful green snow, and he was hell bent on proving it, climbing up an inch by inch, slow yet steady, while Becker felt like a princess, which David liked. But by then, his grip was loosening as Becker got heavier up the tree. His hands were shaking, but he showed no signs. Unfortunately, it was not working for him but of course, he wouldn't admit it, will he?

"Go higher!" Becker ordered him. "I'm trying!" he snapped and climbed a little more, but then felt the loss of his legs in feeling and his breath was getting more stifled and neck hotter. Then finally, he was nearing the last leg of the tree in branch and was about to set his foot onto the branch when he fatefully moved a little too close and snap, it broke, the two fell down with David still holding Becker and they fell to the grassy floor with a crash.

Prescott ran to them and helped them up. "David, Becky! You okay?" he exclaimed. David looked a little sore. "Yeah, I'm okay. No biggie." He said. When they looked at Becker though she was a horrifying fright! Her head was bleeding and head wounds tend to bleed a lot. While helping her up, she noticed the whole trail of blood and wailed really loudly and excruciatingly shrill. David gulped- he was toast.

Becker was hospitalised and needed over 12 stitches on her head and had she been hit on her soft spot, she'd have died. David; probably got the spanking and grounding of a lifetime and Prescott never saw him for almost 5 months.

Thinking of that day was often frightening, but still –this want for children had been eating him out endlessly and wanted it now. He was 32 years old; most people would have had cute little toddlers walking around. Sure, he knew of the parenting's negatives, but he just had to, even if David wouldn't approver- he wanted a baby and he needed one, somehow, somewhere.

When David got home, he was greeted by a very emotional Prescott. "Hi, honey?" his voice was cut off by Prescott grabbing him all the way to the table. "What's the surprise, love?"he asked mildly baffled by this behaviour. Prescott seated him on the chair and locked up the door, then grabbing his hands and squeezing them like no tomorrow. "What is it?" David asked him.

Prescott then hugged him really hard, making him blush, but still shocked- he never acted this way. All the same, he just went with it and when the embrace was over, Prescott clasped his hands and then said, looking into his eyes "Davy, there is something I have to tell you."

And so it went in unending silence...