Omnipresent, stress is a dress that is worth wearing twenty four seven.

Stand still, look pretty, empty hollow fragile angel girl. Less pillow talk

plus restlessness equals insomnia. Shakable, it is hard to be as solid

as a rock during these tough times. Lights out, a blackout creates even

more hysteria and paranoia. Innocent bloodshed paints a battlefield

red. Heroic, these hometown soldiers bleed on my behalf at dawn. These

martyrs die in order to be born again in heaven. Constantly around, there is

always a thorn in my side. Broken, I am torn asunder beyond words.

Its such a shock to the system that I can't dream anymore. Just let me scream for

a while and dig my own grave. Liquid tears fall down onto the ground with the

gentle grace of a leaf. I am pregnant with uncontrollable grief. I don't understand

why I should have a belief in world peace after witnessing violence on a whole

new different level? I wish I could make this fear of mine disappear forever. I

lift up my hands to the sky and absorb the sun's heat. Hearing my heart beat

sounds like music to my ears. I close my eyes pretending to be a butterfly.

I feel as carefree as an unborn baby inside a woman's womb. I feel as

carefree as a corpse inside a tomb until a bomb destroys my shelter of love.