Drama and karma collide prophesying great danger is on the horizon.
Serenity falls down with the gentle grace of a fawn. Frozen in time are
broken tiny mirror fragments of a courageous spirit. Enslaved prisoner,
silent caged bird, embrace the dawn. Born to run, wild free stallion,
breathe. Drawn to the rhythm of funeral music, one scream crushes the
life of a newborn dream. Hollow inside without a soul, gunshots follow
bloody Mary into the dark. Break loose the chains and taste the rains of
this life, white dove. Goddess of imaginary light speak and learn how
to love for once. Drifting elsewhere, absence is always felt somewhere
close by. Unwanted and uninvited, ghostly presence develop a deep
longing for something more besides death. The long run home will take a
lifetime to complete for this dreamer. Delete all biases, stereotypes
and negative thoughts from memory banks. Growing less stronger with each
passing hour, whatever happened to the power of the flower? Push harder
beyond the pain, wandering lone ranger, seek shelter in the arms of an
angel and then surrender.