Bonus Chapter

Ty groaned when she felt Dante shaking her shoulder.

"Go away," she whined, putting her pillow over her head and burrowing further into the bed.

"Sierra, get your ass out of bed."

"Lemme sleep, Dante," Ty complained, her voice muffled by the pillow and the mattress.

Dante sighed and sat down on their bed, running his hand up and down Ty's back, gently tracing her spine in a way he had learned she enjoyed. They'd been living together since they graduated from Brick Road High five years ago, moving out of the Rizzo mansion and getting a two-bedroom apartment nearby.

Everyone was living near each other and Grant was the only one still in school as he decided on pursuing a career in medicine, specifically as a pediatrician, which Ty could just not understand. Who would want to spend so much time around children? Jimmy was living with his bandmates who he had met during his first year at Julliard at a café he managed to get weekly gigs at. Henry and Drew were living together, both of them working at the same advertising firm, Henry in the creative department and Drew in finance and accounts. Shady was helping Travis as his manager at Blue Moon. Fred, like Ty, had moved in with his boyfriend in an apartment near Rizzo Inc. straight out of high school and was now working at a publishing house as an editor. And all three Rizzo brothers were working at their father's company, Carlos in line to take over after Roberto retires while Dante and Luca were in high standing manger positions, though Luca had a personal side business so he could continue tinkering while also making some extra cash if investors were interested in his products. On the underground side of things, Dante was the one in line for running the scene with Luca as his right hand and the self-acclaimed 'weapons master'. Carlos wasn't interested in that side of their life though he wasn't completely cut off from it.

Dante sighed and straddled Ty's back. "If you don't get up, I'll tickle you," he threatened.

Ty brought her head out from hiding and craned her neck to glare blearily at Dante, "Don't you fucking dare, Dante."

Dante smirked and placed his hands at Ty's sides, "You've got three seconds, stronza."

Ty opened her mouth to yell at him but Dante dug his fingers under Ty's ribcage and the brunette shrieked, "No! Dante! Stop! F-fuck! N-No, goddammit! That was not three seconds!"

Ty wriggled under Dante, trying to free herself, but Dante was enjoying himself far too much.

Ty thrashed and tried to grab Dante's hands to stop him, but the Italian was relentless. Finally, Ty bashed her elbow into Dante's solar plexus, knocking the air out of him and making him groan.

"I regret teaching you self-defense," Dante groaned, rolling onto his back next to Ty who sat up scowling.

"And I regret going out with you," Ty retorted.

In a flash, Ty was on her back with Dante looming over her, lips millimeters apart.

"Take it back," Dante demanded.

"And if I don't?" Ty returned, challenging him.

Dante shrugged, "Doesn't matter. I will not let you leave me. You're mine, Sierra. And I'm yours, whether you want me or not. Per sempre."

Ty tried not to smile but failed and shook her head, "Why'd I go ahead and fall in love with a possessive jackass with caveman tendencies?"

"And why'd I go ahead and fall in love with a foul mouthed tomboy who refuses to be nothing less than obstinate?"

Ty tilted her head and placed her lips against Dante's but Dante pulled back.

"Your breath reeks, stronza," Dante said, getting off of her and heading out of their bedroom without a backward glance.

"You're a piece of shit," Ty said, rolling her eyes and getting out of bed, Dante's attack had completely awoken her. He had been awake for a while, she could tell, as Dante was just about as much of a morning person as she was. And he was dressed up for work in a black dress shirt and black slacks. Ty had to admit he looked good in formal, or close to formal wear but she preferred him in his usual tight black shirts and trashy jeans. She had also grown fond of his favorite leather jacket that he had bought two years ago and she stole on occasion because it smelled as good as it felt.

Ty went to the bathroom and did her morning ablutions. She didn't bother changing out of her pyjama shorts and tank top and walked out of the bedroom, heading for the kitchen to see Dante finishing up making breakfast.

Over the past few years, both of them were forced to learn how to cook. It was one of the stipulations they had to meet in order to move out of Roberto's house. Under Lorenzo's strict teaching, the two could now manage the basics and did not have to order takeout for every meal that wasn't cereal, 2-minute noodles, or a peanut butter Nutella sandwich.

"Did you burn the eggs again?" Ty asked, grabbing two mugs, one for Dante's coffee and the other for her tea.

"Like you're any better at this cooking shit. And no, they're perfect," Dante replied, grabbing the two plates of eggs, bread, and slightly burnt bacon and taking them to the living room.

Ty brought their drinks over and sat down beside him on the couch as he turned on the TV.

"What time do you have to go?" Ty asked, munching on a strip of bacon.

Dante checked his watch before replying, "I've got a meeting in three hours but I've got some shit to do before that… I'll leave in an hour or so, after breakfast. Are you just bumming out here again?"

Ty sighed, "Tim's gonna come by soon so we can go over that interview I'm supposed to be having later today with Shred Magazine. He's been really insistent about practicing and preparing and stuff."

Dante laughed, "Considering what happened last time? I'm not surprised."

Ty pouted, "I wasn't that bad…"

Dante raised a brow, "You threatened the guy with bodily harm and then kneed him in the crotch before telling him to go fuck himself and dumping his coffee over his head. On live television."

Ty sank back into the couch, crossing her arms over her chest, "Shut up. It was one time. I was fine with the other interviews. It was just that one guy."

Just then, Ty's phone started ringing and she went to go grab it from their room. She grinned when she checked the caller ID.

"Jake! Long time no talk, man," Ty said into the phone as she returned to the living room and plopped back down beside Dante who was subtly scowling. He had never quite liked the skater and he wasn't fond of the fact that Ty was still close to him, especially since they were both in the same line of business and there was a rumor that the two were dating a while back. And he did not forget that kiss from six years ago.

"Hey, Ty! I know, been busy with promotional stuff. How've you been?"

"I'm good. You?"

"I'm great. Anyway, I called wondering if you'd like to join me in this charity event I'm doing with a couple others, even though it's kind of last minute. We're raising money for kids with cancer."

"I'll have to check with Tim but when is it?"

"This Saturday."

Ty grimaced apologetically even though Jake couldn't see her, "Sorry, no can do, one of my best friends is getting married."

"Nah, it's fine. Given 'em my best, yeah? And we need to hang out some time. I haven't seen you since that photo shoot in Miami."

"I will, and we should. Maybe we can play with the paps and start up another rumor," Ty laughed.

Dante scowled, "Don't even fucking think about it, stronza."

"Whoops. Boyfriend's angry. I'm going to go now before he finds out where I am and disposes of me."

Ty rolled her eyes, "See you, Sanders."

"Bye, Rizzo."

Before Ty could groan and tell him to quit calling her that for the millionth time, she found herself on her back once again with Dante burying his face in her neck.

"You're mine. Mio," he said into her neck, nipping at the skin.

"Dante," Ty groaned, trying to push him away but Dante was much stronger than her. He moved his lips up her neck and jaw to her pierced ear, nibbling on the lobe and making his way around her ear. "You and your weird ear fetish," she sighed, letting him have his way for a bit.

"You like my ear fetish," Dante murmured before releasing the appendage and pressing his lips to Ty's.

They closed their eyes and kissed languidly. Ty's hands went into Dante's hair that was in need of a trim, much like her own that was now just past her shoulders. She was going to get it cut after the interview.

Dante's hands slipped under Ty's tank top, rubbing at her bare skin.

Just as they were beginning to kiss more fiercely, at a faster pace with more groping and curious hands, the doorbell rang.

"Cazzo," Dante cursed, ruffling his hair and sitting up.

Ty rolled her eyes and went to get the door knowing it was probably Tim. And it was.

"Hey, Tim," Ty greeted the short, blond, bespectacled man.

"Morning, Ty, Dante," Tim replied, stepping into the apartment.

"Morning, Tim," Dante called from the couch. He was still grumpy about being interrupted.

Tim sat down in the recliner next to the couch while Ty asked, "Want anything to drink? Eat?"

"I'm good, thanks. You ready for today?"

Ty sat down again and rolled her eyes, "I'm not going to attack the interviewer, jeez."

Tim shrugged, "Either way, we'll go through some sample questions one more time and then we'll head over there. Also, they're probably going to ask you about a charity event that's happening on Saturday."

Ty nodded, "Jake just called and invited me to that, but I told him about the wedding. When's that photo shoot thing? It's with some other dudes, right?"

"It's on Wednesday with Jasmine Kumar and Isaac Iggy. And this just came in this morning, but you've got a movie offer."

"What?" Ty gaped.

Tim grinned, "Yeah, they want you to be one of the side characters in some film about a skater boy having a run in with the mafia or something and then gets roped into staying with the family. You don't have to do much acting, mostly just skating."

Dante started chuckling, earning him a curious gaze from Tim and Ty.

"It's nothing. Just sounds a bit familiar, right, Sierra?"

It took Ty a moment before she started grinning too, "A bit, yeah."

Tim looked between them before shaking his head in amusement.

Dante grabbed the empty plates and put them in the sink before grabbing his briefcase.

"I'm off then. Good luck, Tim, and, stronza, don't do something stupid."

Ty rolled her eyes, "Go to work, dickhead."

When the door closed behind Dante, Tim shook his head again. "The two of you sure are something." He had once asked what stronza meant and ever since he never quite understood their somewhat odd relationship. Really, he never quite understood it from the beginning since at one moment they hated each other and then another they were almost having sex on the floor. "When're you getting married?"

"We're not," Ty said. "Mostly to piss off his dad but marriage just isn't our thing. We're happy the way we are and neither of us believes in marriage anyway. I mean people who want it, go for it, but Dante and I just don't see that happening to us."

Tim shrugged and the two began to prepare for Ty's interview.


"Oh god, oh god, oh my god," Fred was hyperventilating. "This is actually happening."

"Red, you better not be having a mental breakdown right now," Ty said, messing with her tie. She hated the damn things but considering she was allowed to wear jeans, she would suffer through a tie.

"But, I'm getting married!" Fred argued. "I have every right to be nervous and anxious and oh my god I think I'm going to puke."

"Please don't, we won't be able to find you another suit in time," Grant said, helping Drew with his bowtie. The gang was all dressed up for the day. Ty was wearing her best pair of black jeans, a black dress shirt, and a skinny red tie; Henry and Jimmy were matching in clean blue jeans, red dress shirts, and navy vests; Drew was dressed in a pair of black pants, white dress shirt, black sports jacket, and red bowtie; Grant and Shady were the most formally dressed in full three piece black suits with a red tie or red dress shirt, respectively; and the groom himself was in a snow white suit with a red dress shirt and a red and white striped tie. Red was a color that everyone was required to wear in some form.

The gang took turns attempting to calm the redhead down until eventually, Luca knocked on the door to the living room, peeking his head in with Fred's mother right behind him.

"Is everything alright?" he asked. "You guys are gonna have to go out back soon." The ceremony was taking place in the Rizzos' backyard. It was going to be a private affair with only close friends and family, although private didn't necessarily mean small.

"Mom," Fred whined.

Ms. Anderson laughed and entered the living room turned dressing room turned panic room, hugging her son.

"Look at you, all grown up. My baby boy is getting married!" she cooed. She pulled back and smiled softly at him. "There's no need for you to be nervous, Fred. Carlos loves you, that's more than obvious and the only reason you boys are getting married now is because you wanted to finish college and get a job. He waited four years for you, Fred. Are you going to make him wait longer? Don't you want to marry him?"

"Of course I do," Fred mumbled, blushing. The day Carlos had gotten down on one knee had been one of the happiest – and embarrassing as they were at the skate park which the gang still went down to, to hang out if not skate – days of his life.

"Then go out there in five minutes and make him drop his jaw and feel his heart explode by the fact that you're going to be his and he's going to be yours for the rest of forever."

Fred hugged his mother and smiled, "Thanks, mom."

She kissed Fred's cheek and then gently patted it, "Anything for my baby boy. Now, your friends have to go and get into place and then it'll be your turn when the music starts."

The gang praised Ms. Anderson for calming Fred down in record time and they all exited the living room, heading for the door that led to the backyard. They wished Fred good luck and left him alone, going to stand in a line next to where Fred was going to stand.

Carlos was fidgeting in his suit, white like Fred's with a vibrant red rose pinned to his chest to match his red dress shirt.

"Chill, fratellone," Luca chuckled from the side. He and Dante were Carlos' best men while the gang was Fred's, though technically, Ty was the maid of honor but she didn't really do any of the duties. This wedding wasn't exactly orthodox.

"How on earth am I supposed to chill?" Carlos complained. "What if he regrets saying yes?"

Everyone rolled their eyes at that because it was an incredibly stupid question.

"Jeez, does everyone who's about to get married think stupid things?" Ty questioned. "Red was freaking out too."

Just then, they were told to shush as the pianist, one of Jimmy bandmates, started playing the selected piece. All eyes went straight to the sliding glass doors that led to the house, though the curtains were drawn so no one could see inside.

Carlos held his breath in anticipation until finally, the curtains parted and Fred stepped onto the grass.

Carlos' eyes widened, his jaw dropping, as he took in his fiancé, his soon-to-be husband.

Fred's skin was as red as his hair, the contrast against his white attire making it all the more pronounced. He was biting his lip as he smiled and walked towards Carlos, the brothers, his friends, and Luigi who was to marry him and his Italian.

The backyard really took his breath away. It was set up like a typical garden wedding with white patio chairs set up on either side of a pathway for him to walk down. He saw all the seated guests grinning; Roberto, Lorenzo, Luigi, Grandpa Tyler and his girlfriend Mary-Anne, Sal and his family, Travis, the parents of his best friends bar Ty's, some friends from university and work, his mother, Jimmy's band minus the pianist, a bunch of Roberto's men, and other partners. An arch of white and red flowers with strings of glass beads and pearls weaved into a light brown frame was built over a small platform for him, Carlos, and Luigi to stand under. Red and white balloons with matching streamers were strewn around the area and a buffet table was set up against the house for after the ceremony.

But what really had Fred's attention was Carlos. His mother was right, Carlos looked like he couldn't believe his eyes, and it made Fred feel all the more confident. You'd have to be blind to not see how much Carlos adored the redhead. His amber eyes shone with love and affection, with a hint of lust that Fred was honestly looking forward to. Carlos looked absolutely delectable in his slim fitting suit.

Fred finally climbed up the three steps that led him to Carlos, his eyes never straying from the blond.

Carlos took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, ducking his head down to whisper, "You look gorgeous, volpino."

Fred flushed but couldn't stop smiling. He looked up and pushed up on his toes to press his lips to Carlos' in a gentle caress before pulling back and blushing harder when his friends hooted and catcalled teasingly.

"The kissing comes later, bambini," Luigi chuckled.

With that, the pianist ceased playing and the ceremony officially began.

Luigi said his bit as the officiant though honestly, Carlos and Fred weren't really paying attention; too busy trying to steal glances at each other without getting caught. They just wanted to get to the 'I do's and kissing and consummating. And Fred was really looking forward to their honeymoon in Italy. He managed to get Carlos to finally spill after extensive ploys of seduction and teasing and the embarrassment of doing so was paid off by the incredible sex that followed, although now the Italian had a fetish for Fred in lacy red underwear and being restrained by red ties. A few days after the event, Fred discovered a ridiculous amount of brand new red ties in their shared closet.

Finally, it was time to exchange the rings which the two decided to keep with them, forgoing the traditional ring bearer.

Carlos slid Fred's on first onto the ring finger of his left hand, in front of the white gold engagement ring he had gotten custom made. The engagement ring was simple as Fred wasn't fond of the flashy and just had a cursive engraving of 'Volpino di Carlos' on the band encased by a delicate heart on either side of the phrase. Carlos' engagement ring was also white gold and had the engraving of 'Fred's beloved Italian' with the same two hearts on either side.

Once Carlos slipped the ring on, he pressed a kiss to the band, grinning when Fred reddened. Then Fred slipped Carlos' ring on though not giving it the same treatment as he was too embarrassed.

For their wedding rings, they decided to get the same one. They were yellow gold with the center being a weaving of yellow, white, and rose gold. They both had instantly fallen in love with the tri-colored ring when they saw it.

Rings in place the two recited their vows and then finally it was time to seal the deal.

"And for the moment you've all been waiting for, you may now kiss the groom," Luigi said, grinning.

"Finally," Carlos muttered before grabbing Fred around the waist and pressing their lips together, immediately slipping his tongue inside the redhead's mouth. Since he saw Fred he'd been restraining himself from just taking the man and forgetting about the formality of the ceremony. That shy little kiss from before didn't help matters. He just wanted his volpino.

Fred groaned and clung onto Carlos, kissing him back just as fiercely. He felt his heart swell with happiness as he realized this was their first kiss as husband and husband.

When they finally pulled away their ears registered the clapping and cheering and wolf whistling from their guests. Carlos grinned while Fred flushed bright red and hid his face in Carlos' chest.

Over the loud cheering, Luigi declared, "And with that, I now pronounce you Mr. and Mr. Rizzo!"

The two stepped down from the platform and were showered with congratulatory remarks from friends and family.

Roberto went up to Fred and pulled him into a tight hug, saying, "Welcome, officially, to the family, bambino." He released the redhead who was immediately taken into the arms of his husband and shot a look over to Ty and Dante who were standing together. "Now if only those two would follow your example."

Ty rolled her eyes, "Not happening, Papà."

Roberto sighed, "You call me Papà, you live together, you are madly in love with each other, yet you won't get married. What about my beautiful nipoti?" The big bad mafia don leader was practically whining.

"Not a chance in hell," Ty and Dante replied together vehemently. The idea of children was one of the things they completely agreed upon. They were a definite no.

"Couldn't you have at least changed your name from Jackson to Rizzo rather than Marrow? Or a hyphenation?"

Lorenzo clapped Roberto on the back, "Just let it rest, Roberto. Their stubbornness can only be surpassed by each other. Let's go and eat. Jimmy's band is setting up."

Jimmy and his band finished setting up and the brunet grabbed the mike, getting everyone's attention, "And now, time for the first dance! Red, Carlos, get your asses front and center!"

Laughter echoed as Carlos led Fred by the hand to the circle made on the lawn. The music started up and they swayed to the slow song. Carlos had his hands on Fred's hips while Fred's hands were interlocked at the back of Carlos' neck, fingers playing with the strands.

After a short while other couples joined them; Grandpa Tyler and Mary-Anne, Luca and his current girlfriend Diana, Sal and his wife, Roberto's men and their partners, and the gang pushed Ty and Dante to dance as well even as they both repeatedly protested but very grumpily did as forced. The two couldn't have looked more perfect for each other. They were even wearing similar clothes.

Fred looked around and caught sight of his mother dancing with one of Roberto's men. She looked like she was having fun but his smile still held a sad note.

"What's wrong, volpino?" Carlos murmured.

Fred shook his head, "Nothing, don't worry about it."

Carlos tut-tutted, "Volpino, when you're sad, I need to know the reason why so I can fix it and see your wonderful smile that makes my heart swell and my pants tighten."

Fred burst out laughing at that, placing his face into Carlos' chest that was also shaking with contained mirth. Once he got a hold of himself he kissed his husband's cheek. "It really is nothing. I was just kind of disappointed that my dad isn't here."

Carlos' expression turned somber. They both remembered the day Fred came out to his father close to graduation back in high school. To say he didn't take it well would be an understatement. His father didn't even think twice about telling Fred to get out of his house and calling him a filthy faggot but Fred's mother stood by Fred's side and his father was the one who left and never returned. His parents got divorced a month later and Fred and his mother changed their last names to his mother's maiden name, Anderson.

"Hey," Fred called softly, cupping Carlos' face. "He doesn't matter. If he couldn't accept me and you, then he has no right being here on the happiest day of my life." He pressed a kiss to his beloved's lips and smiled up at him.

Carlos returned the expression and hugged Fred close to his body, still swaying to the music. "Ti amerò per sempre."

Fred grinned, "I will love you forever, too."

Italian Lingo:

Stronza - bitch

Per sempre - forever

Mio - mine

Cazzo - fuck

Fratellone - big brother

Volpino - little fox

Bambini - children

Volpino di Carlos - Carlos' little fox

Bambino - child/little boy

Nipoti - grandchildren

Ti amerò per sempre - I love you forever

A/N: Heyyo! See, told ya Red and Carly get married (though not immediately but hey, they got there in the end). So much sappy cheesiness in the chapter like seriously what have I written? And that is the first and probably last wedding scene I will ever write. I'm just not a fan of them, too cynical for it, I guess. And as I am not a fan of weddings, I have no idea how any of them run and this was written with very brief skimming of websites to see the general proceedings and a lot of confusion as to which fucking hand the rings go on. And speaking of rings, the picture attached is their wedding ring. In my brief researching I ran across it and they're pretty fricking cool looking.

But yo, hoped you liked this extra peak into the gang's life years later and even if it was kind of mainly a Red x Carlos thing you got some Ty x Dante domestic life at the beginning, yeah? And I've an idea for a few other bonus chapters. One involves the child (read: demon because I hate children in RL, Fictional children I'm totally fine with though, probably because they're not real) I mentioned in the A/N of the epilogue and another idea I have involves some characters that didn't really get much page time. Let's just say... yaoi threesome... :D? Maybe? I'm such a fucking fujoshi, jesus christ.

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