Accidents happen Chapter One - A new home:

Remus sat by the window of the coffee shop, staring out at the rain splashing down on the cobbled street. The sky was a cloudy grey with shafts of light peeking through occasionally, Remus took a sip of his coffee before returning to his watching. he often did this, watching the world go by, it helped him relax and just forget what had happened a sore year ago. As he gazed into the wet street before him, he fell against the window, his breath fogging up the glass, taking his sleeve he pulled it over his hand and smudged away the mist, leaving a smear that promptly disappeared. A man and a woman walked past hand in hand in front of him, laughing, they were happy in each other's company, just being. With a sigh Remus was left back to his thoughts, ' I'll never have that love, I'm a monster, who wants that as a mate?' he shuddered. He never planned on being so alone. Why would he? HAs he returned to his coffee, he heard soft footsteps behind him, he turned around to see who it was. Albus Dumbledore, the 'leader of the light'. He wore a grave expression. Remus motioned for him to sit down, Dumbledore did so before starting to speak.

'I'm here to talk about Harry,' he said darkly. Immediately Remus' head shot up and he looked Dumbledore straight in the eye warily. What of Harry?

'What about him? Is he okay?'

'The Dursleys aren't looking after him. They are borderline abusing him, if it were not for the wards I put up prohibiting it, I'm sure he would be!'

'No!' Remus breathed, 'No, there must be a mistake! Harry is the most lovely boy ever! How could they do that?' Remus cried out. He had always dreaded hearing that Harry wasn't loved as much as he should be, that someone wouldn't care for him as much as Remus did.

'We may never know, I know you are aware that you are Harry's guardian in a situation like this.' Remus nodded ' well it seems you need to look after Harry.'

Remus shook his head, 'No, I can't be! He has the whole wizarding world! I wish I could, but I'm a- a-... ' he lowered his voice 'Im a werewolf. You know this Dumbledore!'

'Yes, well. We are left with no other sane options. He is being neglected there. He is beaten and starved according to our source. ' Remus growled menacingly but Dumbledore carried on unpertered 'You are his last member of possible guardianship and we can't let someone so powerful be used by the minister! He is greedy! He has always wanted to have Harry on his side after that night!' Dumbledore hissed. Remus' feelings of well being were gone. He had wanted to forget that night. To pretend they were still alive.

'What do I have to do?' Remus asked.

'First, take this note from me with permission to bypass the adoption laws then wipe me,'

Remus took the parchment from Dumbledore's frail hand and then stared at him oddly, 'I'm obliviating you?'


'But why? Why do I need to?' Remus said nervously.

'So no one, not even me, knows Harry's whereabouts,'

'Do I hav-'

'Yes.' Dumbledore said shortly taking Remus aback. 'Also, I do believe that if you ever had a son you would name him Charlie? Yes well, for Harry's safety it may be the wisest option to change his name, just so he can grow up fairly normally, also I've sent a house elf to set up a boy's room for Harry at your cottage. Well go on, wipe me,'

'If your sure?' at Dumbledore's nod, Remus lifted his wand and uttered the words he had never said before, 'Obliviate,'

Privet Drive:

Remus apparated directly into the front garden. He started, this wasn't supposed to happen! The protection put in place must be failing. He crouched in the shrubbery, a notice-me-not charm He sat outside the house into the early hours of the morning, he was about to fall asleep when a little boy with messy black hair and purple eyes? opened the door and stepped out into the early morning sun. It was about five in the morning. Why was he out this early? Remus assumed this must be Harry, he was a miniature version of James just with green eyes. Wait?! Green eyes?! They were purple a second ago! That kid must have a lot of magic. Harry walked slowly along the meandering paving until he reached the garden wall, where he jumped up in a practised movement and sat on the red brick, staring up at the red sky above him, the grey clouds reflecting the red and orange, tricking Harry into a sense of warmth, even though it was freezing. Remus realised something, the boy wasn't shivering! He must be either extremely used to this or being aided by magic. Remus guessed a bit of both.

The small boy hopped off the wall and walked over to the hose, he pulled off his shirt and trousers, revealing white and red lines streaking across his back, criss-crossing and forming patterns on his body. Large purple bruises were scattered along his arms and back, flourishing. Remus winced at the sight, it didn't seem to be bothering Harry though. Was this normal for him? Questions circled Remus' mind, he was so deep in thought that he didn't realised what Harry was doing: washing himself with the cold water from the hose. He rinsed his hair and body of sweat and dirt, he clearly enjoyed this. Remus watched Harry for a few minutes as he set about his tasks, he weeded the lawn with nimble fingers and watered the blooming plants. One question was stuck on Remus' mind : Why was he out now? This was surely too early to be doing jobs. He was nearly three! This didn't bode well.

Remus made himself invisble, hopped out of the bush and walked a few metres down the road before making himself visible and walking back past Harry.

'Hello, you're up early! Are you ok?' he asked Harry, whose eyes flitted nervously to the front door.

'Yes sir, I doing jobs sir. Sowwy sir, who you?'

'I am Remus Lupin and you are Harry James Potter. Are you hungry?' Harry had a look of confusion on his face, but nodded anyway. He was different. Too wary.

Remus handed him a chocolate bar from his pocket, Harry accepted it and looked very protective, as if he fully expected Remus to take it back. When he didn't, Harry bit off the end and ate it slowly, savouring every bite. When he finished, he looked up at Remus, his emerald eyes confused.

'Fanks,' he whispered 'How's you knowing my name? What doing here? Sir? I not bein' good, so I get no food, you give me food.' his eyes conveyed confusion and suppressed curiosity.

'Harry, you have done nothing wrong-' Remus started.

'But I have! I didn't do job fast enuff.' Harry interjected and then he flinched away, his actions and words catching up with him.

'Harry, please listen to me! I KNOW you have done nothing wrong and that you are a lovely little boy who I really want to be friends with. Please trust me? Harry, do you know what a wizard is?' Harry nodded 'Well I'm a wizard and so are you. So we need to take you to a place where you can be a wizard, away from Muggles.' at Harry's look of confusion Remus added 'People who aren't magic.'

'Prove it.' he said coldly, warily. He shouldn't be like this! I pulled out my wand, it still was serving me well after almost twenty years.

'Incendio!' I said loudly enough for Harry to hear, a column of fire splayed out my wand and out into the morning air. Harry looked at me again, as if he was judging me but then he slowly nodded.

'Ok, but I don't want to get told off, Unca Vernon said I am a freak and that I not a wizard.' Harry said nervously.

'Harry, that's fine. But we have to go now! Fetch your stuff please so we can go! They'll be here really soon and we can't be seen!' Remus whispered. Harry nodded and made his way to the locked front door, he looked at Remus nervously, before he looked back at the door and twirled his finger in a small circle, to my astonishment, the lock clicked and the door swung open. Harry walked silently over to the cupboard, which Remus stared appalled at, opened the door and retrieved a snapped red crayon, a broken plush stag and a thread bare blanket.

Remus slowly stretched out his arm to Harry and said 'Harry you need to hold onto me so we can go, is that ok?' Harry nodded slowly and cautiously held Remus' scarred hand before Remus picked harry up and apparated away.

They arrived in the front room of Remus' cottage in Normandy. It was a medium sized building with a grey slate roof, ivy creeped up the side of the house, engulfing it in green. The cottage overlooked the nearby beach which Remus thought would appeal to Harry, the back of the house looked onto deep forest which Remus sometimes liked to prowl around of the full moon,the lawn was trimmed and large with newly erected Quidditch hoops at the far end. Remus set Harry down on the door step, opened the large oak door and showed him to his room. Dumbledore had set the room up Remus hoped! When they turned into Harry's room, Harry stood in the doorway in awed silence, looked up at Remus and whispered:

'Is mine?' at Remus' happy nod, he squealed and hugged Remus around his leg quickly before staring at a happy Remus, anxiety filling his face, but this changed at Remus' soft smile. Harry smiled a small smile back.

Remus smiled at his happiness, one step in the right direction he thought!

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