Dr. Donna (R)

Oliver Olveri sat at his kitchen table reading the Greenville News and Dispatch's front page article about Blue County's 'adoptive daughter' Dr. Donna's book signing at Hillsboro's Johnson's Book Store for her latest book release, Committed 2 1.

Dr. Donna (Miller) was a nationally known radio host, commentator and author offering personal advice on social (mostly sexual) and political topics, usually focused on morals, values and ethical behavior. She often espoused her religious beliefs and "Mary-like" attributes while discussing morals, virtues in her responses and monologues.

Oliver didn't begrudge Dr. Donna for her impressive success but he did resent her for acting as if her romantic and sex life began on her honeymoon. It was a teenaged Donna Miller who took Oliver's virginity and it both annoyed and hurt him that he didn't exist in her celebrity life of sexual morals. Of course, how would it look if Saintly Dr. Donna admitted that she had seduced and slept with the boy next door?

Oliver knew all about Dr. Donna's career, mostly because the Greenville News and Dispatch followed it with vigorous consistency, proud to label the celebrity as the area's adoptive daughter even though she only summered at Sun Rise Lake.

Donna grew up in New York City where her father was a Broadway producer and her mother a successful daytime drama actress. Donna's upbringing was also a soap opera with dysfunctional parents who were often insensitive, thoughtless, sexually inappropriate, self-serving, and self-centered.

Dr. Donna obtained her Master's in Psychology from Columbia University and she worked for nearly ten years as a marriage and family counselor. She began making appearances on a local NYC radio show and that led to her eventual career as a nationally syndicated radio host and the author of several successful self help books including Step On My Head and Call Me Squash, Feed The Soul, and It's Okay To Be A Woman. She also appeared as a guest on several television talk and news shows.

Donna's natural wit and her easy going sense of humor helped her become a radio success. Her on air-personality and likeable nature set her program apart from most and Oliver listened to her occasionally but he cringed when she told listeners that pre-martial sex was wrong and that they shouldn't be engaging in sexual activity as teenagers.

Dr. Donna also wrote a weekly syndicated column that appeared in the Greenville News and Dispatch and Oliver read that as well. She came across as both Saintly and motherly in her advice, the girl next door in her writing style, humorous and light hearted but somehow a bit of a fraud in Oliver's opinion.

Dr. Donna often said that she married "her first and only love" and the only man she ever slept with. Her marriage, she said, was the reason why she tried to dissuade unmarried couples from 'living in sin' and having children out of wedlock. It was at those moments when Oliver wanted to gag knowing how full of shit the radio personality really was.

Dr. Donna's husband was Leo Spencer, a successful radio producer and director. He was a grad student in Communications when Donna met him and he was instrumental in launching her radio career, serving as her Manager, Agent, and Producer. The couple had a daughter and Dr. Donna often spoke of 'Emma' on the radio and in her column and books.

### ###

Dr. Donna was considered an 'adoptive daughter of Blue County' because her family owned a cottage on Sun Rise Lake. The well maintained large cottage happened to be next door to Oliver Olveri's parents' year round house and the families became friendly over the years. Oliver's mother and Donna's mom were fairly close and it was fun to have celebrities living next door in the summer although the Millers' tended to come and go at will, sometimes not showing up at all.

Oliver's earliest memories of Donna were of playing in the beach sand with her when they were three or four. After that, the memories were scattered and mixed up. It was hard to keep track because one minute Donna would be there and the next she wouldn't. He remembered her as a smiling and laughing kid but he couldn't remember which year it was when they went sailing for the first time or water skiing for the first time or walked down to the village together for an ice cream cone. But his memories were fond and warm because Donna was his friend and he enjoyed her company.

Later on, Oliver worked in the summer, first as a bus boy at The Lakeview Diner, then in the arcade giving out change, and finally as a helper at Buster's Repair Shop so his time was limited, although he and Donna still managed to find time for an ice cream cone or the arcade or a pizza or a swim. Donna never seemed to change in her personality or her attitude even as she matured into an attractive teenaged girl.

Sometimes Donna brought a friend from the city and other times she wasn't with her parents when they came for a stay. Often times, Donna's father wasn't present and it would just be Donna and her mom for summer stays. There were always other people staying at the cottage and occasionally Oliver would recognize one of them from some television show, movie, or commercial but Donna never made a big deal out of who was famous or well known.

Oliver's friendship with Donna was not clingy or obsessive. It was mutually respectful and gratifying. Oliver enjoyed being with her but he understood that she had her own life and he accepted their friendship as it was. Sometimes Donna had other commitments, responsibilities and people to occupy her time and Oliver patiently waited to be with her. Sometimes his work schedule prevented him from spending time with her but he was always grateful when they were together.

It was the summer after high school graduation when Donna seduced Oliver and taught him about sex. Her parents had divorced by then and neither of them came to the lake that summer but it was Donna's last respite before heading off to college. She had a few friends come for a week here or there but mostly she was on her own and this independence allowed her and Oliver to spend extra time together.

Oliver's parents took a week long trip at the end of that summer, leaving their teenaged son home alone with the city girl staying next door. It was the perfect storm opportunity for teenaged hormones, sexual fantasy, and experimentation as the summer waned. College was only a week away for Donna and who knew when the two would see each other again.

Oliver had been aware of Donna's sexual attributes for several summers. He liked it now that she was an eighteen year old woman with lean tanned legs, a shapely chest, and a firm round rear end. It was nice that she still saw him as her 'best friend of the lake'.

"This could be our last summer together," Donna warned moments after they stopped waving goodbye to Oliver's parents as they left on their trip. "I think my parents are going to sell this place now that they're divorced."

"We'll still see each other," Oliver naively predicted.

She gave him a sad smile and then put her fingers to his lips. "I don't want to worry about the future, Ollie. Let's just enjoy our time together, okay?"

"Okay," he agreed.

She gave him a hug along with a squeeze and for a moment Oliver thought she'd never let go.

"How 'bout a swim before I have to go to work?" Ollie suggested.

"Meet you at my beach in ten," Donna agreed before running to her cottage.

God, she looked good when she came out of the cottage a few minutes later wearing a white bikini that contrasted nicely with her brown curls, tanned skin, and blue eyes. She grinned when she saw the look on his face before she ran to the lake's edge. Oliver trotted after her and they both dove into the water, veterans of the lake. They swam for a few minutes and then returned to the beach where they toweled off and then sat on the edge of the grass at the beach's top to warm in the sun.

It wasn't as if the two hadn't displayed affection for one another in the past. They held hands and kissed goodnight and even made out a few times but they both knew that now they were in unchartered waters willing to explore and discover new frontiers.

Donna pushed Oliver onto his back on the grass and she lay next to him, covering their chests with the large beach towel. Then she unsnapped her top and let it fall aside, revealing her naked breasts to him as he held up the towel to look underneath.

"Go ahead and feel them," she urged.

So he fondled her beautiful breasts with a sense of amazed exploration and she smiled her approval as her breathing increased.

"That feels really good!" Oliver said as he took his hand away.

"So why stop?" Donna asked, taking his hand and putting it back on her breast.

"Because... it feels so good I might not want to stop," he said.

"That might be okay," Donna smiled.

"I've never done this before," he admitted.

"Oh," she said with understanding, leaning in and kissing him gently on the lips. "That's okay too."

He felt her up for a few minutes and then she put the top back on and told him he'd better get to work before Buster came looking for him.

He groaned with disappointment and she laughed. "We have plenty of time, Ollie," she reminded him.

Oliver was on a high when he went to work and all he could think about was the sight and the touch of Donna's wonderful breasts. He never felt so close to anyone as he did to Donna at that moment.

Oliver was glad to find Donna waiting for him when he got home from work that afternoon, still clad in her white bikini when she pulled off her long yellow tee shirt. Oliver usually went for a dip after work to cool off and Donna joined him on this day and once again they sat on the grass afterwards to warm in the afternoon sun. She leaned in and kissed him while stroking his thigh and Oliver nobly put his hand on her back and rubbed it along her spine while smelling the scent of her suntan lotion, perfume, and natural odors.

Donna stuck her tongue down Oliver's throat as a tease. Everything was wonderful and definitely different. She unsnapped her top again and held it against her breasts while Oliver ran his fingers over her unencumbered back while nuzzling her neck and cuddling until Donna pushed him onto his back and she lay on top of him, tossing aside her bikini top and rubbing her bare breasts against his skin while kissing him. Oliver continued to caress her back while she nibbled his earlobe and she purred into his ear, making him shiver.

"Somebody might see," Oliver worried.

"Who cares?" Donna laughed.

He stroked her butt through the material of her bikini bottom while she kissed him earnestly. Then she reached out, found her top, and put it back on. "Come on," she said, taking him by the hand and pulling him up once she was on her feet. "Nobody will see us in the water!"

They pranced into the lake and swam out deep enough to be hidden by the water. Donna giggled as she took off her top again and then, a moment later, she flashed her bikini bottoms in her hand.

"Oh, God," Oliver moaned.

Donna laughed while keeping her body submerged although Oliver's eyes were constantly drawn to the water surface.

"Trying to see something?" She teased.

He stared intently into her eyes and her expression was amused.

"Aren't you going to take yours off?" Donna dared as she spit some water at him.

He nervously pulled his trunks down his legs and kicked them off his feet, holding them up for her to see.

"Come closer," she requested.

Oliver obliged and when he reached her she drew his face to hers, parted her lips and met his. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he managed to get his hands around her waist, afraid to go any lower. Donna pulled Oliver even closer and he felt her breasts against his chest. He finally became bold enough to move his hands down to her ass which he tentatively squeezed tightly.

Donna worked her mouth against his and Oliver discreetly lifted her in the water so her breasts broke through the surface of the water. She giggled and pressed her tongue to his and now her nipples surfaced as he lifted her higher. Oliver was holding her up by the ass, turning her into a buoy as he bounced her up high enough to see her breasts before dipping her back into the water.

A couple of motor boats went by and they heard voices down the shore.

"Maybe we'd better not get arrested," Donna whispered as she nibbled on his ear.

"Yeah," he sighed with disappointment.

They put their suits back on under the water and then swam to shore where they briefly toweled off.

"Come on," Donna said as she headed for her cottage and Oliver followed.

She led him onto the side screened in side porch where she immediately peeled off her bikini which she effortlessly tossed aside and all of a sudden she was naked for him to see. Oliver tried not to stare or gawk but she was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.

"Isn't your suit all wet and uncomfortable?' She wanted to know.

"Yeah," he acknowledged. "But it's keeping my erection in check!"

She laughed with delight. "Get naked, Ollie!"

So he dropped his trunks to the floor and stepped out of them knowing that his member had become a flag pole. Donna laughed again and then lay down on the day bed.

"Come here," she ordered and Oliver joined her on top of the blankets knowing her invitation was clear especially when she put her lips on his and gave him a gentle kiss as she caressed his neck and upper back.

Donna moved closer, her thighs touching his and her chest rubbing against his ribs while her jaw worked deliberately against his.

"This is lovely," she whispered.

Snuggling close, Oliver dared to stroke her waist and then her arms wrapped around him as her body nestled against his. Her eyes bored into his as her hand moved down his side, over his ribs and to the edge of his groin. Oliver responded by lifting his hand to her breast.

Donna moved her face close to his and touched her tongue to his lips as his finger explored her breast. She pressed her mouth to his and he spread his fingers out across her breast and squeezed. As the intensity of their kiss grew, Oliver dared to squeeze harder which made Donna respond even more. He felt her nipple hardening between his fingers and she smiled happily as she ran her fingers over his cheek. Oliver lowered his face to her nipple and she stroked his hair as he sucked on her tits, alternating between each breast and hearing Donna's breathing get heavier with every touch.

Oliver ran his hand down to her naked ass which he squeezed and Donna pressed her thighs against him and then she took his face between her hands and lifted it to hers.

She kissed him while he continued to explore her breasts with his hands and then again with his mouth, making her breath heavier even more. Then she took his hand and moved it down her stomach and between her legs, pressing his palm against the front of her entrance and squeezing in a slow rhythm as she rocked against his palm. Oliver could feel her moist flesh where his fingers touched her entrance.

Donna twitched as Oliver moved his fingers against her down there. He looked into her eyes and she smiled with pleasure as she became wetter against his hand. Then she covered his parted lips with hers and they kissed as her thighs tensed against his hand.

"Put your finger inside me," she instructed quietly as her kissing intensified.

Donna fell back and parted her legs and Oliver slipped his hand between them.

"You think you're ready now?" She asked with a smile.

He nodded his head as he slipped his finger inside her. "I don't know what I'm doing," he admitted.

"You're doing fine," she assured him.

Oliver found the small nub that made her gasp and then he worked around it. Donna's hips moved with authority, pressing against his hand as low moans of pleasure came from her lips. Rubbing his nose against her right nipple, Oliver tongued her breast and then drew the nipple between his lips and sucked as her legs tightened around his finger. Her thighs twisted and her back arched.

"Mmmm..." she cried out. Then, louder. "Oh, Ollie!"

He rubbed harder and her body stiffened.

"Oh!" she gasped happily. "Uhhh... Uhhh..."

Oliver's finger was pressed at the pleasure spot and his tongue was against her nipple as Donna began to squirm and gyrate.

"Unhhhh!" She moaned. "Ohhhh... God..." Her back arched. "God, Ollie! Uhhh..."

He rubbed her nipple with his tongue and continued to finger her down there.

"Ahhh!" She screamed. "Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! OHHHHHH!"

Donna's body was shaking. Her legs tightened spasmodically against Oliver's finger. He glanced up at her face and saw that it was shining with sweat and her eyes were closed.

"Mmmmmhhh!" she groaned. "Mmmmmhhh! Mmmmmmmmm!"

Oliver was fascinated as he watched her climax and when she was done he pulled his finger out and let go of her nipple with his mouth. He lay beside her quivering body as she struggled to recover her breath as her breasts bounced up and down.

"Oh, Wow, Ollie, that was fantastic," she finally said, kissing him. "Now let me pleasure you."

She pushed him on his back and she sat up, leaning over and kissing his nipples and then trailing her fingers down to his straining cock which she gladly touched with her fingertips.

"So," she said with a giggle. "Here we are!"

"This is unbelievable," Oliver said. "I never thought I'd be with you like this."

"Why not?" She asked.

Donna rubbed his member for a few minutes and then she fell onto her back and opened her arms, motioning for him to get on top of her. Oliver did as she wanted and he lowered himself onto her while kissing her. Donna took his erection in her hand and guided it inside her. Oliver lifted his hips to help her get him positioned and then he felt her entrance against the head of his penis.

"Are we really doing this?" He asked.

"Of course," she said as she moved his shaft slightly and he felt softness surrounding the tip so he pushed.

"Just relax, Ollie," Donna told him. "It's me. It's okay."

He moved his hips slightly, rocking against her and soon his cock was sliding smoothly in and out as Donna's hips moved in sync with his. It was obviously not her first time but he wasn't about to ask her about that. She pressed her lips to his chest, sucking his nipples as they moved. Then she moaned as her hips pressed tightly against his and Oliver instinctively increased his speed.

"Here we go!" She laughed happily.

"I'm I doing okay?" He asked.

"Mmm," she said, smiling. "You're doing it perfectly."

They rocked together in rhythm and Oliver could feel a tingling growing as they moved. Each wave of arousal was stronger than the last. Oliver's hands found Donna's breasts again and she leaned her face up to his and their lips met. She tongued him again and she moaned as Oliver's movements increased and she matched them with her own. Oliver released her lips to breathe and he squeezed her breasts hard as fire poured into his cock and he groaned as the thrill of delicious release spurted fiercely inside Donna.

"Don't stop!" Donna panted, thrusting her hips faster against his and he matched her movements while pressing against her, continuing to empty himself into her.

"Uhh... uhh... uhh," she gasped. "Uhh... Ahhh! OHHH!"

Donna's body shook as she came. She stopped moving and her legs became stiff. Oliver pushed his cock as deep into her as he could even though he knew the ejaculation had ended.

"Mmmmm!" she screamed and then she started moving again, her vagina twitching around his penis but Oliver felt himself going soft inside her.

"Oh No!" Donna lamented.

"Sorry," Oliver sighed with embarrassment.

"It's okay," she assured him, slapping him on his bare ass as she felt him pop out of her. "That was great! You were great!"

"Really?" He asked hopefully.

"Yes!" She assured him, giving him a kiss.

He rolled off of her and lay on the bed next to her still not able to fully realize what had just happened between them.

"Why don't you go home and shower and change and come back?" She suggested as she climbed off the bed. "I'll make us dinner."

Donna picked up her bikini pieces from the floor and skipped naked from the porch while happily humming. Oliver put on his still wet swimming trunks and headed home, his head spinning and his legs made of rubber. He was no longer a virgin and the experience had been the best moment of his life.

Donna was wearing a pretty summer dress when Oliver returned later. She fed him cold roast chicken, potato chips, and a salad and they spent the meal looking at each other and grinning.

But later that night, when Oliver was lying in his own bed alone remembering the fantastic day that had just passed, he was suddenly hit with a huge sense of weary regret even as he felt twangs of desire as he thought about Donna naked and what they meant to each other. He had never been a first time lover before and he was struck by a wave of panic worrying about the upcoming separation that college would cause. And if the Miller cottage was sold, would Oliver ever see Donna again? Their lovemaking made perfect sense in the moment but what would tomorrow bring?

### ###

Donna knocked on his door the following morning and Oliver was happy to see her. They took a morning swim and then sat on his screened in side porch drinking orange juice and eating bagels before he had to go to work. Donna acted as if nothing was different between them but Oliver couldn't help but feel like everything was different between them now.

"My mother always told me that I…..um….."

He wasn't looking at her and his face was flushed.

"That you should what?" Donna asked with interest.

"Well... you know….. ummm….." His face felt hot. "Uh…she said I should save myself until marriage."

Donna nodded. "Yeah, well I guess it's too late for that now!"

"Yeah," Oliver agreed. "But I'm glad I saved myself for you."

Donna smiled happily. "Me too!

"I want you to know that you're really special to me," Oliver said. "I wasn't looking to just get into your pants all this time."

"I know," she said warmly. "But don't you think marrying me would be a little extreme just to get laid?"

"I'd commit to you in a heartbeat," Oliver told her. "You're a real prize. A wonderful person. A beautiful girl. A terrific friend."

Donna finished the rest of her OJ and set the glass on the table. She kicked off her flip-flops and turned her back to him so that she could lie across his lap. Oliver smiled at her as she put her hands behind her head.

"Well, I guess I am!" She laughed.

"But you weren't a virgin yesterday, were you?" Oliver asked uncomfortably.

She stared up at him. "God, no," she said. "Couldn't you tell!?"

"Anyone I know?" Oliver asked, trying not to sound hurt or disappointed.

"Don't do that to yourself, Ollie," Donna sighed. "You know how much you mean to me and how special yesterday was. Just let the rest go, okay?"

Oliver absent-mindedly ran his fingers across her stomach. "So, you think its okay to make love to someone before marriage?" He asked.

"If you really care for them, yes," she answered without hesitation.

Oliver unfastened the bottom button of her blouse for easier access to her stomach. He used his fingernail to tickle her belly button.

"I thought that if you really wanted someone you'd feel like you had to marry them," he admitted.

"That would probably be a mistake," Donna said.

Oliver continued his stroking, drawing patterns around her belly button and she twitched when he tickled her. He ran his nail down her belly and against the top of her bikini top and then back to her waist. She took hold of his fingers and pressed them against her waist.

"That feels good," she said as she unfastened another button to allow him more access to her waist and belly. "You always make me feel good," she added, stroking his hand.

"I feel good when I'm around you too," he said.

Donna reached up and tousled his hair. "You're sweet to say so," she said and then she pulled his head down while lifting hers enough to kiss him on the lips.

Oliver stroked her ribs and Donna lifted herself against him, his face lowering as hers rose to meet him and their parted lips met and then she lowered herself back down to his lap.

"This is nice," she said.

Oliver nodded, looking into her eyes as he continued to gently touch her stomach. Then he traced a line up to her ribs and then he unfastened all but the top button of her blouse. She reached up and pulled the still damp bikini top off, tossing it to the floor. Oliver ran his fingers to the edge of her naked breast. Donna stroked his cheek and then she drew his face back down to hers, closing her eyes as his parted lips met hers. His hand stroked her side and his lips moved slowly against hers. She inserted her tongue into his mouth and touched his before laying back and looking up at him.

Oliver slid his finger under the one still-fastened button and undid it, allowing the blouse to fall open and then he touched the edge of her now fully exposed breast, circling it with his thumb without quite touching it.

Donna looked into his eyes. "Can you feel my heartbeat?" She whispered.

He nodded.

Donna closed her eyes and relaxed as Oliver's fingers stroked her breast before lightly touching her nipple. He looked longingly into her eyes.

"I have to go to work," he moaned.

"I know," she sighed, sitting up in her chair topless as they stared at each other.

"You're so beautiful," he told her.

"I bet you say that to all the naked girls," she giggled.

"You're my first naked girl," he remarked.

Donna took his hand and sucked his fingertips and then she pulled his face to hers and kissed him while searching with her tongue and he met it with his own. His fingers laced through hers and Oliver stroked her palm with his thumb. She kissed his neck and then his cheek as his hands again found her breasts. Donna closed her eyes as his fingers stroked her tits and pinched her nipples that hardened to his touch.

"What about work?" She sighed.

"I'll be late," he answered, breathless.

Donna kissed his ear and his neck as his palms cupped her breasts. They kissed and their tongues locked together as he stroked her nipples and then he lowered his mouth to her chest, allowing his tongue to massage her nipples with delight as she held his head against her.

They kissed some more as Donna pulled his tee shirt off over his head and he tugged on her bikini bottoms. She pulled on his swimming trunks and let them fall as he kissed her breasts and got rid of her bikini bottoms before cupping and stroking her between her legs. They both fell out of their chairs onto the porch floor while Oliver kissed Donna with one hand on her breast and the other over her entrance. Then a finger slid easily into the moistness and she closed her eyes and giggled happily as Oliver sucked her breasts, flapping his tongue against her nipples before moving up and kissing her on her lips.

"I can feel your confidence grow with every kiss," she said.

He lifted her up by putting his hands under her ass and he parted her thighs, kissing her mound as he parted her labia with his fingers and went to work with his tongue, licking and sucking and drawing her between his lips which he pressed together as he slid his tongue against her. Donna's breathing was heavy and she moaned when he found her clit, her cries getting louder as her clit swelled, pushing into Oliver's tongue with a driving surge of passion.

"Oh, God," she cried, knowing that she was close. "Ohhhh!" She wailed as she writhed into orgasm, the arousal from Oliver's tongue magnified into delight.

Donna's face was moist with sweat as she gasped loudly with each thrill of erotic spasm and when her climax was over, Oliver moved up her torso and fastened his lips to hers. She kissed him hungrily even though he now tasted strange. She excitedly grabbed Oliver's hardened cock.

"I want you inside me," she said desperately as she ran her fingers over his penis, rubbing the sticky substance at the tip. "You pre-cummed for me?" She teased.

Donna climbed on top of Oliver, mounting her vagina over his prick and taking his erection in her hand as she lowered herself down onto it. Donna squatted against his thighs, happy to feel him within her. Oliver rubbed his hands along her hips as he started to move slowly inside her. Donna rocked with him with delighted sensations as Oliver lifted his head and kissed her breasts. Her nipples hardened again and she tightened inside and she gasped with pleasure as Oliver squeezed her nipples between his lips.

Donna grabbed his head and pushed him away from her breasts before leaning over and hungrily pressing her open mouth against his, sucking his tongue and his lips as they stimulated each other to an even greater passion. Oliver squeezed her ass, pressing himself hard into her and then he groaned and started thrusting hard and fast while Donna rocked harder and they writhed together, her breasts flattened against his chest, their lips and tongues glued to each other, his cock pushing further and harder into her.

Donna released his mouth to breathe as her climax thundered within her. "Oh-oh-oh-ah-AH!" she gasped.

Oliver held her tight as she nuzzled and kissed his earlobe and she felt him stiffen, groaning as his own release took him just seconds before she crossed the threshold into brilliant joy. She cried out and then kissed him again as they continued to move, his hardness pulsing within her.

Oliver stayed hard in her as Donna came down from her peak and he sucked on her breasts, forcing her into another orgasm and she moaned as she stroked his hair and wiggled her hips. Oliver's shaft was still hard within her as he lay prone on the floor and she continued to rock against him and he played with her breasts.

Donna looked into his eyes. "This is wonderful," she said and he smiled at her. "You feel so good."

"So do you," he said.

She kissed him, her breath catching as she felt the stirring of another climax beginning to build. "This is very special."

Oliver released her breasts and hugged her to him. His shaft was less rigid now but she could still hold him inside and she was almost there again as she kept rocking against him, his cock still stroking fire inside of her as she squeezed against him, hugging him tightly until she felt herself explode one final time.

"Oh, Ollie!" She sobbed, collapsing on top of him.

Buster didn't say anything when Oliver showed up for work a half hour late but the old man kept looking at the teen all day with a funny look on his face. Oliver offered nothing in the form of an explanation.

### ###

It seemed they made love every day during that final week of their summer together. They skinny dipped at night and made love in the lake. They took turns sleeping in each other's bed and they made love to the sounds of the lake outside their windows. It was like being on a honeymoon and Oliver had never been happier in his life.

Oliver had the day off. They took their morning swim and then drove to the Lakeview Diner for breakfast. When they returned to Donna's house, she playfully dug out some of her parent's video equipment from one of the closets.

"Let's film ourselves having sex!" She laughed

"Isn't that kind of perverted?" Oliver asked.

"I think it will be fun," she answered as she set up the tripod in her bedroom.

It may have been Donna's first on air interview. She stripped naked and sat on the bed, making Oliver sit naked next to her as she spoke into the camera, asking him various questions about their sex that week. Oliver was embarrassed and maybe a little humiliated as he uncomfortably answered her questions, self-consciously aware of the camera and being naked in front of it.

"Perhaps we should stop talking about it and start doing it!" Donna grinned as she started to rub his thigh.

Oliver lifted his hand up and ran his finger across her breast and her excitement grew as her body responded, her nipples going hard. As his mouth covered her breast, Donna ran her hands through his hair and threw her head back, laughing and groaning for the camera. Oliver moved his head up until their faces were only inches apart. Her lips parted and they kissed. She stroked his chin and cheek as their lips slowly moved and then Donna pressed her lips to his hard and stuck her tongue into his mouth.

Her breathing grew heavy as they sucked each other's lips and tongues.

Donna's hands explored Oliver's sides as his pressed against her breasts and their mouths slow danced. She felt his fingers drift over her breasts and then behind her, seeking her rear which he contently found. Donna rubbed her erect nipples into his chest as he stroked her ass. Her hand went to his now erect shaft and she squeezed his cock. "Mmm," she moaned happily and Oliver forgot all about the camera as he moved his hands around to her front, pressing his fingers against her bush.

Oliver stroked and pressed and Donna shivered as he cupped her entrance and slid his fingers inside. She tilted her pelvis against his hand as she continued to stroke his cock, feeling it twitch in response. The tip was sticky and she lubricated her finger with the fluid and stroked firmly under his shaft as he moaned against her mouth.

Donna pushed Oliver back on the bed and knelt astride him, lowering herself to his lap a couple of inches from his enthusiastic erection. She grinned as she fingered it, pinching and caressing while he cupped her breasts and looked into her eyes. Then she wriggled onto him, slowly sliding his length into her. Lowering her face to his, she kissed him as they began to move and they rocked together. Donna pulled her face back, watching him gasp as they moved. His eyes were closed and his face had developed a sheen of sweat.

Leaning back, Donna took his head, pressing it to her right breast. As his teeth closed gently on her nipple she began her unstoppable climb. She leaned away, arching her back, pressing her breasts to his face and bucking hard and fast against him. Oliver started alternating breasts, sucking hard on one while squeezing the other and then trading off as the thrill welled up inside her. Donna felt sweat break out on her forehead as the pressure in her groin burst.

"Ollie!" she gasped. "Oh, Ollie!"

He grunted, sucking harder on her breast while grabbing her ass and thrusting hard as her orgasm overtook her. She was dimly aware of Oliver's gasping and the spurting heat within her as he reached the same place as her.

When it was over, she fell off of him and onto the bed and when she collected herself she glanced at the camera and smiled before taking Oliver's hand and placing it on her mound, smiling contentedly as his fingers steadily stroked her clit. Stroking and squeezing his cock, Donna felt it slowly swelling again and she let his fingers work their magic as hers did too and she shuddered into climax until his fingers stopped moving against her shivering clit, keeping her aloft and she kept rubbing his erection.

Donna locked her lips to his as her orgasm faded and he fondled her breasts as she squeezed his cock and she kept tugging on it until he exploded and she squealed with delight as she watched his cum fly all over the bed and on her arm.

"Let's watch what we just did!" Donna said with excitement as she hopped off the bed and took the VHS tape out of the camera, inserting it into her VCR player on the dresser.

Donna seemed to be delightedly fascinated watching herself have sex on the screen but Oliver found it to be disturbing and uncomfortable, not a turn on. It was like watching a porno film only he was in it.

"We should erase this," he said when they finished watching him cum all over her hand on the screen.

"What? Why!? No!" Donna protested. "This is our record and memory of us being together," she said. "Don't you want to remember our times together?"

"I don't need a tape for that," Oliver replied.

"Let's do some more!" Donna said.

She hopped off the bed and took the VHS tape out of the VCR and put it back in the camera.

"Haven't we already done everything?" Oliver asked

"Hardly," she laughed.

So Oliver reluctantly participated in the rest of Donna's private little porno. She lost all sense of inhibition in front of the camera and she performed just about every sex act imaginable for the tape. She lay on the bed, spread her legs and masturbated until she climaxed. She gave Oliver his first ever blow job. She got dressed and then did a striptease in front of the camera to music from the radio.

When she was finished with the dance and naked again, Donna kneeled with her rump facing the camera and told Oliver to do it to her doggie style.

"Doggie style?" He asked with confusion.

"From behind," she explained. "Kneel behind me and put it in from behind."

Oliver hesitated for a moment but then she felt him on the bed, holding her by the hips as he pressed himself into her. She felt his hot shaft slide deep inside and she twisted her neck to join her mouth to his. He held her to him and squeezed her breasts from underneath as he rammed her from behind. Donna felt him stimulating her G-spot and she released his lips.

"Oh, God," she whimpered as he pumped himself harder into her and she felt herself start to lose control.

Donna began to moan as her pleasure overwhelmed her. She cried out with each movement and then she shrieked as the power of her orgasm enveloped her. She pushed her buns against Oliver and then she felt him give way and explode within her. Groaning with passion, she rode his cock until her climax waned and then she turned to seek his lips again as he stopped his pounding and she felt him slip out of her.

Donna did a belly-smacker falling onto the bed on her stomach and Oliver collapsed on top of her, his penis rubbing against her ass. He was exhausted by all the sexual activity and he didn't like the kinky erotic obsession Donna had displayed for the camera. It didn't feel personal or intimate. It felt like he was doing a show.

Donna insisted on watching the video again and Oliver agreed mostly because he didn't want to offend or upset her. He found the privately made porno to be impersonal, uncomfortable, and weird. When he left in the morning, Oliver took the VHS Tape with him because he didn't want Donna to force him to watch it again. He hid it in a box in his closet and forgot about it.

### ###

Oliver's parents returned from their trip and Donna packed her sports car for her return to New York City soon thereafter. Oliver found himself sliding into a depression even before she left. The best week of his life was coming to an end and he worried what the future held for the two of them.

Oliver's parents took them out for a fancy farewell dinner the night before Donna left and Oliver and his dad helped Donna close up the cottage the next morning and then Oliver was walking her to her car for her departure.

"Donna," Oliver said sadly. "I... I think… I still think we can..."

"Shhh," she whispered, putting her finger to his lips. She hugged him tightly for such a long time that it frightened him. "I have to go now," she finally said when she ended the embrace.

"Do you?"

She nodded affirmatively. "Uh-huh," she said softly, her breath catching in her throat. "I don't want you to see me blubbering."

Oliver gave her another embrace and then he watched as she climbed into her car and drove away from the lake and him. She had been his first taste of love and he already missed her.

Oliver assumed he'd hear from her. That she'd call from New York or college, that she'd write him long love letters late at night telling him how much she missed him. But as the days turned to weeks and the weeks turned into months, the months soon turned into years before he finally realized that Donna Miller was gone from his life, although he never really accepted it.

The Miller cottage sold that first winter. Movers came and cleaned the place out and Oliver never saw Donna's parents again either. He attended college trade school while continuing to work for Buster while living at home. Eventually, he started to date even though he continued to wait for Donna and he found that none of his girlfriends could compare to Donna or the sex they had enjoyed together. He missed her smile, her laugh, her humor, and her friendship. He thought about her often and he considered going to New York looking for her but he never did.

The widowed Buster finally decided he had enough of running the repair shop and he retired and moved to Florida. He sold the business to Oliver who kept Buster's name and moved into the small apartment behind the Quonset Hut and the attached former gas station that served as the repair shop. Buster's Repair Shop fixed lawn mowers, snow blowers, boat engines, mopeds, and other small motor equipment. Oliver hired part timers, usually students from Blue County Technical High School, to assist him and he employed Mrs. Gluckman half time to do the books and set the appointments. He usually worked in the garage bays and used the Quonset Hut to store the waiting jobs. There was a fenced in area on the side of the Quonset hut that served as the machine graveyard.

Oliver had forgotten all about the sex tape until he moved into the apartment, taking all of his belongs from his parent's house. The VHS tape was unmarked and it wasn't until he shoved it to his VCR player and saw the image of him and Donna sitting naked on her bed fading into view that he remembered that day all over again. Of course he watched the performance in its entirety six years later not sure if he should laugh or cry.

He considered destroying the tape but in the end he hid it in a cigar box and stuffed it underneath some old curtains in a forgotten drawer in the backroom. Nearly five years passed before he heard the name Donna Miller again and this time it was Doctor Donna Miller (Ph.D) and he nearly cut his hand off working on a lawn mower when he heard her voice on the radio.

He followed her career with interest during the next ten years through a couple of relationships and the cruel realization that he reached was that Donna Miller had always been the only girl for him. He never achieved the same sexual satisfaction with any other woman that he found with Donna nor the companionship or compatibility. One time he asked a lover if she wanted to film them having sex and the woman reacted with disgust. The sad truth was that Donna Miller was the only woman Oliver Olveri ever loved.

Unfortunately, Oliver felt conflicted when it came to the radio personality Dr. Donna. The more he listened to her the more of a fraud and a phony he considered her to be. It wasn't that it wasn't possible that she changed in her values and virtues. It was quite possible that she 'saw the light' and now honestly believed in the morals and ethics she repeatedly espoused on her daily program. What irked Oliver was that Donna denied and dismissed her past, lying about her life before she met her husband and pretending Oliver never existed (never mind whoever it was she had been with before she and Oliver had sex). It hurt to know that as far as she was concerned that week of love at that end of that memorable summer never happened while Oliver considered it the best week of his life.

Oliver found Dr. Donna's repeated mantra on sexual ethics (including masturbation, non-marital sexual relations, and contraceptives) troubling. She equated morality to dignity and she spoke of the symbolic meaning of human sexuality as modeled by Christ's relationship to the Church, including Mary's purity as well as chastity for married and single people.

Dr. Donna liked to discuss God's revelation concerning human sexuality by speaking of Jesus Christ as the image of God as 'the natural law...the norm for all that we do, think, or hope to be'. Dr. Donna believed that her listeners should engage in the natural sexual activity of body, mind, and heart so that its basic symbolic structure was preserved and honored in the spirit of the Father and that her listeners shouldn't use sexual activity to corrupt by using sexual powers and organs for actions that were only sexual.

Oliver found it strange that Donna came from a family of agnostics and that she was one of the least religious people he had known growing up but on the radio she was lobbying for Sainthood in her 'homilies'.

Dr. Donna believed that men and women were created for each other but that marriage was holy and blessed so, therefore, sexual behavior out of wedlock violated that ideal. She complained that American culture seriously misunderstood sex and that movies and television were cynical about marriage and the family while tolerating adultery and premarital sex.

Oliver couldn't understand how Dr. Donna became such a spiritually based hardliner on such topics and why she so easily denied and lied about her own sexual past. It made him feel cheap, used, violated, dismissed, and irrelevant and that hurt. Donna Miller was still the only woman Oliver Olveri had ever truly loved.

### ###

Local radio station WGRN had been promoting a live telephone call in interview with Dr. Donna for a week to promote her upcoming appearance in Hillsboro and Oliver tuned in as he worked in the repair shop.

Norton: Folks, this Norton on the Air and as I promised, we are proud and delighted to have Blue County's adoptive daughter live on the phone to talk about her upcoming appearance this weekend at Johnson's Bookstore in Hillsboro. Dr. Donna, it is a pleasure to have you on the air with us.

Dr. Donna: Thank you, Norton. It's a thrill to be on the air with you. I actually remember listening to you when I would lay on the dock at Sun Rise Lake!

Norton (groans): Yes, I've been around for a while! So, tell us about your big return to Blue County!

Dr. Donna: Well, I'll be signing copies of my new book Committed 2 1 on Saturday from one to five at the wonderful Johnson's Bookstore in downtown Hillsboro.

Norton: Committed 2 1? Is that a computer book!?

Dr. Donna (laughs): No! It's about relationships and commitment, Norton. Sort of a play on words using the computer lingo. You need two people to have a relationship and then those people become committed as one. Also, the title could be interpreted as two different people being committed to one. I thought it was kind of catchy and fun.

Norton: It is! And what's the book about, basically?

Dr. Donna: Commitment, Norton! (laughs). The marriage rate is going down, the co-habitation rate is going up, and the majority of first-born children are now born to unmarried parents. In the book, I talk about pre-committed vs. committed relationships and commitments vs. promises.

Norton: Well, what's the difference between a commitment and a promise?

Dr. Donna: Basically, a promise is a verbally stated intention to perform a specific act. I promise to walk the dog and not forget this time! I promise to be exclusive in our relationship.

Norton: And a fact?

Dr. Donna: A fact is demonstrated by behavior and an attitude of thoughts and beliefs.

Norton: Okay.

Dr. Donna: See, a promise is something you say but a commitment is something you do. Norton: And what is commitment, exactly?

Dr. Donna: Well, when you are married, it is clear you are in a committed relationship. But how many married couples have an uncommitted attitude? I've talked with many unmarried people who described themselves to be in "committed relationships but I usually don't know what that means.

Norton: Why not?

Dr. Donna. Well, in my opinion people are not in a committed relationship if one partner is not aware that the relationship is committed or if they are wondering if the relationship is committed or they and their partner have differences of opinion about the status of the relationship or family and friends have different perceptions about the status of the relationship or they or their partner have not acted to explicitly formalize the commitment or are relying on verbal promises without them being kept.

Norton: So, it's just words.

Dr. Donna: Exactly. Because a commitment is explicit and unambiguous, a formal event between two people, something we do over time, usually legally enforceable with consequences for breaking it. In a truly committed relationship, there are no exits so when the going gets rough, you make it work.

Norton: Well, that certainly sounds like an interesting read and I'm sure the people who will be coming to see you on Saturday from one to five at Johnson's Bookstore in downtown Hillsboro will be thrilled to talk to you about it.

Dr. Donna: Thanks, Norton.

Norton: So, you haven't been back for a while?

Dr. Donna: It's been a while, but I remember Blue County like I was there yesterday. You know, last week my husband and I went to see the new Quinn Blake movie called The Ballplayer and I recognized Beano Field right away!

Norton: Yes, much of that movie was filmed on location in Blue County last summer. We were lucky enough to get Quinn Blake and his co-star Jet Johnson to come into the studio and do a live broadcast for a couple of hours. It was a lot of fun!

Dr. Donna: It was a good movie and it was great to see some of Blue County in it. It was sort of like watching a home movie.

Norton: So you spent a lot of time at Sun Rise Lake growing up?

Dr. Donna: Yes. My parents had a second home there and we came up just about every summer until I went to college. We travelled all around Blue County when we were here so I'm familiar with so much of it. The Lakeview Diner. The outdoor movie theatre in Mt. Griffin. Johnny C's Diner and Beano Field in Hillsboro. Donovan's Department Store in Greenville. Such a lovely area.

Norton: Well, we're excited to have you coming back.

Dr. Donna: I'm excited to be coming back!

Norton: Dr. Donna, what's your favorite memory about your summers in this area?

Dr. Donna: Oh, there's just so many I don't think I can pick out just one. I do remember how nice the people were. The folks who worked in the shops at Sun Rise Lake Village were always happy to see me. Our neighbors on the lake were wonderful. My mother was an actress but people respected our privacy and we were made to feel right at home on the lake.

Norton: That's nice.

Dr. Donna: It was important to me as a youngster just to be treated like a normal person and I certainly was whenever I came to Sun Rise Lake and Blue County.

Norton: Well, we're happy to have you coming back even if now it's you who are the celebrity!

Dr. Donna (groans). Oh, Norton, please don't do that to me!

Norton: Come on, Dr. Donna. You have one of the most successful syndicated radio shows in the country – it appears here on WGRN from noon to three daily by the way! – you're a bestselling author, you have a syndicated newspaper column that I read on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the local Greenville News and Dispatch, and didn't I just see you on an episode of I Saw It on The Radio last week?

Dr. Donna: Playing myself! That was a lot of fun.

Norton: How'd that happen? You on a situation comedy!?

Dr. Donna: Suses Jackman who plays Hilda on the show is the daughter of one of my mother's old friends so I sort of did it as a favor. I'm no actress, Norton!

Norton: You were very funny. I've seen you on other shows too.

Dr. Donna: Usually news shows discussing events and issues that have to do with my line of expertise.

Norton: Well, I can't tell you how proud we are to know that you're really one of us, Dr. Donna. We look forward to seeing you this Saturday from one to five at Johnson's Bookstore in Downtown Hillsboro.

Dr. Donna: And I look forward to being there!

Norton: Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to talk to us, Dr. Donna.

Dr. Donna: Norton, the thrill is all mine to be with you on Norton on the Air!

Norton (laughs): Thanks, Donna.

Dr. Donna: Goodbye everybody in Blue County! I'll see you on Saturday afternoon at Johnson's Bookstore in Downtown Hillsboro!

Norton: Folks, that was Blue County's own adopted daughter Dr. Donna from radio, newspapers, books and television. She'll be at Johnson's Bookstore in Downtown Hillsboro from one to five on Saturday afternoon signing copies of her new book Committed 2 1. Hope you're able to drop in and see her.

Oliver stood over the hood of the riding lawn mower he was working on staring at the radio, not quite sure what to think about Dr. Donna's radio interview. Commitment, huh? Was she ever really committed to him growing up? He sighed and went back to work on the riding mower.

### ###

The line was out the door at Johnson's Bookstore in downtown Hillsboro when Oliver arrived on Saturday afternoon. He was willing to wait to see Dr. Donna. He bought a copy of Committed 2 1 from the woman seated at a table near the front of the store and then patiently stood in the line that went down the center aisle to where Dr. Donna was seated at a table near the back of the store signing books.

Once Dr. Donna got into his sight line, Oliver watched her smiling and chatting to the various customers and fans. He had seen photos of her in various magazines and advertisements (her photo appeared with her column in the paper each week) but seeing her in person after more than twenty years momentarily took his breath away. She looked snazzy in an attractive blouse and her well styled sandy blonde hair looked like it was painted on her head. She wore just enough makeup to look professional and if fame had gone to her head she didn't show it as she amicably chatted with each individual who approached the table to have their book signed.

Oliver was surprised at how his anger continued to build as he waited for his turn. Seeing Donna again churned up twenty years of resentment and bitterness and by the time it was his turn to lay his book on the table for Dr. Donna's signature he was ready to explode.

"Hello," Dr. Donna said politely, not quite looking at Oliver as she went through the motions of opening the book and getting ready to sign the inside cover.

"Could you sign it 'To Ollie, from the fraud and hypocrite, Dr. Donna'?" Oliver asked through clenched teeth.

Dr. Donna looked up with surprise and recognition quickly flashed across her face. "Ollie!" She said, her voice suddenly strained. "Oh my goodness."

She scratched something in the book and closed it, handing it to him.

"Thanks for coming. How are you?"

He handed her his business card. "I took over Buster's operation," he said, even though it sounded pretty lame and pathetic compared to her success and celebrity.

"That's great!" She said

He leaned over close to her. "I still have the tape," he whispered.

Dr. Donna's face went pale when she understood what he was saying (it took her a few moments to grasp the immensity of it all).

"Nice to see you again, Dr. Donna," Oliver said sarcastically as he took his book and left the store.

It wasn't until he got back to his pick-up truck that Oliver realized just how much of a jerk he really was. Why was he so mean and cruel to her? Why couldn't he have been polite and respectful? Seeing her again was special and a privilege yet he let twenty years of pent up hurt and pain spill out in such a rude and inappropriate manner. What was wrong with him?

Oliver sighed and then realized he was still holding the book in his hand. He opened the cover and saw what she wrote: "Ollie. The only boy I ever loved. Donna."

He fell back in the seat and sighed, trying not to cry.

### ###

It was nearly six o'clock on a Saturday afternoon and Oliver was working on a boat motor in the shop. When you owned and operated your own business and had no personal or social life, you could work whatever hours you wanted.

The door to the garage was open to allow the fresh evening May air to pour into the bay and Oliver glanced up when he heard the car pull into the open area in front of the bays. He saw the late model Lexus with New York State plates on it and his heart skipped a beat. There were two people in the car but it was Dr. Donna who climbed out of the passenger side and tentatively walked toward the bay.

Oliver wiped off his hands and met her in the entrance way.

"Donna," he said with surprise.

"Hello, Ollie," she said coldly.

"Who's in the car?" he wondered.

"My assistant," Donna replied. "We're heading back to the city."

"Listen, I….." he started to say, wanting to apologize for being an asshole but she cut him off.

"How much do you want?" She demanded.


"For the tape," she said coolly.

"Ta…..oh, geez, Donna, you think I went there to blackmail you!?"

"I think you made your intentions pretty clear," she said, sounding angry.

"Oh, no, that's not what I meant at all, Donna!" He said, feeling embarrassed and like a schmuck. "Come on, you can have the damn tape."

She peered at him. "Really?" She asked with uncertainty.

"I would never do something so evil, vicious, cruel, or uncouth," he assured her. "You think I want people to see me naked!?"

She sighed. "I just assumed…"

He held his hand up to stop her. "I'm sorry I said that," he assured her. "I guess I just wanted you to know I kept the tape all these years."


"I don't know," he confessed. "To remember us, I guess."

"You told me you didn't need the tape to remember," she said.

"You remember that!?" He asked with impressed and flattered surprise.

"Where's the tape?"

"Come with me," he said.

Donna turned toward the car and held her finger up as if to say 'wait one'. Then she followed Oliver through the back of the shop to the attached apartment house. He let her inside and she followed him to the back room where he opened a drawer, tossed aside some old curtains, lifted out the cigar box, and removed the old VHS tape from within.

"Here," he said, handing her the tape. "There are no other copies."

She stared at the old video and then looked at him. "Have you been watching this all these years?"

"Just once," he admitted. "And that was like fourteen years ago when I first stumbled across it."

She nodded. "We were so young," she sighed.

"It was a mistake for you, wasn't it?" Oliver asked, his voice breaking. "That last week."

"Oh, no, it wasn't," she told him, her eyes watering up.

"But you regret it," he sighed.

"Not for a moment," she assured him. "Although this was probably over the top," she admitted, holding up the VHS Tape.

"Then why have you denied me all these years?" He asked, his voice pained. "Lied about me? Pretended I never existed. Convinced your audience that you waited until your wedding night?"

"Because I'd have no credibility otherwise," she confessed sadly. "I'm sorry I hurt you."

He stared at her for a long moment not sure how to respond or react.

She glanced down at the video tape still in her hand. "A part of me wants to watch this again," she said softly.

"You don't have to watch it to remember," he said quietly and she burst into tears.

He gently removed the tape from her hand and went into the kitchen, opening up the old trash compactor that was built under the counter. Donna stood behind him, watching.

"I would never use this against you, Donna," he said, dropping it into the bin, closing the machine and turning it on.

They listened as the tape was destroyed.

"Thank you," she said quietly.

He turned and faced her. "Do you really believe the things you talk about on your show?"

"Most of it," she answered. "Even if I am a hypocrite and a fraud."

"You give good advice," Oliver told her.

"I wish I could tell them about my real first love," she said.

"But I wasn't your first love," he remembered.

"I never told you about my first time," she admitted as they stood in the kitchen looking at one another. "I never loved him, but he taught me things."

"Who was he?"

"An actor friend of my mother's," she sighed. "He was twenty-one, I was fourteen when it first happened."

"Oh, Donna," Oliver sighed.

"So you can understand why I wouldn't want to talk about that," she said.

"What if he tells?" Oliver worried.

"He's dead," She told him. "When I was seventeen."

"Oh," Oliver said with surprise.

"So you see, you're the only one who knows my secret," she said.

"Not even your husband?"

"He thinks he was first," she said. "I never told him about the actor or you."

"Are you happy, Donna?" Oliver asked with concern. "With your life?"

"I love my husband, Ollie," she answered truthfully. "I love my career."

He studied her for a long moment, finally figuring her out. "You knew you were never coming back, didn't you?" He realized. "That last day at the lake after our week of lovemaking."

Her eyes filled again. "I didn't want to hurt you," she said. "But I really did love you," she said. "I still do."

"But not enough to stay," he sighed.

"My destiny was elsewhere, Ollie," she told him. "I knew it even then."

"I would have gone with you," he said.

"You don't belong in my world," she sighed. "I was the city girl with all the expectations placed on her by her family. They would have drown me in the lake if I told them I was going to go to Blue County Community College so I could be with you."

He smirked despite the sadness he was feeling. "I never got over you," he confessed.

"I can see that," she said, glancing around the old apartment that she had visited a few times when Buster lived there.

"What am I supposed to do now?" He sighed.

"Ollie, no matter how strong our love is for each other you have to let go of me just as I let you go."


"You need to move on with a positive attitude without resisting the pain," she advised. "Make peace with yourself by acknowledging the reality of the situation. Stop dwelling in the past. Live in the present and know that there is someone else out there for you. That's what I did."

"I guess you're stronger than me," he sighed.

"I hope you can forgive me," she said. "Maybe we shouldn't have had that week of sex but I knew you were the one I wanted to be with and I wanted to be your first. Please don't punish yourself by holding on to the misery I caused. It's not your fault that we couldn't happen. The Bible says there is time for everything so find the desire and strength to really move on and the powers of the universe will help you achieve what your destiny will be."

"Thanks for taking my call, Doctor Donna!" He mumbled.

She brushed a tear from her eye and stepped into him, giving him a hug similar to the hug she gave him that last time on that last day so long ago.

"I have to go," she said sadly after the endless hug. "My assistant is waiting out there."

"I'm glad you came back."

"I had to," she admitted. "For this."

"Maybe you could come back for a book signing with your next book," he said.

"Maybe I could," she said, leaning up and kissing him on the mouth. "Goodbye, Ollie."

"Goodbye, Donna," he replied.

He didn't move as she walked out of his kitchen and out of his life (again) but now that he knew the truth it didn't hurt so bad. He found his copy of Committed 2 1 signed by the author and sat in the chair and began to read it.