Diary of a Cutter


Today I started to cut again after I swore to my mother that I would stop. The razor was just as I remembered it, as cold as ice. I felt free again better than I have in months. Dad almost caught me though, but he was drunk as normal. If he had caught me I would have gotten another beating, nothing new in my pathetic life.


She put down the book and looked around her poster covered bedroom. Renegade sighed and started to grab clothes getting ready for school.

Mini ruffled black skirt with a matching black tank top and a pair of ballet flats in the same color. Renegade smiled as she put on her war paint, her blood red lips moved up into a smile and she felt her mask slip back into place.

Moments later she walked out of her room making her way to the front door her Black Veil Brides sling bag on her shoulder filled to the brim with school books.

Fifteen minutes later Renegade arrived at her school. The plain white building held nothing but bad memories and hatred for her.

"Watch where you are going freak!" said Monica "Fucking cutters they are everywhere these days."

Renegade grimaced, and carried on walking.