Six year old Danielle Shackerin stands in the middle of the flaming circle as three women, all wearing different colored woolen cloaks, one in sapphire blue, one amethyst purple, and one saffron red. She stood silently in her own midnight black cloak, blue eyes shining bright, as the women chant,

"Immortalis ignis, pulchritudo cordium, fraudator animas, tenebrae magicae." over and over again the Latin ringing through the night air, the fire burning brighter with each word. Suddenly they stop and the flames shoot up engulfing the six year old, a scream of pain, then the flames disappear. The girl standing their, her whole body changed, her cheeks defined without any baby fat, her blond hair unruly blond hair now straight and raven black, flames dance in her eyes until flickering back to her normal blue.

The saffron cloaked woman drops her cloak revealing a head of black curls, pale skin, and light blue eyes.

"Come child, thee have been given great power, but thee must learn the ways before thou become dangerous." Danielle looks the woman up and down before walking to her taking her hand. The Saffron one smiled before snapping her fingers, and they were gone.