Karrine sighed and walked up to Ann, Alex, and Antoine. "Seeing as how you guys are in no way ready for this job, I'm guessing you're ready to die." Ann and Alex scrambled to get ready while Antoine stayed. "No worries! As long as I got this," He showed Karrine his gun, "I'll be totally fine." Karrine gave him a skeptical look and walked off.

Bo ran a hand through his messy hair and sighed. He was going to regret this, but he walked up to Karrine and said, "Hey, you free tonight?" Karrine glared at him. "You know we have this case to work on!" And she stalked off.

Bo grimaced and nodded, turning back to his work. He was working on pairing 2 members for this mission.

It was a homicide made to look like a suicide. Seeing as how Alex was the brain, he decided on her. Bo then paired her with Imi, though he doubted they'de get along. But they were basically the ones for the job. They didn't need to do anything but look for clues and interrogate.

Ryuketsu was watching a movie on a TV she bought earlier that day. She bit on the straw of her shake when she heard footsteps. "WHO IS IT?!" She cried. Lane walked in. "It's me, honey!"
That was Lane's only vice: she called everyone honey.

Even Imi.

Zack was right next to her, trying to not stare at her. Zack really liked Lane, but she didn't like him. And it hurt Zack.

Ryuketsu darkened. "You interupted me." Lane smiled. "Sorry! Bye!" And she left with Zack.

Karrine called out, "ALEX! IMI!" And the 2 ran to her fast. "You 2 will be the ones going to investigate." The glared at each other, but nodded. "Well, then it's settled!" They walked outside to a nice, shiny, silver Corvette.

They parked outside the house where the body was found. "Hello!" Imi cried, and Alex sighed. This was sure going to be a long day.

A woman with frazzled, blonde hair and brown eyes came out. She greeted the 2 warmly and welcomed them inside after seeing their badges.

"My name is Kira Skyrag, and my husband jumped 2 days ago! I know he couldn't have been murdered because he had no enemies." Kira said as the 3 drank their tea.

"So, Miss Skyrag, we need your help on solving this case." said Imi "I know it's a bit weird but we need to know everything you know."

"All I know is that he jumped at exactly 8 P.M." said Kira "Really, that's all."

'Hmmm, that information isn't enough.' thought Alex before saying out loud "Miss Skyrag, we'll need to check your house." Kira sighed. "Ok, but don't break anything!" And the 2 nodded, going upstairs.

They found a rock that held only one word: Seikan. Alex sighed and pocketed it. 'Wow, why did you do that?" Imi asked. Alex glared at her. "I know Karrine more than you." She said cryptically. Imi shrugged and tryed to open the next door, but it was locked.

"Alex, it's locked." She said. The brown haired girl nodded and turned to downstairs. "Bye Miss Skyrag!" She called and ran out the door. Imi gaped and ran after her.

"What're you doing? We have to open that door!" Alex smirked and looked at her. "I know who did it, but we have one more thing to search.." They ran to the Corvette and drove back to the hideout.

"Oh, Skip!" Alex cried, and Imi face palmed and said, "Oh no..." Skip came up to them. "Yes?" He asked, cleaning off his scalpel. "We-" Imi's face turned pale and she turned and ran out the room.

"Uh... I mean I. I need to see if there was any drugs or poison in the body. He nodded and ran off to check.


"There seems to be heavy dimenhydrinate and turpentine." Skip said, reading a paper. "This means he was almost definetly murdered." He finished, and the others made their own share of noises, ranging from sighs, to coughing, to even a few scoffs.

They all got into the truck and drove back to her house. Kicking open the door, Ryuketsu handcuffed her and Imi hauled her away, while Ann, Alex, and Bo ran upstairs to open the door.

Inside were a bunch of dead bodies, which were of each and every husband Kira ever had. They sighed and brought them out.


They all attended the funeral for the 6 deaths, and then after, Imi and Lane walked up to Karrine. "Honey, who's Seikan?" Lane asked, and Karrine paled. "Later." She said, and they all went back to the hideout.

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