Funny how you were right all along

Funny because aren't you always?

Funny the way the air still feels cold sometimes

Funny, even in the middle of summer

Funny how you pull your jacket closer

Funny that you remember all the details

Funny that only now you think of the long walk home

Funny the way you wake up some nights, and you still check to make sure that you're all there

Funny how you've taken such big steps, and made such progress

Funny that it's so easy to set you back

Funny, sometimes, what it takes to push you over the edge

Funny still what can bring you back

Funny that you hear music in everything

Funny that sometimes you think you're deaf

Funny that you seem to dislike so much

Funny that you love, truly love, so much more

Funny that he reminds you of him, and he reminds you of him

Funny how you can't get the fuck over it

Funny that it could be so much worse

Funny how even that knowledge doesn't take away the pain

Funny how it feels like it's been so long

Funny, only seven years

Funny how quickly you can hurt a person, consequently ruin them

Funny how long it takes for them to get better

Funny sometimes they never do

Funny how strongly you wanted to be believed

Funny then, how strongly you were denied

Funny the way everything felt, the way it tasted, the way it smelled

Funny that nothing was ever the same

Funny, not even the way they said you name

Funny how scared they think you are

Funny how scared they'll never know you were… are… were

Funny the way your world spun

Funny that it was so vivid, nonetheless

Funny to imagine that something so sacred, so cherished, so beautiful, can actually be taken away from you

Funny that, for a moment, you actually thought it had been

Funny now, how the days just kept rolling by

Funny, when you finally found your voice

Funny that you should have been so scared of something that was clearly much more afraid of you

Funny, watching the sun set, how it's so literal and now proverbial

Funny how you're finally finishing the chapter

Funny, the close of the book

Funny how it isn't funny, not even a little

Funny, not at all