(Response to DoR Star Cross'd Round VII: The Bridge) Enjoy!

In a Way

Morning dew reflected the red in the sunrise over the ancient looking bridge. On the bridge, two teenagers sat in a world of their own. Judging by the conflicted expressions on their faces, it obviously wasn't a pleasant world. Indeed their situation was bittersweet, as sour as a ripe grapefruit.

Tyler was absentmindedly watching his feet dangle above the glittering water. He took a deep breath and looked towards Lillie who seemed content to stare at the passing boats in the distance. During the winter, no one used this particular outlet, but the distant docks were filled with business and early morning departures.

Lillie felt Tyler's questioning gaze, and turned her head, not quite meeting his eyes. "What do you want?" Tyler asked in a vulnerable voice.

"I don't know," She confessed, "Everything is so complicated, and I just don't know."

She ran a hand through her hair, frowning slightly, "I guess the real question is," She met his eyes, "What do you want?"

Tyler shrugged, stuffing his hands into his pockets, and suddenly began finding his feet very interesting again. Lillie blew out her cheeks, "I just wish things were simple sometimes."

Now Tyler looked up and raised his eyebrows, "Aren't they?"

His mere question posed a challenge. Lillie started to answer, but he cut her off, ""It is simple. We can't be together, and there's no point thinking about it, because it's just gonna end bad for everyone. We're like Romeo and Juliet, minus the dying and family feuds."

Lillie gave a short, humorless laugh, and said in a cracked voice, "They worked out in a way. I mean, they were married."

Tyler rolled his eyes, and Lillie quieted. Tears were spilling over her cheeks now, and Tyler began to look uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry, Lillie," He finished lamely.

Lillie shook her head, a small watery smile on her face, "No you're not. I guess I'll see you later, Tyler."

She stood quickly, and walked away down the bridge with an even quicker stride, not looking back. Tyler watched her go with regret until she was out of sight, and he finally let his tears spill.