Measure Me

Anna and Claudia were glancing through the bra section inside a clothes department store when Anna's attention was caught by someone standing from a far. It was a young attractive woman in her twenties who was a store employee.

"Hey, Claudia, look" Anna nodded her head in the direction of the woman so Claudia could see. "Is she fine or what?"

Claudia examined the woman who occupied herself grabbing hangers off the floor near the dressing room. Claudia then shrugged while turning back to Anna.

"What do I know? My lust died for anyone a long time ago." Claudia continued browsing through the bras as Anna continued her gaze at the employee.

"You know if I wasn't so low on self-esteem and an introvert with extremely dry hair, dated glasses and clothes, I'd maybe probably would go over there and ask her where's the bathroom." Anna shook her head confidently.

"Just do it" Claudia gazed into Anna's eyes before picking out a bra. "The worst thing she can say is 'I don't know'."

Anna turned to Claudia before staring at the bra she held in her hand. She contemplated on it for a few seconds before a smile drew on her face.

"I have an even better idea… Since she works in the fitting room department, I'll just ask her to measure me." Anna giggled along with Claudia who slightly chuckled.

"You are such a perv."

"I know" Anna grabbed a bra from the rack.

"But that's genius; really, you've thought of the quickest way for her to put her hands near your breast."

"Not only her hands, but, her measuring tape will be around me as well." Anna grinned as she began making her way towards the fitting room followed by Claudia.

Anna gazed blissfully at the woman who then looked up and noticed them coming towards her direction. Anna's hands were a little shaky and her heart raced as she approached her. Claudia waited next to the underwear rack while Anna approached the woman. The woman stared at Anna.

"Would you like to try that on?" Immediately right after her last word spoken, the instrumental I Wanna Sex You Up by the group Color Me Badd ran through Anna's head.

"Um…" The song preceded the instrumental provoking Anna to get lost into the song and lost in words. The woman stared at the bra Anna was holding before speaking.

"I see you picked out the new comfort bra." The woman touched the bra Anna held. "Let's go in the fitting room and see if it fits."

Her words were almost an intimate whisper to Anna as the music played perfectly in her head. Anna's heart raced passionately when they stepped inside the fitting room and the woman closed the door behind them before locking it.

"Are you nervous?" She asked Anna. "I can almost hear your heartbeat. Relax, if it'll make you feel calmer, I'll take my shirt off too."

It was almost slow motion when the woman lifted her own shirt off revealing a very fit stomach and a name brand bra that fitted perfectly on her.

"Here" The woman grabbed Anna's shirt. "Now it's your turn to take your shirt off."

After pulling Anna's shirt off, the woman caressed her hands on the side of Anna's stomach. Anna smiled from ear to ear as she enjoyed the pleasure of being next to the woman.

Their reflection glowed through the fitting room mirror as they remained intimately close. The woman continued talking to Anna.

"Would you like to make love until the break of dawn?" Her words spoken made Anna question her hearing.

"What?" Anna grinned awaiting to hear the question again.

"Would you like to try that on?" Anna snapped back into reality as her fantasy ended along with Color Me Badd's tune in her head. They were standing outside the dressing room all along.

"Oh, um, yes- I mean no, I wanna see if I can get measured." Anna slightly blushed.

"Okay, just wait right here." The woman left off and Anna turned to face Claudia who was giving her a thumb up.

Anna gave her a thumb up back with a goofy grin on her face. She then reached into her purse and pulled out a small bottle of breath freshener. Anna opened her mouth as wide as possible to spray the freshener but the spray completely missed her mouth going sideways into the air.

She placed the freshener back into her purse before hearing someone walking towards her from behind. When she turned around her eyes met with a grey haired senior citizen who was holding a measuring tape. The young woman entered Anna's eyesight hauling jeans on one arm before making her way near her.

"She found the measuring tape for you." The woman accidentally bumped her side of the arm into Anna's side of the arm as she was passing by. "I'm sorry."

"That's okay. Thank you." Anna watched as she left her view. The senior made her way over to where Anna was standing.

"Raise your arms dear." After Anna's arms were raised, the woman placed the measuring tape around her before checking the number on it. "You're a 36 C."

She then released the tape from around Anna.

"Thank you." She turned to face the wrinkled older woman.

"You're welcome…" She gave Anna a smile that displayed a missing front tooth. "Do you want to do something sexy?"

Anna snapped out of her unintended fantasy of the senior citizen asking such a question before taking off wide eyed. She stopped by her friend Claudia.

"So, I found out my bra size."

"I see you did." They walked down the aisle of the department store.

"You know what the best part was?"


"When she kissed me…"


"With her side of the arm; our side of the arms kissed and it was like magic."

"Whateva' gets you on." Claudia marginally shook her head as Anna smiled heavenly.

"I'm never washing this side of the arm again."

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