"I would've found you"

5 years later…

Pictures littered one wall of the room. Many of them of weddings and recent birthdays. In the room, a man somewhere in his late 20s sat in a rocking chair next to a crib, a little girl in his lap, and a little boy to his left.

In his hands was a script which he read aloud to the kids, "A soul mate is someone you fall in love with at first sight or sometime in life, but in the back of your mind, you've always loved them. They're the people who don't tolerate your quirks, but actually like them, no matter how annoying people say they are."

He flipped the page, "And though some people have a hard time finding one, it comes down to this. Your soul mate can be anywhere; all you have to do is look for them. It can be the bartender at the bar your car's tire popped next to; a nurse at a hospital/old people's home that you sent your injured friend to; or-," He was cut off by the creaking of the door.

"Hey Cable," A groggy voice sounded behind him. Cable Wilde turned and smiled at Helena Banks, or now it was Helena Goode.

During the 5 year time period, the boys made good on their promise to visit the hospital. After dating Helena for two years, Firo finally proposed. They just recently had a baby 6 months from the present day; Alec. The boy looked mostly like his father with his brown tuft of hair and light blue eyes.

As he looked at Helena, trying not to blush form her only wearing one of Firo's button ups, he noticed the drowsiness radiating off of her.

"Hi Auntie Helena," The boy next to him greeted. Teddy Wilson, the 4 year old son born from Nolan and Lyla Wilson. Firo fondly referred to him as the Spawn of Satan because he was much like his father.

Inheriting his father's black hair and light blue eyes. Teddy was a prankster in the making. Though Nolan did do his fair share of pranks, Teddy brought it up to the next level, always harassing Firo, just as Nolan did.

"Auntie Helena," The girl in Cable's lap whined, 'You interrupted Uncle Cable's story." Samantha Wilson, or Sammi as she liked to be called, was Teddy's 2 year old sister. While not a boisterous as her brother, she did have fun with pranks.

She had her mother's brown hair, unique grayish-blue eyes, and calm attitude towards everything. And, according to Lyla, she harbored a slight crush for Cable. Though Nolan and Cable knew it would wear off, they were afraid of whom she might have a crush on next.

Helena laughed and entered the room, "Oh come on Sammi, you know that script more than your Uncle Cable's actors know it."

Sammi pouted in protest as Cable and Teddy laughed. Cable grabbed Sammi from his lap and stood, "I better get going, got a lot to do today." He kissed Sammi's forehead, trying his hardest to ignore her protests and cries, and ruffled Teddy's hair affectionately, easily ignoring his indignant look.

Helena smiled softly at him, "Thanks for calming Alec down, lord knows the last time I've had a good night's sleep."

Teddy groaned, "Not the lord again."

Cable grinned at the boy before turning to the blonde, "It's fine, you know I love kids, you know, no pedo."

Helena giggled, "If that's the case, I hope you wouldn't mind watching them while Firo, Nolan, Lyla, and I go out tomorrow night."

Cable smiled, "It would be my pleasure, anything's better than being your guys' fifth wheel."

Helena smiled back, seemingly holding back her comments. Throughout the years, Firo had tried to set him up constantly, yet they always failed because Cable just didn't feel anything from them.

He cleared his throat, "I'll be seeing you," He hugged Helena who hugged back and pecked his cheek. As he walked out the front door, he heard footsteps behind him. He smiled a little, "Sammi, I know you're behind me."

The little girl looked sheepish, but held her hands forward, "You forgot this."

Cable smiled wider and took the script form her hands, "Thank you, Sammi; I'd be lost without you."

Sammi blushed and ducked her head causing her uncle to chuckle. She then lifted her head up with a determined glint in her eyes, "Are you gonna find your soul mate, Uncle Cable?"

Cable blinked in surprise, taken aback by her question. Sammi blushed again, "I mean, you're always so sad when you read the story, I think it's because you don't got your soul mate," She explained timidly.

Cable smiled a bit sadly, "Hey, you don't need to worry about that, I'll see her again someday, pretty girl." He wished he could believe his words.

He weaved through the crowding people on the sidewalk strategically. Having many years of doing so, it saved millions of coffees. He answered his cell phone that vibrated in his pocket for a while, "Hello…yes, I'm on my way there…no, my bike's in the shop, I gotta walk it today…no, I made sure I walked out early so I wouldn't be late…okay, ok-," He was interrupted by a rough shove on his shoulder causing him to hang up.

"I'm so sorry," The bystander shouted back to him, "Taxi!"

He blinked in surprise and stared at the person. As he watched the woman's bare hand fly up in the air, her dark hair flying out of her brown eyes, he knew in that instant who he was looking at and couldn't help but recite his last line from the script which always seemed to make him melancholy, now it gave him hope.

"Or it could be your teacher who you've loved since first sight."