Depression Of Your Valley / Saviour To The Universe

I sacrificed myself to you so that your belief in the common good
and miracles was preserved, but now I'm at the bottom of your valley
with every bone of confidence broken, however the believer in my soul
is still intact and attempting to gather the truth as to what really happened.

And what I understand thus far is that I should have stopped making
you change for me and that I was correct in the first place when I accused you
of apocryphal starlight because brighter authenticity in the sky on a cloudy night
honestly exists and they are the beautiful ones who deserve the definitive respect.

And as melancholy continues to impound my current situation, I begin to regret
my constant poetical expression of extricating every person who stumbles
onto my spiritual path of life because in reality I need to rescue myself
prior to even considering a role of diplomacy and saviour to the universe.

However, I never possessed a persuasive voice when innocence abided
to my existence, therefore I always felt the desire to speak up and that's why my actions
have led to this ineptness today because I'm simply not mentally stable enough to
distinguish between wasted energy and knowing when hope will precide over tearful anguish.

But as I look up at the top of the valley where the soft wind of summer blows in the
light green trees, I still believe so much that gentleness in the form of love will lead you and I
to where we need to belong and that we will be healed from our individual archfiends,
so if we keep this thought in mind, then I promise our lives will never be the same for the better.