The First Outbreak:

Part One

"I will give the horses their water! Spare your threats!"

"If you want your payment get to work!"

A young man stormed out of the pub and walked to the nearby well. The wooden well had the tied bucket on the ground next to it. The man tossed the bucket into the well and let the lever spin like a top. When the sound of a splash was heard, he took hold of the lever and cranked it around until he could see the metal bucket come into view.

He took hold of the bucket and saw his reflection in the water. He saw a blonde haired boy with no signs of facial hair anywhere on his face. And, he has blue turquoise eyes. The eyes appear to have been taken from the sky and placed into the face of the man.

Ryan untied the bucket from the well and dumped the water into the horse's feeding tank. As he dumped the water into the tank, the horses quickly dove their heads into the tank and quickly lapped the water up. Ryan wished he could drink the water from the tank if only there were not any viruses left from the horses.

As Ryan wiped the sweat from his brow he said to the horses, "Luckily for you, you don't have to work your ass off all day."

Today was the hottest day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. August 13, 1793. Ryan is working at the Prospect Pub, possibly the only pub in town. The pub was made out of wood and had no paint on it. The first floor held the bar, which sells beer, whiskey, and sometimes food. The top floor was the house of Joseph, the owner of the pub. The main entrance had a sign over it that read, "The Prospect Pub."

"Boy," shouted Joseph.

"Coming Joseph!"

When he was about to enter the pub, he saw the most astonishing thing he had ever witnessed in his lifetime. A young beautiful woman. To Ryan, she had the face of an angel. With shiny brown hair that seemed to radiate the sun. Eyes the color of a sparkling ocean. She was, however, dressed in peasant clothing. A white pilgrim bonnet, and a white dress with a brown vest was the only thing she had on.

She was just walking down the road with a basket in her arms. Eyes looking straight ahead. Seemingly she is working on a certain task. Like Ryan is doing. Forgetting about his work, he spoke to her. Well, Ryan was walking up to her and just talked to her staring point blank into her face.

"Hello," he said, "My name is Ryan. I must say I have seen things in this world that were beautiful. But you, by far, are gorgeous!"

She giggled a little and responded, "G'day to you sir. But do not flatter me with your comments. Since you told me your name it will be rude not to introduce myself. My name is-"


A call interrupted the meeting between the two individuals. The young couple turned to the direction the voice came from and saw an expensive looking carriage storming past them containing another young woman. The woman sticking her head out one of the windows goes by the name, Marie. She had blonde hair, and wore an expensive looking dress. They knew her as a girl who only cares about herself and not anyone else. If a young boy begged her to give him some bread she would say, "If you want bread then have some cake."

"Come to my party," she repeated, "It is going to be fantastic!"

Then she drove away in her carriage, uplifting smoke from the road.

"That was an awkward moment. But enough about her, let me introduce myself, my name is Sally."

"Sally," said Ryan and repeated it over and over again in his head, "That is a very nice name!"

"Thank you," Sally responded, "Unfortunately, I cannot stay and chat. I have to be on my way to the market."

Before Sally could depart from Ryan, he stepped in front of her, preventing her from leaving. Ryan then asks, "Well, what do you need?"

"I am in need of duck meat."

"Well you can find it at the Prospect Pub."

"Really," asked Sally puzzled, "But how much does the meat cost?"

"For you no charge. You can have whatever you want for free."

She looked at Ryan quizzically, "Like if I want some salt or chocolate I can buy it at this pub?"


"Help meeee!"

Ryan and Sally turned their attention to a man covering his right ear limping towards the pub. As he got closer, they realized he was covered in blood. Not only that, but they saw what appears to be a bite on his limping leg and to their horror, is missing an ear.

"They are after me," the man yelled to the confused couple.

Joseph stormed out of the pub wearing his apron over his clothes.

"Boy! I told-", Joseph ordered to the boy. But, he stopped his cawing when he too saw the wounded gentleman.

"Oh my God! Boys! Boys! Come quickly," Joseph yelled, "Someone has been attacked!"

The next thing the teens knew, a stampede of pub visitors stormed out of the old rickety castle and carried the injured man into the pub. Ryan and Sally, bewildered, followed the men back into the pub.

As the men set the poor man on the table, Joseph asked the man, "Who did this to you?"

The man turned his attention towards Joseph and said, "My children."

Joseph than turned towards a man with a black bushy beard.

"Alan take watch," said Joseph, "If anyone looks suspicious, don't hesitate to shoot."

Alan nodded, withdrew his flintlock pistol, and walked out the front door. Ryan however felt that here was something else to this story. So he walked through the crowd with Sally behind him and asked the man some questions.

Ryan asked, "Hey there! How do you feel?"

The man gave Ryan a mad look, "My whole ear has been torn off, what DO you think!?"

"I know! Sorry. But, you did say your children attacked you?"

The man seemed to be having a hard time speaking, "Me…Charles's children…for some… reason…bit me."

"I was wondering…how old are they?"

"My…son is…eight…and my…daughter is…six."

The man stopped speaking. The man stopped moving. The man shut his eyes. And, he stopped breathing. Sally decided to see what is happening to Charles, so she cut through the astonished crowd. When she finally arrived at Charles, she placed her hand on his forehead. And, to her horror, his skin felt ice cold. Charles had died.

She turned towards the crowd and said to them, "I believe he is dead."

Everyone was in shock to hear the news of Charles's death to even care about what Sally said. Some men began to mourn the death of the stranger. Everyone, that is, except Ryan. He was too busy thinking about what Charles said about his children. His head was full of theories of what might have happened. Anger towards their father? Hatred? Insanity? Or was it hunger? Joseph was bewildered by what he heard.

"That is impossible," cried Joseph as he moved Sally and Ryan aside and felt the man's temperature, "He is ice cold! But, how could he die from bites? What kind of aaawwwww!"

Joseph screamed out in pain because Charles now, for some reason, is alive and he bit into Joseph's arm. Blood could be seen spouting from the once dead man's mouth. Everyone was dazed at what they are about to witness. Ryan grasped Sally's arm and moved her behind him as the scene begins to unfold. Charles moved from biting into Joseph's arms to Joseph's neck. Joseph made some gurgling noises before he fell to the floor. Charles jumped from the table and stood facing the crowd. A growl could be heard coming from him.

But, there were a few things different about Charles. He had eyes that were dark green, before he attacked Joseph. Now for some reason, his eyes became pale white. His pupils were hidden underneath some sort of whiteness covering his eyes. The same way his eyes would look if he had become blind. Or like he was dead for six hours.

A war veteran, with spectacles, stepped out from behind the crowd. He withdrew his sword and pointed the tip of the sword to the once dead man.

He yelled to Charles, "Prepare to die you carnivorous monster!"

Without another warning, Spectacles thrust his sword through Charles's stomach and the sword stuck out of Charles' back. This was some thing the whole crowd did not expect. Nothing happened! The cannibal did not collapse to the floor. Did not cry out in pain. Swear at the veteran. Or even moved a muscle after he has been stabbed. No, Charles just stood where he was and did not flinch when Spectacles stabbed him. It was like Charles was a statue and the attack from Spectacles only chipped the cannibal.

"What the devil!?" cried Spectacles.

He suddenly screamed in pain when Joseph bit into his right ankle causing him to tumble over with Charles eating Spectacles' mouth off. The crowd just stood there as both Charles and Joseph were eating Spectacles. Joseph turned his attention from feasting on Spectacles to the speechless crowd. The crowd was able to let out a scream, all at the same time, and crashed out the front door and windows. Amongst the crowd Ryan searched for Sally. He saw her cowering in the corner of the pub. With haste Ryan grabbed onto Sally's arm and ran with her out the front door.

Outside was a whole another story. The pub goers ran up the street and a few ran into the neighboring buildings. Others were unhitching their horses from their holders and riding them down the street. Women were screaming and running out of Ryan and Sally's sight. The only person they saw was Alan. He was at his standing position confused on what was occurring.

He saw the kids and asked them, "What the hell is going on?"

Before any of the kids opened their mouths, two other little kids tackled Alan to the ground. The boy tore out Alan's throat while the little girl tore Alan's left ear off. The boy looked to be eight years old and the girl looked to be six. Ryan frightened, but with a little bit of bravery, ran with Sally at his sides around the scene of the crime. The young children were too busy eating Alan to realize another meal had escaped from their grasps.

"What in the devil is going on around here!?"

"I do not know, Sally," said Ryan, "But, we need to find help before those things do!"

Ryan and Sally were running down Market Street searching for anyone to help them with their problems. A guard, a soldier, or even an entire army to help them. All around them they could see black smoke, fires, blood, and hear screams of fear and pain. They were running to find anything. Anything. Then, Ryan spotted what he needed, a flintlock rifle. It was lying in the middle of the road. It was like someone left it on the ground. Ryan motioned for Sally to be quiet as he sneaked up on the rifle. Slowly and carefully, he crept his way towards the motionless weapon on the ground. His eyes darted across the street to catch any sign of danger. So far so good, he did not detect any danger.

As Ryan crept closer to the gun, he notices that the building towards his right is a weapon shop. The large front window was smashed from the outside by a chair. When Ryan got close enough to look into the weapon casket, he discovered that the weapons are missing from the shelves and cases. I guess the store was having a sale, Ryan thought to himself.

"What did you find?"

The noise startled Ryan and he discovered that Sally was right behind him, "What are you trying to do give me a heart attack?!"

"I just wanted to see what you are up to?"

"And another thing, what are you doing here? You are supposed to be staying in the position I told you to stay in!"

"Well, that is not a nice way to speak to a lady."

He irately grabbed the gun on the ground and said, "This is not a good time to talk about tone of voice. Right now we have to-"

"Get off the road!"

A man came out of nowhere and he had a flintlock pistol in his hand. "Get off of Market Street; they're coming!" he yelled to the arguing couple. The man wore a blue uniform, with yellow buttons and the coat was edged. He had a three-pointed black hat with buckled shoes. Suddenly, a group of five men stormed onto Market Street from South 22nd Street; they each carried flintlock rifles.

The man turned his attention to the group and commanded them to form a line side by side across from the gun shop. While the man was not looking at him, Ryan snatched the rifle from off the ground. He checked it and noticed that the barrel of the gun had no gunpowder or bullets. He swiftly ran into the gun shop with Sally on his trail.

As he entered the shop he stepped onto glass but that was none of his concern. He scanned across the room trying to look for what he desired. Sally was not interested in what Ryan was looking for; she was only interested in getting off the streets and hiding. She told Ryan that they had to get out of here. But, Ryan was not listening he was only paying attention to his needs: gunpowder and bullets. He spotted five metal balls on the floor. They were called, bullets, he snatched them up from the floor. Now he needs one thing and one thing only, gunpowder. Then he saw something he had hoped for: three large barrels of gunpowder. Running up to one of the barrels, he made a sad discovery. All of the barrels are empty! There was not one little speck of the powder left in any of them; he just saw the flat bottom of the barrel. Whoever arrived at the shop before Ryan and Sally had drained out all of the contents.

Ryan pounded his fist on the barrels and threw them on their sides. Sally just watched him with concern as he crushed each of the barrels to splinters. Sally asked if Ryan was okay, and the only thing that came out of his mouth was, "Never felt better." Then another shout was heard, "What in God's name are you doing here?"

Ryan turned his attention from the barrels to the source of the voice. It was the blue-coated general. "Get out of here and fast!"

Ryan said, "That is what I am trying to do!"

"What are you doing here?"

"Scavenging for gunpowder and bullets, so I can fight my way through Philidelphia! And, get out of this Hell!"

The general asked sternly, "Do you know how to use that rifle?"

Of course Ryan could use a rifle, his father was a soldier in the American Revolution and he taught Ryan how to work a weapon, even a rifle and a pistol…well a little. His father, Zachary Johnson, fought in the many battles of the American Revolution: Siege of Yorktown, Battle of Barren Hill, and the Battle of Monmouth Court House. After the war, Zachary would take Ryan into the woods to shoot bears, foxes, possums, and other rodents…Ryan only killed one fox and a mouse; his father did the rest. But, he studied his father's methods of attack…Well…Sometimes.

"Of course I know," said Ryan.

"Well," the general let out a false laugh, "The luck to you escaping the city!"

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"You cannot leave the city. You see the President declared to-"

"Sir! They are in our sights!"

The general sped out of the gun shop with Ryan and Sally tailing behind him. After Sally made it outside, she wished that she had stayed inside the gun shop when she saw the situation. They are running towards them! Screaming, biting, and running their way to their meal. The storm was made of the men, women, and even a few children that once lived peacefully in Philidelphia. Now they are decaying, running corpses. Their once clean clothing was all covered in blood. Their sparkling eyes all dead white. Bite marks are seen on parts of their bodies. And, they all have one need on their minds, flesh!

"Children get behind my men!"

Sally obliged but there were a few things on Ryan's mind. One, he needs to get some gunpowder. He will be eaten if he just walks out of this city. Unarmed! He needs powder to defend himself. And, what did the man mean when he said, "You cannot leave this city." Did he mean someone is supposed to rescue them? Or, he will never get out of this town alive.

No matter, his big concerns are those monsters. "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes!"

The men aimed their muskets at the horde. The creatures might be at least twenty feet away from the men, passing the intersection between Market Street and S 19th Street. Sally just stared, as they got closer. Ryan however was not staying around to be eaten.

"Come on Sally," Ryan says to Sally, "We must flee immediately! Sally? Sally!?"

Sally could not hear what Ryan was saying to her, because she was running down S 21st Street passing through Ludlow Street. Ryan stood there like a marble statue. Not taking his eyes off of her disappearing body.


The creatures crossed through the intersection between Market Street and S 19th Street.


The creatures were a half way distance from the soldiers.


Pelts of gunpowder stabbed into the horde's front eaters. Bones and blood exploded from their chests. But, they have appered to not have been affected by the attack. They did not even flinch. Fall. Or, stutter. They simply kept coming. The horde arrived at their destination. Ryan just stood there as men scream in pain while dead humans wore eating them alive. The general let out a scream that sounded like it came from a little girl and ran down S 21st Street with Ryan tagging his tail.

Ryan looked behind him to see if anyone or anything was following them. He told the commander that they are safe for now. So, the commander and Ryan stopped during their daring escape. They were panting and taking deep breaths. Their pair of lungs were burning with a need for oxygen and they tried very hard to catch their breath. But the air they breathed in smelled of blood, decay, and death. They had run all the way down S 21st Street and made a left to Walnut Street and they had stopped between S. 19th St and S. 16th St.

Now, that they are safe from any danger Ryan could ask The Commander some questions. "Got any bright ideas?"

"How the Hell should I know," yelled the general, "I was not trained for this kind of situation!"

"But, you are a part of the army," Ryan yelled, "You are trained for these types of situations!"

The general gave him another stern look, "Who are you the President?! We are not trained to fight those…those …things!"

But the general made an alarmed look and said to Ryan, "SHHHH, keep your voice down or they will hear us. Any how, what name do you go by?"

Ryan told the general his name. He also told the general about the Prospect Pub, his boss, Sally, Charles, and the attacks. The general seemed a little annoyed, and he told Ryan he needed a last name.

"Alright fine. My last name is Johnson. Now about what you said about leaving-"

"You are a Johnson," the general cut in, "Are you related to Zachary Johnson, the man who fought in the Siege of Yorktown? I met him at that siege as General Douglas Makgood."

"Yes sir, I am his son."

The general just stared at him, wide eyed. He did not flinch or anything. Just stared at Ryan's face. Then Ryan thought to himself, my father must be really popular in the army. General Brown must be thinking about his father's deeds. Ryan put a smile on his face, shut his eyes, and breathed in deep. Waiting for Brown to praise him and his father.

Then he suddenly heard snickering. He opened his eyes and saw Makgood smiling. Makgood later covered his mouth and continued to snicker. He backed away from Ryan and his snickering turned towards giggling. Makgood hugged his chest and tried to stop giggling. But, he later started laughing. He laughed and laughed until he began to roll on the floor laughing. Ryan's confusion turned to anger.

Ryan yelled at Makgood, "What the Hell are you doing!"

The general uttered some words between his giggles, "Your-hhheee-You're his son? Ohhh dear!"

"What about my father!?"

"Your father-HAHA- Zachary was an idiot. When he was consumed by fear at each battle he would wet himself. And, after the battle he would look for an extra pair of pants! Sometimes people would call him Pants-less Zachary because he would only wear a shirt and his shoes. He trotted bottom-less around camp, because he was waiting for his pants to dry."

Ryan did not believe him. "My father fought those Lobster-Backs!"

"Oh! Yeah, he fought them. But he kept on missing his targets. At one time he almost killed one of his comrades. He said he thought the man was a deer."
"SHUT-UP! SHUT-UP!" yelled Ryan, "You do not know a thing about my father!"

Ryan thought of something and he countered Makgood by saying, "He took me hunting and he shot a bear! How do you like that you piece of dry tar?!"

"He did not shoot the bear. He must have found it when it was already dead. HAHAHA! If you saw bullet holes he just shot the bear's side to make it look like he killed it."

Ryan did not believe him and he tried to contradict Makgood. But as Makgood continued laughing, he does not know what is true anymore. He could almost picture his father terrified at each battle and getting his pants wet. He cannot get the picture out of his head.

"Listen here you laughing donkey! My father is my hero! He inspired and loved me! Now you-"

"Silence," whispered Brown, "You will give away our position."

"No! You be silent! My father taught me how to hunt! Yeah, he could have bought the animals he claimed to have killed, but at least he was trying to impress me! Unlike you people, who would just laugh at anyone who made a small mistake, don't-"

"They will hear us!"

Ryan did not pay attention to Makgood. "You are all COWARDS! Taking advantage of people. You do not have any heart at all! You are all-"

All of the sudden, a shatter of glass was heard followed by a breaking of bones. A man tackled Ryan to the ground and tries to bite Ryan. Ryan fought against the man to no avail. The man had a good hold on Ryan. Ryan could not move any of his hands; he could not even roll the monster over. He knew that the monster would lunge for his throat if he did not make a move. The monster lunged for his throat, but Ryan learned a move that his father taught him. When the monster got within a few inches of his face, Ryan gave the creature a head butt into the jaw. A bone crushing sound came from the cannibal's mouth. Then, Ryan kneed the creature's ribs and broke some bones. With all his might, Ryan pushed the creature off of his body on to his right.

Ryan shot up off the ground and readied himself for what the monster would do next. The monster made his move: he stood up and growled at Makgood and Ryan. Before the creature could lunge his face exploded, spilling parts of his brain, eyeballs, and bone through the air. The creature did not attack them or bite them. Instead it fell to the floor. Then, Ryan turned his gaze from the once dead human to General Makgood. Makgood's pistol had smoke emitting from its nozzle. Then, Makgood asked Ryan if he was okay and that he was sorry about the laughing part. Ryan said thank you for saving his life, but he did not forgive him for what he did.

"Son. I do apologize for what I said about your father. It was so funny to think about what he did," the general said.

Ryan remained silent. "Listen, if you require gunpowder I shall grant you some."

The general retrieved a small pouch from his pockets and held it out to Ryan in the palm of his left hand. Ryan only gave Makgood a dirty look and gingerly reached for the powder. He then gripped the powder in his hands and Ryan opened the contents of the pouch. Inside was a handful of grainy black gunpowder. Enough to fill just one pistol. The general then explained that he did not have enough gunpowder and it was only for a pistol. The general gave Ryan another pouch of gunpowder along with some bullets.

"For your rifle," Makgood said.

Ryan took it but kept his mouth shut, while, Makgood was still trying to break the ice between Ryan and him.

"I wonder where that thing came from," Makgood says, "Well it appears that the man was very wealthy based on his clothing."

He was correct the man wore a vest with brass buttons that seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. His shoe buckles and his belt also sparkled in the summertime sun. His blue vest looked so clean that a drop of bird poop could not stain it. Well not really, there was some chalk dust on his collar. This man has to be very wealthy in order to obtain this clothing.

Ryan just remained quiet as Makgood made some accusations before the man was killed. "And, where did this man come from? He could not just fall out of the sky," says Makgood, "He had to jump out of a window." That said, Makgood began to search for a building with a broken window. He was so caught up with looking in front of him that he did not see the broken two-story window behind him. Ryan spotted the window, but what scared him was which building it was. Opened mouth and eyes widened Ryan was able to utter his first sentence during the time of silence.

"General Makgood," Ryan says, "I have found your window."

Makgood put an end to his scavenges for a window and congratulated Ryan. But, he discovered that Ryan never took his eyes off of something in front of him. Makgood followed Ryan's stare and was, too, acting the same way as Ryan. For in front of them, was a two-story wooden structure. The entrance of the building was to the pair's right followed by stairs that lead to it. Then, to their left was a flagpole with an American flag. But, the most disturbing thing they witnessed was the sign over the entrance. It read, "Welcome to Washington University, a place where one can find where they belong."

A scream was heard and a man, around Ryan's age, dashed out of the school's entrance. He made another dash towards the pair. But, before the creature could sink his teeth into any parts of their flesh, Makgood withdrew his sword from his belt and swiftly dismembered the young creature's head. Blood poured all over the street from the spinning head. Ryan had to close his eyes so he would not see the horror. When he reopened his eyes he witnessed a gruesome scene that he wished never happened. There appeared to be a large splatter of blood on the school's wall. The severed head was underneath the wall's mess, while the body was within a few inches away from touching Makgood's feet.

Another explosion of glass was heard and a black haired girl landed on the ground; she broke her left arm when she hit the ground. She shot up off the ground, announced a roar, and lunged for Makgood. When the girl was within an arms-length from him, he thrust his sword into her chest and pulled it upwards. The blade continued upwards-slicing open her neck and skull. She fell to the ground just like the swords other victim.

After that happened more screams were coming out of the school and were getting louder. Makgood yelled, "Run!"

"What about you?" asked Ryan.

"Forget about me, go!"

Makgood grasped his pistol and tossed it to Ryan. "Take it! I'll hold them off!"

The sounds of creatures' screams got so loud that it was if Ryan could reach out and touch one of those things. There was a reason why the screams wore so loud. Because, the creatures have breached the entrance and were dashing towards Makgood. Makgood has unsheathed his sword and readied himself for the eighty or so creatures.

Clutching the pistol to his chest, Ryan gave one long stare at Makgood. Probably the last time he would be seeing Makgood alive. He only wished to see the man who saved him one last time. He departed from Makgood not looking back.

Makgood rammed his sword through a female's head, permanently killing it. Another female jumped out of a second story window, right above where Makgood was standing. When the female was within an arms length above Makgood, Makgood's mighty sword severed her head from her body. She, like his first victim, fell to the ground and was no more. Whenever a creature came within an arms length of his body, Makgood would chop their heads off. Blood splattered all over the streets, staining anything it contacted: Makgood's uniform, the road, and the creatures' clothing.

So far he has thirty-three bodies littered on the floor, but the creatures kept on attacking him. Makgood was able to fight off any creature that came near him. With a sneer he yelled, "Keep on trying you dead bastards! I am trained to deal with monsters like you! Luckily for me I went to a military school! You can't seem to- AAAAAHHHHHH!"

A young female creature was able to get a grip on Brown's sword hand, while he was taunting the creatures; she bit into Makgood's sword hand. His sword dropped to the ground with a mighty thud, leaving him vulnerable for an attack.

As the monsters began to rip him apart he yelled at the top of his lungs, "I taste like shit! EAT ME!"

"Help! Someone please help me!"

It has been two hours since the first attack, and there are only a handful of survivors left in town. They have gone into hiding and barricaded themselves from the rest of the world. But, there is one who is not that skilled in staying hidden and the voice could be heard throughout the deserted streets. Well, the streets were not deserted. People…or what were once people prowled the streets. They also appear to have the ability to move like a living human would. They continued to scan every area they could see, as if searching for something. The only living person watching them is hiding in a house on Lombard Street. She watched the creatures on the street; it was Sally.

Sally was hiding in her two-story bedroom and watched all of those walking corpses parading her street. Luckily, for her, the creatures did not see her. She has developed a strategy for not being seen from her window. A curtain is covering her window, and she would open her curtains a crack and see what is happening outside and than quickly shut it. Not allowing anyone to see her.

These are the curtains my mother bought from the general store, Sally thought to herself. At the mentioning of her mother Sally turned her gaze from the window and stared blankly at the wall. I wonder where she is, Sally thought to herself.

Sally looked around her and did a double take of her room. Her bed was next to the door and hallway along with her dresser. The chair she was sitting in was to the right of the window with the curtains. Her father, Robert, created the chair from an old dying oak tree from behind the house.

Her father, Robert, was one of the finest furniture makers in town. He was deeply honored by President Washington when he created the President's bed. Washington claimed that it was the best bed he had ever slept in. Even a few girls, working at the White House, praised the bed. The President and working girls would meet in his bedroom each night to tryout the bed together. They made some noises when they were absolutely alone. But, Robert's greatest accomplishment was creating a two-story house from one, large, old redwood tree. The one that she resides in.

Her mother, Abby, was a simple housewife that would do the things a normal mother would do: cook, clean, wed, and raise children. Of course she loved to go to the market and buy some accessories: cooking wares, clothing, and furniture. She bought the curtains for me…just for me, Sally thought to herself.

Unbeknownst to Sally, an animal has entered her house while not causing any alarms. The animal tiptoed up Sally's staircase. Slithered past her parent's unoccupied bedroom. Hesitated to enter Sally's bedroom for a moment. Then slipped into the room. A hand landed on her shoulder. Before she could even make a scream, her mouth was muffled.

"Don't make a sound," a voice said.

Sally turned her head saw a young man with blue eyes and blonde hair. It was Ryan.

Sally gave an excited cry and wrapped her arms around Ryan. "Ryan! Thank God you are alright!"

Ryan, however, did not look relieved. Instead of recuperating with the hug, Ryan broke off the contact between him and Sally.

"Thank God!? Thank God for what Sally? Thank God for letting you leave me behind to be eaten?"

"I was looking for help," Sally countered, "I tried to look for another source of help that would protect the soldiers from being eaten. But, when I got back with help it was too late. I am sorry I did not get back in time to save them."

Ryan's expression did not change, it stayed mad. While, Sally tried to cheer him up.

Then Sally asked Ryan, "How did you find me?"

Ryan gave Sally a sarcastic look, "I saw you through your window."

Sally's eyes widened, "How?! My system was so extraordinary, none of those things have bolted into my home to eat me!"

"Oh, it was extraordinary alright. Extraordinary enough for a normal person to see the person who designed the 'system.' I saw your face through the window and I knew it was you."

Then the voice was heard again, "Help!"

"Let us forget about our quarrel for a moment," Ryan said, "Who is making that noise?"

Sally shrugged and said, "I do not know who the speaker is. Wherever the source is I do not know either. And, I do not care who is calling for our help. I only care about staying alive."

Ryan, ignoring Sally's complaint, peaked through her curtains. Looking out the window, Ryan saw about twenty creatures prowling the streets; none of them saw Ryan or Sally. But, he was paying attention to the buildings across the street. Catching a glance from each window, he concluded that the screamer was not in Sally's neighborhood.

"Help me!"

Then he spotted a strange structure that looked like a house, but it was huge. The house was two stories high like a regular house, but with a long width. It has two wings: the West Wing and the East Wing and they all contain different rooms. To Ryan, it looked like a castle is made out of sandstone.

"The cries are coming from that mansion," Ryan pointed out.

Sally rudely pushed Ryan away from the window and beheld what Ryan was pointing at. When she saw it she showed a surprised expression.

"That mansion?," asked Sally, "That palace belongs to Marie and her family. Are you sure it-"

"That is Marie's voice alright," Ryan interrupted, "I recognize that voice anywhere."

Sally gave Ryan a look, "Recognize that voice anywhere? At first you did-"

"Okay, forget about what I said! Even though I despise Marie, I do not want her to die. Even if she is the Devil's whore."

Before Ryan could leave Sally's side, Sally stood in front of him, preventing him from leaving her room.

"Ryan," Sally said, "If you go out there they will eat you alive."

"Sally, out of my way! We have to help her!"


Ryan gave her a look, "Cause we have too. We are Americans!"

"So what if we are Americans, what makes us very important?"

"We are Americans! We fought those lobsterbacks in the Battle of Yorktown. We fought bravely and once we won the battle we created the United States of America. Everyone worked together to form a more perfect union with the states. We freed people from tyranny and slavery. Sally, we are quite possibly the only country in the world that is free."

Sally was not impressed by Ryan's little speech.

"I will tell you the truth about, 'our nation.' The only reason we won the battle against Britain was with the help from France. We pleaded them to help us win the war. Before the Constitution was created, we made the Articles of Confederation. That document almost destroyed our nation due to the facts: we could not change the laws, our troops were not paid, and our government could not control the states. The states would often get into fights over issues, which could have led to bloodshed. Finally, we did not free any slaves! During the 'American Revolution' we promised the slaves, who fought for the Patriots, freedom but we never gave it to them. We just said, 'Uh, I do not know what you are talking about. We never promised you freedom.' That is what our nation is! A BIG Piece of SHIT!"

Ryan had a disgusted look on his face, he said, "I better rescue Marie, or those things will get her."

Sally did not do anything else; she just stared at him. Not showing any emotion her face. But, Ryan knew that underneath that face was pure hatred. And, Sally knew from that point on, that they would hate each other. He would probably want to marry Marie; Sally thought to herself, they were made for each other.

"Well," Ryan said, "I best be on my way then."

With his pistol in his pocket and his musket on his shoulder he left Sally's room; neither of them making a noise. Ryan had a sad look on his face when he was walking down Sally's creaking stairs. Then he opened her front door and shut it behind him.

Sally sat down on her chair and continued to stare at the walls in her room. Suddenly, she heard a scream that sounded like it came from a little girl. The front door bolted open and was hastily closed shut. A pair of running feet could be heard on the creaking staircase. Ryan dashed into Sally's bedroom with all the color missing from his face. Making his face look ghostly white.

"I am going to use the backdoor this time," he said to her.

To Be Continued….