The First Outbreak

Part 2

Truth time! This is what I believe to be called a closeted story, a story I had written a long time ago and did not bother to finish or update. It is tru I stopped doing part three years ago so this will just end as a cliffhanger. If you want a part three than either do it yourself or convince me


There was an alleyway behind Sally's house and it was vacated with no creature visible. Neither the living nor the living dead could be seen. Well…the reason why nothing can be seen in the alleyway is due to the fact that something, which is not visible, is trying to stay hidden. Basically, someone is hiding in a barrel. And, that someone is Ryan.

All right, I departed from Sa…that whore's house, Ryan thought to himself, now how the hell am I going to get to Marie's mansion in one piece? Walnut Street, the proudest street of Philadelphia, is now the rotting slum of Cannibal-delphia. Blood and debris covers the street soaking the dirt with their substances. Dead people are scouting the street looking through every nook and cranny for their next meal.

Ryan has a few options to get to the mansion. He could try to sneak past the creatures; there are different things in the street that he could hide behind or in. Wagons, barrels, wells, stands, and buildings could offer him cover. However, Ryan sees seven dead monsters scouting the streets and they're may be more. More than just one set of eyes is looking over everything that is happening in the street. If they search every space on the street, they would surly find Ryan regardless of where he hid. Another option is to place blood all over him to make it seem like he is one of the monsters and they might deduce him as one of them and leave him alone. But, Ryan does not know if that even works and if it does not work he will become the creatures' next meal. The last option is to just shoot every moving thing while running to the mansion. It means that whoever comes within inches of Ryan, while he is running, he will stab or shoot them with his rifle. But, the only problem is…Wait…there are no negative outcomes to this plan! Run Ryan Run!

Ryan leaped out of the barrel and began his fast journey towards the spoiled mansion. As he exited the alley an old man missing an arm saw him. The man roared at Ryan and ran towards him barring his teeth. Ryan, within a split second, remembered what Makgood did with the jumping teacher. He will repeat the exact technique the general did.

Ryan pointed his rifle at the creature. He closed his left eye and kept his right eye open. The monster was two yards in front of him. He aimed the barrel of the rifle at the head of the charging creature. His right eye was aligned with the barrel of the rifle. Then the next thing that Ryan knew bone and flesh exploded from the creature's face. The man collapsed on the bricks of the road falling backwards.

He was amazed that he killed something that was not game. He continued to look at the exploded head and watched the blood dry up within seconds. Ryan's trance was interrupted when everything that was walking, prowling, hunting, stalking, devouring, burping and farting roared to announce their acknowledgement of Ryan.

Feeling the stomps of a thousand feet on the ground, Ryan made a mad dash through Walnut Street. Out of every alleyway and house, creatures stormed eager to have a piece of Ryan's flesh in their meat eating mouths. As a once beautiful young woman charge at Ryan, the bayonet of Ryan's rifle protruded through the woman's head and the woman was no more. He quickly pulled the bayonet from the woman's head and continued his run to the mansion. He passed by South 21st Street, with many of those things running after Ryan. Then more creatures came out of the wood works to feast on Ryan. After feasting on their victims the monsters are still in need of more fresh flesh and it seems the only source of meat left in town is Ryan.

Ryan could feel the burn in his legs from the exercise he is giving them. If only I can chop my legs off and put two new legs on I could take the pain away, Ryan thought to himself. There are legs lying around on the ground that are not being used at the moment, Ryan might be able to attach them to him. However, looking at the lonely legs with blood all over them and shoes still attached made Ryan want to vomit. Plus he did not have the skill to attach them to his body. So, he has to bare the pain in order to get to his destination.

Back to Ryan's journey, our hero is still dashing through the Walnut hell, passing by South 20th Street. As he passed by the street he discovered that he is getting closer to the mansion. Catching sight of the mansion gave Ryan some hope. Hope that he will not die from being eaten alive by dead people. He just had to turn the corner at the next building and he will be looking at his haven. When he turned the corner his hopes were shattered from their foundation.

A gigantic iron fence was surrounding the mansion. The fence appears to be 15 feet high and has sharp spikes on top of each metal bar. The main purpose of the large gate and fence is to prevent anyone or anything from entering the compound, preventing Ryan from going to his sanctuary.

Ryan began to curse and bang against the gates to no avail. But his tantrum was interrupted when he heard the cries of cannibals coming closer to him. They are at least two hundred yards away from Ryan, and when he realized them he snapped back to reality. Ryan quickly scanned the fence exterior, and searched for any means to get over it. His heart began to pound against his hest as he heard the cannibals get closer to him. Looking back he now concluded that the freaks are a hundred yards behind him. Now he could feel sweat dripping on his forehead. Then his day began to brighten as he saw his primrose path. There was a wooden cart lying right next to the fence.

Not only is there a cart, but also two buckets were thrown on the ground with water and blood surrounding them. It could have been a water trolley used to transport water throughout town. The blood surrounding the wagon must indicate that the wagon was not left out by itself.

Seeing the wagon brought a big smile to his face. Ryan propped the wagon up against the fence, while the creatures were getting closer to him. The young man with haste stacked the two buckets on top of one another. Then as quickly as you can say "Yankee Doodle" Ryan climbed to the top of his creation. He griped the bars of the fence and then placed his right foot in between the bars. But before he could put his other foot in between the bars, something grabbed his left foot preventing him from continuing his climb.

It turns out there is a mob of monsters underneath Ryan, reaching up to him to tear him away from the wall to feast on him. The monster that has a hold on Ryan was a man wearing a soldier uniform with multiple bite marks his body. Ryan beginning to flail and kick to get away from the freak even if Ryan knew the man. With enough effort Ryan broke from the man's grasp and made one jump up the fence, which distances him from those creatures. The creatures, now desperate, wreck the makeshift ladder and tried to get closer to Ryan.

Ryan did not have to worry about the creatures climbing up to reach him, because it appeared that the monsters were having trouble grabbing onto the bars of the fence. When the creatures latched onto the fence the blood and guts on their hands caused them to slide down the fence. Which meant that Ryan would not have to worry about becoming a meal.

When he climbed to the top of the fence it was a whole other story. He was really high up and he does not want to fall and break any bones in his body. If he were to do so, then he would easily be a free appetizer. He will have to find a safer way to land on the ground without surely injuring himself.

He scanned the front yard of the mansion to see what is there. The gate entrance leads to a dirt pathway, which leads to the entrance to the mansion. The dirt pathway has a line of bushes covering the sides of it in a single file line. The rest of the compound is covered in grass.

"Are they kings or did they murder a king to get this place?"

Then Ryan spotted a small bush about ten feet away from him.

"Now I do not have to die," Ryan said to himself, "I cannot fit my head through the fence, meaning that those creeps will not eat me. There is a chance I can still make it!"

Then Ryan tightens his grip on the fence.

"This means that I am going to have to do a leap of faith."

Taking a deep breath Ryan closes his eyes. With all his might he swings his legs over the fence. He felt all his blood in his legs rush into his head as he lifts his legs up over his body. He releases his grip on the fence. Gravity pulls him down over the fence. As gravity pulls him down a spike snags on to the bottom of his pants. As gravity pulls him down he heard fabric ripping. That was painfully embarrassing for him. But what was the most painful was the bush itself.

After Ryan landed in the bush, he discovered that he landed not in a bush but a pile of dead branches. And, all of the branches have thorns, which made Ryan's landing an uncomfortable one. There was a high pitch scream that sounded like it came from a little girl. To Ryan it felt like little daggers were digging into his body and burning his skin. His scream was cut short when a monster grabbed Ryan's collar and proceeded to drag Ryan closer to the fence.

Ryan struggled to break free from the creature's grasp, but the creature was so strong that he could not. If he gets closer to the fence then all the other arms will grab him and tear him to pieces. Then very quickly he grabs a thorn branch and yells, "Eat dead branch you carnivore demon!" Then he begins to whack at the monster's arm, but the creature cannot feel anything, not even the pain from the branch.

Ryan was able to crank his head around to discover that the creature that has a hold of him. It was the soldier that tore apart his makeshift ladder. This man is very persistent, Ryan thought to himself. Ryan tossed the branch aside and elbowed the creature's arm. Ryan could hear bones breaking as if they were dried up sticks. After that happened, the man's arm became limp and its grip loosened his grasp on Ryan. When Ryan could no longer feel the soldier's grasp on him he dashed away from the monsters.

When he was sure he was out of the monsters' reach he begins to look for his weapon: his rifle. When he fell from the fence, his musket fell off his shoulder. Now he feels naked without the one weapon that could defend him from harm. Since he first landed in the pile of branches he decides to look there first. However he has to be careful to go near the pile because a creature could simple reach out and eat him whole. So he decided to creep towards the pile, really slowly.

As Ryan got closer to the pile of branches, the creatures became even more aggressive. There was more screaming as well as more arms reaching out. They all want to eat. While Ryan could feel the sweat on his face and his legs began to shake, he still presses on. All those biting teeth, biting and eating and biting. It shakes every bone in our hero's body whenever he thinks of those creatures eating him.

Then his day brightened up when he found his trusty musket sticking out of the pile. The musket is parallel to the fence and only the wooden handle is poking out of the dreaded pile. However, it means that Ryan has to get closer to the horde with their arms reaching out trying to grab their prey. Since the fence is preventing the predators from feasting on him and they cannot advance towards him. So with a positive attitude he walks towards his needle in the haystack grasped it and pulled it out.

It was not his musket. It was not his trusty weapon. It was not even a cannon. It was a shovel. A shovel with a rusted spade held together by the same color of wood his musket is in. The shovel was holding a brown mound on the spade and was releasing a horrible smell. It had a pungent smell that would make eyes water. People, like Ryan, would be disgusted to smell the scent of the mound. Ryan yelled, "Oh God it smells like a cow's ass!" Without even thinking Ryan flunked the shovel towards the dead soldier. The next thing he knows, a headless body covered with brown fell on the ground.

Ryan became frustrated that he did not find his musket so he began to pound his feet in the dirt. Then something caught his eyes, through the horde he caught a glint of something. He stopped pounding his feet and looked closer at the glint. There was a moment of shock in his eyes, the moment was quick, and was replaced by grief. His musket did not follow him into the grounds. Now, it is being stepped on by non-caring monsters.

"Damn it! First I have a cut on my pants and now I have no weapon to defend myself. What could be next?"

"Someone please help!"

That sound made Ryan less concerned about his musket and more concerned for Marie. So with a sigh Ryan raced towards the mansion. However, he was not prepared for what was in the mansion. He saw something that brought him quaking in his boots. Something horrible. Something a man would be scared about. Something he has never seen before. He should have seen the handwriting on the walls before he entered the big, magnificent, and expensive mansion. Because, he saw big, magnificent, and expensive…objects!

When Ryan opened the front door he gazed into the most beautiful hallway he has ever seen. As a child, growing up in England, he was taken to castles to see the hallways of kings and queens on a day-to-day basis. He saw decorations and furniture that would make him envy those rich pigs. His mother even wished that she could simply draw it on a piece of paper and it would come to life and be hers. This hallway must belong to a monarch; there is no way a regular rich person could have all of this.

Instead of walls being made of wooden planks, the walls were dead white; they did not show any signs of a seam. It was just a plain plank rough texture. There is priceless works of art on the walls instead of antlers, dead animals, or complete nakedness. Instead of dull naked wooden floors, the floors were dressed in rugs that looked like they came from around the world. Plus, there were weird wooden planks that traveled from wall to wall. These planks could be found on the top and bottom of every wall. They each looked like there was a design that was carved onto it to make it stand out from the walls. Ryan did not have any of these things in his house.

Then Marie yells, "Someone please help!"

When Marie screamed for help Ryan was brought back into reality. With a deep breath, Ryan closed his eyes and dashed down the hallway. He did not know that the hallway would abruptly end. He opened his eyes and discovered that the hallway lead to another hallway. Covering the bump on his head, he ran down the hallway and dashed up the staircase.


As Ryan went up to the second story hallway, he searched frantically for Marie. There was no sign of Marie in the hallway, but he did discover that one of the doors was wide open. That meant it might belong to Marie, Ryan thought to himself. Ryan ran into the room and as he expected Marie was standing in the room.

Behind Marie, was an opened wardrobe packed with expensive looking clothes. The wardrobe stood between two windows. Then to Marie's right on her bed, there were red and yellow dresses on top of it.

"What happened?" asked Ryan, "Did you get bitten?" Remembering what happened to Joseph.

"No, I do not know which dress to wear!"

Ryan eyes widened and then his mouth popped open. One of his eyes began to twitch. Suddenly Ryan clutches his eyes shut and yells, "DAMN IT WOMAN!"

Marie's eyes widened for a few seconds and then she said, "That is not a nice-"

"You made me run through a Hell hole so I can come to your damn mansion and help you pick out a dress?" Ryan interrupted her.

"Times like these require for desperate measures. I need to figure out the perfect dress for my party. And I have no one to help me so yes I require your assistance," said Marie, "Where the hell are the servants anyway?"

You do realize we are under attack by dead people."

"Who cares, it is none of my concern."

Then Marie grabs the two dresses and asks, "What do you think? Yellow or red?"

Ryan just stood there, his body in shock and unresponsive. Then he felt so angry he could begin start acting like a big grubby bear and eat his first victim. In his head, Ryan imagines himself walking up to Marie, breaking her nose and pushing her out on of her window. Then Ryan realized that yelling at Marie is not the right way. If he yells at Marie she will force him out of her property and then those creatures will feast on his flesh. Thinking about what his father says, "When the hunter is stalking his prey, he must not be hot headed. He must be as calm as a sleeping bear in order to walk on his primrose path of success." Ryan instead held all his anger inside and acted calmly towards her.

He responded, "That is fine. I just came here to see how-"

"Which one?"


"The dress you stupid bastard!"


"I will wear the red one."

Ryan rolled his eyes and said, "Your choice."

Ryan walks past Marie and looked out one of her windows. He scanned the grounds to see if there were any of those things invading Marie's fence. So far he has seen that there were no creatures on the property. The fence must be the most durable fence I have ever seen, Ryan thought to himself.

"Do you mind?"

Ryan remembered that Marie was still in the room.

"Oh," Ryan said, "Forgive me."

Ryan exited the room, but was surprised to have Marie following him out. He was about to ask her what she was doing until she yells, "Abigail! Dress!"

Marie and Ryan waited for Abigail to show up and start work duty. But, a minute later, she never showed up. Ryan became curious over why the servant girl never showed up to serve her master. While, Marie is impatient for Abigail's uncooperativeness.



"Abigail, come here or you will be looking for a job!"


"Where is that girl?"

"Did the dog eat her?"

Then time stopped. Ryan just remembered why he is here. As quickly as he can, he grabs Marie and turns her to him.

"Where was the last time you saw Abigail!?" cried Ryan.

"Why do you ask?"

"Damn it Marie! Abigail might be a walking corpse! She could dash in here any minute now and kill us! Now tell me where she is!"

When she saw the fear in Ryan's eyes Marie became confused. She has never seen anyone act the way Ryan did. He is acting like a deer that is frozen after spotting a predator. Afraid of the unknown.

Putting her confusion aside she answered, "Well, I ordered her to put on my morning dress on me. Then I traveled through town on my carriage to invite people to my tea party-you are still invited anyway. When I got back from my announcements I ordered her to close all the windows; there was a commotion outside and it disturbed my ears. And…that is all I can remember."

"Well Abigail must have done something after that! Please, think!"

"Do not rush me!"

Marie became deep in thought for a few moments. Suddenly her face brightens up.

"Oh, I remember now," cried Marie, "After I arrived into my bedroom, my other servant asked for assistance."

Marie pointed down to the stairs, "So Abigail walked down those stairs."

Ryan patted Marie's back and said, "That will do girl. That will do."

Marie nodded and said, "I am one of the smartest woman in the whole town. You can trus-"

"Marie," interrupted Ryan, "Stop bragging and tell me where that girl went."

Marie gave Ryan a dirty look and replied, "Then I heard the back door open and slam shut."

Ryan was relived and replied, "Alright, can you show me where the door is?"

"What am I an escort?" asked Marie. Marie sighed and replied, "Follow me."

Ryan followed Marie down the staircase. Then Marie lead Ryan down another hallway and along the way they passed by a large room. This room had rows of long tables and they were all covered by expensive looking chinaware. This was going to be the place where the party was supposed to be, Ryan thought to himself. I guess Marie still thinks that the party will continue as planned.

"Wait!" Marie cried. Marie and Ryan stopped in front of the entrance to the dining room.

Ryan was puzzled and asked, "Why did we stop?"

"That is very strange."

"What do you mean?"

Marie walked into the dining room and went to one end of the table. It turns out there were plates that had food on them. There were a total of five covered plates and five teacups filled to the rim. Two of them were coffee; Ryan could tell cause they were still steaming.

"My family was here a few minutes ago," Marie said.

"Well, when was the last time you saw your family?"

Who is Marie's family you might ask yourselves. Well, Marie comes from a family of spoiled riches. Her father, Francis, was a wealthy merchant who came all the way from Great Britain to the Thirteen Colonies to buy the bounties of land. His father and his father were merchantmen. They traded with the poor, fishermen, actors, farmers, archeologists, middle class men, nobles, and even a few monarchs. That was how they got their fortune. But, the Adalric family got their fortune from something else. After the Patriots won the war, they found some documents. The documents were found at a Yorktown mansion that stated that the Adalric were selling arms to the Loyalists. When the Patriots discovered what the Adalrics were doing they were furious. They would have marched into the mansion and stabbed Francis' head on a spike and have a parade with the leader using the spike.

"That is actually what I want to know," said Marie, "The last time I saw them was in this very room eating breakfast. I told them that I was going to use a carriage to tell people about my party. Did I mention that you are still invited over to the party? Anyhow, I got back here and I said good day to my family- I kind of yelled it to them- and I went to my bedroom with Abigail."

"So, you did not see or hear your family say good day?"

"…You are right."

"That is very strange"

Then Ryan's eyes widened. "Wait! Someone had to drive you around town, right?"

"Oh, right my carriage driver. I do not know where he is either."

Ryan placed his hand on her shoulders and said; "We will find your man later. But, we need to find Abigail…and make sure she is…pure."

Marie nodded and said, "Yes. What do you mean 'pure'?"

"Never mind!"

The door to the back of the mansion opened slowly as if the door was rigged with a trap. As the creaking door slowly opens a young woman stormed out of the house. A man ran after the woman, tailing behind her and calling her name.

"Marie! What the hell are you doing?" Ryan cried out.

Then Marie begins to call out Abigail's name. "Abigail!" cries Marie, "Where are you?"

Then abruptly a voice cried out, "My lady!"

Ryan and Marie heard the voice at the same exact time. Meaning it was not Marie's self-centered ego speaking to her.

Ryan then yells back, "Abigail?"

"Yes! I am in here! And who is that?"

Marie then pointed in the middle of the yard and says to Ryan, "There she is!"

Marie is not pointing at Abigail per say. She was pointing at a small structure surrounded by a tiny wooden fence. Straw and handful of feathers surrounded the structure. As one gets closer to the structure they could hear some clucking.

Ryan ran past Marie, minding the fetuses on the ground, towards the structure. As he gets closer to the structure he notices that the entrance is sealed shut. But, that thought was pushed out of his mind when he noticed a face peeking through the window. When Ryan arrived at the window he sees the woman that he and the nagging woman are after. This woman is around Ryan's age and had brown hair like a chestnut. She wore an apron over her chocolate colored work dress.

He notices another individual hiding in the shadows. The shadow is shaped like a man because there were no breasts to be seen. He did not have enough time to get a good look at the man, for Marie pushed him aside. Marie was relieved to finally find Abigail, but for another reason.

"Abigail," Marie said, "Why the hell are you doing in the hen house?"

"My la-"

Before Abigail could utter a word, the shadow pushed her aside and took her place by the window. The shadow revealed he to be an old man. This man had albino white hair with lines all over his face detailing his age. He wore a black vest covering his long sleeved shirt and black pants. This man was trembling violently for some reason.

"Martin?" Marie asked, "What are you two doing?"

Then Marie's widened and whispers to him, "It is okay you two could get back to your…um…coupling. But, I hope my father-"

"Is it still out there?"

After Martin's interruption, Marie and Ryan both asked, "What is out there?"

"It…it is…Steven," Martin answered.

Ryan then asked, "Who is Steven?"

"He is my carriage driver," answered Marie, "Why are you talking about Steven anyway?"


"Stop your babbling you old man! Now, can you please tell me what is going on here?"

Abigail remained silent and the only action that Martin did was point. Ryan and Marie looked towards the direction of the pointer and gasped.

There was a creature lying on its side. There were multiple bite wounds on the legs that were still oozing blood. Her chest was torn open with her guts protruding out of her body. Most of the organs appear to be missing from her body, but the large utter and the bladder was left behind. Her eyes were still open and even though they were dead one could still see the fear in them.

Ryan was so disgusted by the scene that he had to walk away and expel all the contents in his stomach. Marie did not have to; she had skipped breakfast.

"What is going on here?"

Martin and Abigail remained quiet. Abigail began to violently tremble like Martin.

"You tell me what is going on right now!"

Martin only uttered one word, "Be…behind."

Marie freezes every movement in her body. She slowly turns around and her eyes widen. She choked back a scream for she was looking at her carriage driver.

Steven was covered in blood and his eyes looked like they were made of snow. Then, without any warning, Steven tackles Marie to the ground. She begins screaming as Steven tries to chomp at her. Her kicking and hitting had no effect on him due to the fact of not feeling anything. Before the monster could taste her precious flesh, a deep kick in the head caused the thing to roll off of her. Then the next thing that happens is a pitchfork penetrated the creature's head causing it to die like the cow.

Ryan pulled the pitchfork out of the man's head and spits on the creature. But, the silence was broken by a sudden thud. As the thud occurred, Abigail and Martin stormed out of the hen house to attend to the fallen beauty. The hens decided to take advantage of the opportunity and have some pieces of the cow. While others were laughing at them that the fallen bitch was lying on their own poop.

As Marie was laying on the ground Ryan whispered to her, "Welcome to Hell."

To Be Continued….