"Hello there I don't have much time but your world is in danger. Please find somewhere to hide before they get there, to your planet. They are monsters, creatures of darkness. At first they had no name, no motive, and no reason to attack. But now we see they now have names we call them the shadows, there motive is to now wipe us from history, but there reasons are still unknown. You will have only one year till they get to earth, hide while you can. In one years' time don't make contact with anyone acting strange or else you will become one of (static)."

Chapter 1

The Desert

That was a recording that played 2 years ago. That idiot thought the people of earth would listen to him. They brushed it off as someone playing a prank on them. Nick Void thought this while listening to the recording. Nick stopped the recording on his right arm. Nick looked out into the desert rocks and boulders everywhere. "I don't see how humans can be out here there is nothing. I just don't understand how the Shadow Hunters can't find them."

Nick had the strangest feeling that he was being watched; he turned around and saw two humans. One was pointing a sniping rifle at him at 800 meters away. As soon as Nick saw the two humans he tried to duck and run but a bullet hit him in his left shoulder, he went down behind the large rock he was standing on. As he sat there he knew if he tried to run the next bullet won't leave him with just a wound but he would be dead.

"Well that answers that, humans are in the desert. Now how do I get away from them?" Nick tried to figure out a way but nothing came to mind. He couldn't run or he'll be shot, he couldn't stay or he'll be shot and/or interrogated. Well staying has a better chance at survival so he stayed put.


5 Minutes Ago 8oo Meters Away


Just overlooking a bluff two young men were staring into the distance. "Hey look Daniel I think I see someone." a tall man whispered "look over there." "Really? Is it a Shadow or human, Jack?" Daniel whispered back. Jack took his sniper rifle and pointed in the direction of the man he saw. "I don't know. I got to see its eyes you know that." As Jack looked at the man through his scope the man turned and seemed to look directly at him. He saw that this man was no longer human but a Shadow with one biotic eye. "It's a Shadow" Jack said as he took aim at and fired.

Jack saw the Shadow duck behind the rock and cursed. "Did you get him Jack?" Daniel asked with hast as jack fired. "I got him, but it's not quite died. I got him in the shoulder." Jack replied with disgust as he prepared for another shot "Get over there before he pulls a gun and calls back up or something." Daniel agreed and rushed over to the rock in which the Shadow was behind. 'I sure hope that Shadow ain't a Hunter'.

Daniel ran towards the rocks where the Shadow was hiding, While Jack kept his rifle pointed at the rocks where the Shadow was hoping for another shot at it.


Nick looked from behind the rock to see a heavily built human running towards the rock that he was hiding behind. 'Great just what I need a human on steroids (even though I don't know where they're getting them) and a lanky sniper wannabe.' As the human came closer to his hiding spot he readied himself for hand-to-hand combat knowing if he tried to shot the human tank at the distance he was the sniper would get him so he needed that human close as a shield.

The human was getting closer and as the human reached the rock he quickly went for a jab to his face careful not to topple the human over so he won't get shot by his friend. The human recovered quickly and tried making a jab at him, key word tried, Nick evaded all of the humans punches but still kept him in front of the sniper.