Witches, wizards, warlocks, trolls, gjosts, phantoms, and elves.

All of these are fictional creature, people may say.

They tell you "They're not real."

Maybe not to them but to you they are reality

Long ago people were punished for being "witches."

Now people are looked down on for believing creatures are real.

In a way nothing has changed

Your imagination and innocence seems to be frowned upon

Your love for the written word something to be scorned

Remember the days when you could run around with no worry?

When no one told you "It's not real?"

People always complain that kids grow up too fast.

When they cause the kids to grow faster.

Remember when you went outside and had your own little world?

When pressure was just something the air had?

Don't you wish for those days?

Don't you think imagination should be looked up to

Not frowned on?

Maybe you and I do but the sad truth is we're just a few people

Imagination shouldn't be taken away as you grow up it should just change and not be tucked away.