Looking in the mirror at myself, and I can't suppress a shiver of disgust. I know that what I do to my body is wrong, but I can't help it. It's literally like food is calling my name and it's as seductive as a sirens song. People look at me and say I'm not fat and I can't possibly be addicted to food because I still look good.

But when I look in the mirror, I see a girl whose waistline is getting thicker and thicker all because of my grotesque lack of self-restraint. And I hate what the mirror shows me, even though I love it because it's the only one that doesn't lie to me.


My name is so ordinary, so plain even though it fits me; kind of ironic when I think about it really. I mean I melt right into the background. I suppose that's why I have books. In them I get to save the day, to be the hero.

People laugh at me when I start living my fantasy worlds in real life, but the thing is I'm okay with it. They can laugh at me because I'm not friends with them. I'm friends with books because they don't laugh at me; they encourage me to dream. So I spend all my time with them and I'm happy. So people can laugh at me and judge me, but all the while I'll be doing the same, because I'm happy with my books while they spend all their lives searching for happiness. Kind of funny when the tables turn, huh?


I love being a know it all; I love showing people up and sneering at their general stupidity. I love that I have the ability to do it. After all those years of being picked on because I'm smart, I finally get to poetic justice; what was once considered a weakness is now my strength.

I am the person that will succeed. I'm ruthless, persistent, sneaky and clever. I've become immune to others taunts of being teacher's pet, because when they're looking for a job and I turn out to be their employer, I'll have the power then. But my parents are worried about me, their little angelic princess, so they sent me to this group for being addicted to power. Whatever I'll do what they want, even though it's a waste of time.

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