Tony grunted, pushing his weight back onto his feet. The aggression from the feminine shove was enough to knock him back, which surprised him. No one has ever… fought back before. Not from the Tone.

The girl clutched her purse to her side, darting around the corner of the alley. Tony chased after her, determined to claim what he assumed was rightfully his.

"Come on, baby; don't be like that…" He called out to the darkened streets, "We jus' wanna have a good time, yeah?"

Tony heard crunching of glass around the corner and a muffled squeak. He smirked and quickly caught up to the source before it skittered away, pinning her against the damp brick.

"You're sho' hard to please, ain't cha?" He breathed, his Cheshire-cat smile centimeters close to her face. She shrunk away, pushing her cheek against the alley wall. He felt around his pocket, and then pulled out his pocket knife, nudging the tip dangerously on her throat. If she wasn't willing, that was fine. Tony always got what he wanted.

"Maybe this'll change your mind."

The girl's eyes widened at the sight of the small blade, shuddering in fear when the metal touched her skin. Tony chuckled, subconsciously twisting the blade so that it would shine, and shine it did. Her eyes watered with salty tears as a tiny trickle of blood dripped down her neck, and they glimmered from the light.

Tony slowly ran his hand down her shoulder and around her hips, looping a finger into the hem of her jeans and pulling her close. The girl whimpered and tried to move away from him, but he just gripped the denim tighter. "Don't even be thinkin' about runnin'," He growled into her ear. Pulling back a little bit, he finally got a real good look at her. Hips that curved like an hourglass, long brown hair and long, smooth legs. Suddenly, his pants felt a little too small for him. Tony grumbled, he getting impatient. He grabbed her hip again, pulling her in.

But, something caught his eye. The girl's eyes weren't shining from his knife any more. Something like… a glint?

"Hey." The girl spoke, her voice changed from the mouse she was earlier. Caught off guard, Tony paused for a bit, somewhat surprised from the tone she was using. "…Hey," She repeated.


The girl smiled, her grin somewhat unnatural. "What's your middle name?"

Tony was stunned. "Uh…" But before he could reply, a rock crashed hard into his nuts. Tony screamed; dropping the knife as his legs gave way to the blinding pain that overtook him, crumpling onto the muddy pavement. He heard sneakers slowly padding away, pausing, then gone.

When he finally was able to recover, he crawled over a few feet where his knife was, picking it up and leaning against the wall. Breathing shakily, he folded it shut and leaned his head back; another wave of pain washing over his legs. It wasn't long before his thoughts kicked in, mulling over what he had just done. It wasn't really right… but she was asking for it anyways, the way she was shaking those hips at the club.

Still, though… Tony thought.

…After sitting there in the mud for a while, Tony thought he should pick up the pieces of his broken pride and just move on. He would be a better man for this. Shuffling against the dumpster, he heaved himself up; testing out his legs, then limping out to the sidewalk. Putting his hands into his pockets, Tony trudged on home.

…That's when he noticed his wallet was missing.

Taking her broken glasses out of her jacket pocket, Marcia grumbled at the thought of how much it would cost to repair them. But then again, she did have some extra cash on hand now. Putting her hand back into her pocket, she felt the smooth leather brush against her palm as she walked. She couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"Dumbass," She said out loud; shaking her head, "Falling for that old line…"