Playing cat's in the cradle

But she's all alone

Looks out to the past

Says "Daddy when ya

Coming home"

He's been gone for

A while and the house

Just aint a home.

If he aint careful

He'll be gone to long

When he gets back

His baby girl will

Be grown.

She hears his voice

The soft gentle tone

Singing 'bout a place

Where she won't be alone

She can see's his eyes

Feel the touch of his

Big hand

As he bends down and

Says "Daddy's got to go


Be a good girl,

Baby, don't cry

Be strong, you stay

Here, look after

Your Mom.

I promise I

Won't be gone

To long."

She looks to her

Window, he should

Be here soon,

So one more song

About the cow and

The moon,

Sweet little girl

And her lullaby

She promised her

Daddy she wasn't guna


Some strange man

In a black strait suit

Came up and sat on

The stoop,

He said words

She didn't understand,

But someone told her

Daddy can't come

Home again.

But that can't be

No, that's all wrong

Daddy promised

He wouldn't be

Gone to long.

Sweet little girl

In her Sunday best

Sitting real quiet

While they lay

Him to rest,

Playing cats in the cradle

But she's all alone

She's looking back now

Because daddy promised

He wouldn't be gone to long.