Episode Four

*cue theme song*

Setting:CCHS Library computer alcove

Brooke Aruba sits at a computer in the computer alcove staring at a computer screen, trying to figure out how to use her new Twitter account

Brooke: What on Earth is a Hashtag?!

Bravid: Hey Brooke

Brooke: Hey Bravid (smiles up at him)

Bravid: Watcha doin? (sits down at computer beside her)

Brooke: Reading tweets...when I should be working

Bravid: I see.

Brooke: Oh, look at this one (reading tweet) "your past is your greatest achievement"...wait, what?

Bravid: Remember when I asked you out?

Brooke: hmm

Brooke and Bravid look dramatically off into the distance


Brooke hums to herself while putting books in her locker (oddly enough the song she's humming is the show's theme music) Jakob walks down the hall towards her.

Jakob: Oh, hey Brooke! Convenient meeting you here...can I ask you something?

Brooke: Oh, um sure go ahead...

Jakob: Well, I was wonderin' if maybe this week-

Bravid: Hey Brooke! (Bravid yells from down the hall at his locker)

Brooke and Jakob watch him walk up

Brooke: Hi-Hello Bravid...Hi!

Bravid: Hi

Jakob: (looks from Brooke to Bravid) So anyways...I was wonderin'-

Bravid: Are you free this weekend Brooke?

Jakob: HEY! I was gonna ask her that!

Brooke and Bravid ignore him

Bravid: So, are you free?

Brooke: Yes, yes I am

Bravid: Cool, catch you later

Bravid saunters off; Jakob and Brooke watch him go...

Brooke: Well! I certainly wasn't expecting that!

Brooke smiles at Jakob

Brooke: Oh, I'm sorry what were you gonna say?

Jakob sinks to the ground


Brooke gives him a confused look

Brooke: Oh my gosh Jakob...that's all you had to say? Pht! Now I'm late for class (looks at non-existent watch on wrist) You make no sense...WHATSOEVER!

Brooke flips hair and walks off...Jakob still on the floor, watches her go while wiping a tear from his eye

*End Flashback*

Brooke: (nodding) Jakob did NOT take that well...

Bravid: I've seen the way he looks at you, he still hasn't gotten over that day...he's got it bad for you.

Brooke: (punches his arm) You jealous?

Bravid: (shakes head "no") Yes

Brooke: Don't worry, you won't find me two-timing you, I'm loyal to the end

In her excitement, Brooke jumps up from chair and pumps her fist into the air

Bravid: (laughing at her display) How'd you two meet anyway?

Brooke looks off into the distance...dramatically


Mrs. Newson: All right, listen up! These are your partners...

Younger looking Brooke grabs the arms of the two girls on either side of her

Brooke: (whispering while Mrs. Newson calls off names) Oh no...She's the one picking partners? Ugh! I hope I don't get paired up with two guys...that would be awkward...

Mrs. Newson: Jakob...Larry...and BROOKE!

Brooke facepalms

*End Flashback*

Brooke shudders

Brooke: Drama class. Mrs. Newson. Scapegoat. Larry sick. Jakob and me forced to bond. The end.

Bravid: Oh, cool...I guess?

Brooke: ...And that's just the condensed version of what seemed to be the longest month of my life.

Jakob walks into Library and sits at the computer on the other side of Brooke, Brooke and Bravid stare.

Brooke: awkward...

-Break to commercial-

-Back from commercial-

*cue shorter theme song!*

Setting: a random main street/hill

NOTE: This event takes place the summer before the exchange in episode 1 between Brittany and Christian…

Brittany and older sister, Angela, walk down a street, coming home from pool

Brittany: OhMaGosh! Its soooo hot!

Angela: Yeah, with two t's

Brittany: 'Cause its soooo hott!

They continue walking a little ways...

Angela: Hey, look at that Britt...

Points across street to a group of boys

Brittany: What? Where? What are you pointing at? Oh Gosh...is that who I think that is?!

Angela nods head solemnly

Brittany: (hysterically) RLC! RLC! ANGELA! ITS RLC!

Brittany starts jumping up and down

Angela: Britt stop...their looking this way (shields face from view)

Brittany: Gah! (shields face too)

Angela: He looks hot...

Brittany: You mean hott

Angela: No, Britt I really mean the sweating kind of hot.

Brittany: Oh… Is he still looking?

Angela: no...What is he wearing? No wonder he's so hot.

Brittany: He is, isn't he?

Angela: Maybe a little...

Brittany: we should go...

Angela: ...

Brittany: what?

Angela: You should say hi...

Brittany: WHAT! No! I can't?

Angela: Oh, but couldn't you? (gives Brittany a mischievous glance)

Brittany: ...

Angela: ...Yolo...

Brittany: What was that?

Angela: yollllllllllo

Brittany: *sighs* Alright, alright! You don't have to shout!

Brittany runs across the street, missing the cross walk by a mile...come to think of it she didn't look both ways either!

Brittany taps Christian Dreamer (RLC) on the shoulder

Brittany: Uh...er...excuse me.

Christian turns around

Christian: Huh?

Brittany: Uh...er...ah...high-five?

Christian: What? Oh, uh sure...

They connect hands

Brittany: (dazed) Thanks...

One of the guys standing with Christian, the one on the left, gives Brittany a confused look

Guy: Why a high-five?

Brittany: Well why not?

Guy: ...

Christian: ...

Brittany: ...I mean its Christian Dreamer!

Guy: ...

Brittany: Ever so larger than life! (gestures how large with her hands)

Christian: ...

Guy #2: ...right...

Brittany: Gotta go!

Brittany runs across street again and stands beside with Angela, they high-five

Angela: Let's go!

They walk off in the opposite direction, across the street Christian watches them go

Christian: Whoa...did that really happen

Guy: Sure did... (claps hand on Christian's shoulder) Do you think she has any friends?

Christian: I don't know…but she was kinda hott… I wonder what school she goes to?

Guy: Good luck with that…