At night he comes to me

His monstrous face


In shadows he hides

The hideous beast I see

In darkness he resides

He's out to capture me,

He wants my mind,

This phantom of my


Is real

You will find.

He waits patently

For dark to come

He sits in silence

For sleep to dawn

This phantom of my


Has clearly won.

He sounds so sweet


Singing lullabies


Dreams to me

Softly in my ear

Of those I hold

So dear.

But then his poison

Takes root,

And by then I'm

Totally subdued

Helpless I might seem

To escape this

Horrid dream.

This phantom of my


You will find

Is after my mind.

Though he may

Seem unreal

Just way until

You're laying still

Treasure every moment

You've had

Laying safely in

Your bed,

The place you've

Rested your

Weary head,

He'll creep in

And stow away

See your mind

Is a toy to

Amuse his play

This dark


This evil being

Leaves you

Screaming and


You're his puppets

On a string,

He's out for your

Mind, you see

Soon you will find

The phantom of my


Is there,

Inside your mind.