Miranda's Adventure IV:
The Dark Day in Argos

Chapter 1
Friendly Reunion

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Another typical morning in Argos, a small village in England, as the hero of Argos, Miranda Maynard, was busy on a routine duty, as she always does.


Of course, danger is low, and she does what she does best – laze around.

She yawned, as she was sleeping, "Give me a kipper… Someone play around the kittle and fish…"

Even in her sleep, she speaks in British banter.

If you recall, Miranda Maynard was the hero of Argos, following her sister's death. As time went on, she befriended Kenji Harima, a Japanese boy who first met the heroine, during a skirmish involving a knight. After befriending each other, Miranda went to Japan and met some of his friends, who later became allies to her party. Of course, times have changed and Harima never heard from her, lately.
Since then, Harima had been engaged with Eri Sawachika, a classmate he met and befriended, negatively. She was involved in Miranda's visit to Yagami, after a huge skirmish involving Meiko the Sorceress's spirit, trying to end Miranda's life.
Months had passed, since the debacle, and Miranda was happier to have new friends. However… there was a turn for the worst.

Miranda got up and yawned, "Man… What time is it?"

She was in her blue pajamas and messy long brown hair, groaning to get up. She got out of bed and staggered to the kitchen, hoping for breakfast.

She moaned, "What a day. It's too boring… if you ask me. I just wonder what the others are up to."

She got to the kitchen, as her daughter, Emily, was fixing her breakfast. She was in her long light brown hair and in her purple dress. She called, "Good morning, Mommy!"

Miranda slammed her head on the table and moaned, "Morning, Emily…"

She gave her a cup of coffee and asked, "Tough day at the café?"

Miranda groaned, "I know… And not once I have drunk today. I don't want to fail a drug test."

Emily sighed, "Mommy."

"What? I gotta stay with the economy in this house!"

"Of course. If we'd gone on poverty, we'd be ignored."

She then held up her backpack and said, "At the very least, it's good to keep up with the times we have, which is why I have been in the education rank."

Emily smiled, "I'm gonna be going to school. You have a good day at work."

Miranda smiled, but let out a yawn, and fell asleep again. Emily groaned, "Oh, mother…"


Meanwhile, in Norris, the home of Erika Avery, Kandy Potter, the robot hero of Argos, was motionless, while being plugged in. She had long white hair, a blue baby-t, a brown skirt, and gold-plated legs. A woman with long blonde hair, a blue vest, eyes, and skirt, and black boots, appeared by the doorway, holding up a letter from Japan. She went to visit Kandy, but saw her frozen and motionless.

"Why is she like a mannequin?" She thought.

She replied, "Oh, right. I forget that she's an android."

Kandy's eyes turned amber and started moving again. She sighed in joy, "Fully charged."

Erika grinned, "Good morning, robot."

"Miss Erika! What a surprise."

She gave her the letter and said, "Can you read this for me? I got it from someone we know."

Kandy read the letter… but it was in Japanese. She pouted, "Aw, man! I wish I could read this language."

Erika sighed, "I knew it. Out of all of us, we cannot read the native language that Whiskers is from."

Kandy snorted, "Phooey! I can handle any language, just not this chicken scratch!"

Kandy gasped, "Wait! It's from Mister Harima?"

Erika said, "I think so. Sadly, we have no idea what or why."

Kandy replied, "Hmm, you think we know someone who can speak this language?"

"I think Haruna. Loudmouth's Asian. So, I think we should ask her."

"Well, she's back at Miranda's village. I hope she is okay, after the whole problem with Yagami."

"Hopefully. You want a ride there?"

"Sure. It'll be nice to return to the village."

They left the house, as they were outside, looking for Nick Haskett, who was in his black Rolls Royce, which was a bit dented up.

Kandy giggled, "Oh, how quaint, Miss Erika. I never have ridden on these cars."

Erika sighed, "What can I say? Since he had a driver's license, he got some vehicles."

Nick called, "Hey! You ready to go?"

Kandy pranced off, as Erika sighed, "Maybe we'll shed some light…"

Erika growled, "Stop running around, or you'd lose your energy."

She snapped, "Nonsense! I am able to handle jovial routines."

Nick stated, "At the least, you have been very stern and flexible."

Kandy blushed, as she got in, "It's a gift…"


That afternoon, Miranda, who was still tired, got up and headed to her part-time job. Haruna Hiyashi, a woman with black hair and braids, wearing her Chinese attire with the symbol "Tora" (虎) on the back, walked by and called, "Hey, Maynard!"

Miranda waved, "Hey. No time to talk. Late for work."

Haruna giggled, as she approached her, "Listen, I know you haven't been yourself, but you should know that Emily has improved."

She sat down, as Miranda was by the door. She then said, "I overheard from Erika that you nearly died. I felt awful about it."

Miranda nodded, "Tis true. But, verily, I haven't given up life, yet."

Haruna said, "I see. Emily would be heartbroken, if you did. How was that Harima fellow?"

Miranda said, "He's fine. I wish to see him again, but not on this boring day. I just wish something came up."

She whispered, as she entered the café, "Now, if you'll excuse me…"

Haruna smirked, as she went back to her home. She then thought, "After the whole Sorceress situation is now gone forever, there's still the matter of Krauser. I wish I could get my hands on him, likewise Maynard."

Erika, Kandy, and Nick arrived, as they saw Haruna, leaving to her house, blocks from Miranda's. Erika called out, "Hey, Hiyashi!"

Haruna huffed, "Speak of the devil…"

Erika said, as she showed her the note, which was from Harima. Haruna nodded and said, "Sure. I am mostly fluent in Chinese… but Japanese and Korean are a bit okay. Why do you think I traveled from China?"

Erika snorted, "Just read the letter."

Kandy scolded, "Miss Erika!"

Haruna then read the letter out loud:
"To Miranda Maynard and her friend, Erika.
I wanted to visit Argos, one day, hopefully to spend time with you. However, Rich Girl has been egging me to come with, but she quickly changed her mind. I forced her to go, since Tenma's Sister and Hanai can't come. We'll meet on the 17
th, at Noon. Pick us up at the London Airport.

Haruna was confused, "Uh… Rich Girl?"

Erika said, "Her name is Eri Sawachika. She's the blonde from Yagami. She had a hand at helping Miranda, ending Meiko."

Haruna nodded, "I see. But why in the dragon's den would they come today?"

Kandy asked, "Yeah. Isn't today the 17th?"

Haruna cringed, "And it's 12:30pm; Emily's at school…"

A long silence… and then…

Kandy shrieked, "OH, CRAP!"


Nick cried, "What about Miranda?"

Haruna exclaimed, "She's at work! We'll talk about it, later!"

They plummeted in an anime-style THUD and then ran to Nick's car. Erika shouted, "WHY THE DEVIL ARE WE HURRYING?"

Nick cried, "We'll never make it!"

He started the car and quickly drove off. Erika said, "Well, at the very least-."

Kandy yelled, "Bite your tongue and step on it!"

Haruna waved, as she was left behind, "Bye, guys. Have fun!"

In a panicked state, they hurried to the airport, but knowing the two youngsters from Yagami, they're arriving late.

Haruna smiled, "I wonder who the guy is… Well, only one way to find out."

She dashed to her house and prepared herself.


Up in the skies, Kenji Harima and Eri Sawachika were sitting together, aboard a huge plane, heading to London. Eri sighed, as she was reading a translator book, since she's never been in England, since the Third Year trip. Harima, in his black jacket, stroked his goatee and said, "It's nice to come back to see her."

"Who know you had the flight schedule wrong," Eri sneered.

Harima cringed, "Forgive me. I didn't know. Miranda is gonna be so pissed, seeing that we're arriving later than Noon."

Eri sighed, "You probably had your time zones wrong."

She thought, as she was angry, "Why is Whiskers doing this? England, namely Argos, is the last place I wanna be."

Growing up, Eri once had her first year in junior high school in England, before returning to Japan, to study more. When she returned, during the field trip in their 3rd year, she ran into trouble, in the form of a former classmate named Max. Of course, Harima and Max fought each other, only to have Max win the first battle, because Eri stopped it. Harima, however, won the rematch, after some regained confidence.

Harima said, "But, we won't worry about seeing them again. Stay by me, Rich Girl, and I'll keep you safe."

Eri grumbled, "As if."

She blushed and said, "Well… You have been nice to me, before. I guess I don't mind."

The plane continued to fly off, as the other Argos Heroes headed to the airport.


When they arrived, Eri asked Harima, as they were walking out of the plane, "Hey, Whiskers… I know we are visiting Argos, and meeting Miranda and Erika… but I wonder if they had other friends."

Harima said, "Come to think of it, I only heard of Maynard's daughter. There's like two or three Miranda mentioned, but…"

He groaned, "I only wish I would've asked sooner, if that evil sorceress didn't show up!"

She sighed, "Moron."

They stopped and saw Nick, Erika, and Kandy, gasping for air, holding up a sign that says "Harma + Erin". They were in a rush, as they were out of breath.

"Sorry… We're… Late… Mister… Harima…" Kandy panted.

Erika gasped for air, "Long time… No see… Whiskers…"

They were stunned, as Harima asked, "Uh… You didn't have to hurry."

Nick groaned, "We-."

He collapsed, along with Erika and Kandy, as they passed out. Harima said, "I guess these two with Archer Girl are Mira's friends."

But little do they know that while Harima and Eri were greeted by the Argos heroes, a woman with long brown hair watched on, wearing a hood. She glared, as she spoke, "Oy… So the cat has brought some new playmates."

She snuck off, as Harima and Eri left with Erika and the others, heading to Miranda's house.

Who was this mysterious woman?

Hours later, Harima and Eri arrived at Miranda's village. They stepped out of the car and entered the gate, as Nick and Erika relaxed. They all began to head to Miranda's house.

"So… You've been here before?" Eri asked the others.

Nick said, "Yeah. We happened to visit her, after she was finished with her adventure."

Kandy said, "She lives far away, but not too far. There's a small house there, where they live."

"They?" Eri asked.

Harima replied, "She and her daughter live there. I thought you knew."

Eri sighed, "I know it, now. I'm surprised that you knew about it."

Harima said, "I've been here, before."

Kandy said, "I heard. Miss Miranda told us about you two."

Nick added, "Yeah. We did help you, outside your home."

Erika remarked, "You two… You helped us, during Meiko's arrival. That deserved credit."

Kandy smiled, "Thank you."

Eri asked, "Not to be rude, but I know Erika… But who are you two supposed to be?"

Nick said, "We happened to be Miranda's friends and allies."

Harima replied, "I never heard of you two."

Kandy and Nick went in front of them and introduced themselves.

Nick began, "I'm Nick Haskett. I live in Desert Combs, far away with Erin."

Erika snuffed, "Don't call me that…"

Kandy bowed, "I'm Kandy Potter. I'm Miranda's friend, from her first adventure."

Eri asked, "First adventure?"

Erika explained, "You know… Mira, Kandy, and I started a new adventure, long ago."

Kandy stated, "We first met, when Sara Maynard died, nearly fifteen years ago. Miranda was bedridden for ten years, and that's when we met."

Eri asked, "How did you meet Miranda, not that I'd care, but I'm surprised you know her."

Erika said, "A battle. She and I bested each other, after we met in Norris, which is far away."

Harima asked, "What happened?"

Erika laughed, "I won! She was defeated, after going through me. I was to finish her off, but you should've seen the look on her face! She was in tears, crying for her sister!"

Kandy shouted, "Miss Erika! Please be nice!"

Erika sighed, "Sorry. After that, when she cried, it reminded me of Jacob, my father. So, I wound up joining her. Bloody girl was so sad… after losing the one you know."

Kandy said, "I know how you feel. Of course, Father lost Sophie, before I was… uh… born."

Harima asked, "Yeah, how old are you?"

Kandy lied, "17?"

Nick whispered, "In front of humans, Erin?"

Erika said, "She's too nervous. She doesn't want them to know."

"But isn't she honest?"

"Yeah… But this is the first time that she met Whiskers."

"Yeah, I know."

Kandy blushed, as Harima remarked, "You did well. You and the others did help Mira well. She helped saved the day, since she had great friends."

Nick said, "So did you. You had help, too. We heard that you had great friends."

Eri said, "You should see how Yakumo snapped, when she slugged Meiko."

Kandy said, "I hope so… Just stay off of Miranda's bad side."

Harima said, "Too late for that. We once saw her hyperventilate."

Kandy spoke, "Like I said…"

They arrived at Miranda's house, surrounded by a huge grassy field. They viewed her house, from far away.

Eri snapped, "Someone forgot to mow the lawn."

Erika said, "It's nice. And that's not her lawn. It's a beautiful area."

Kandy instigated, "Here, Miranda, when she goes on adventures, she runs through the field, heading to the path of battle… or so they say…"

Nick responded, "Not once she got injured on the run. She usually arrives there, whenever a HUGE adventure begins."

Haruna appeared and said, "Oh? How come it's boring?"

She was at Miranda's doorstep, as she saw Harima and Eri. She asked them, "Hey! I heard that you ended Miranda's sister's killer!"

Eri asked, "Well, just Whiskers."

Harima pleaded, "Please, Miss. We mean you no harm!"

Haruna bowed, as she prepared to fight, with her bare hands, "I heard that you have a fist and kick, with such anger and gift! You have bested a sorceress… but no one sees my friend, and lives to tell about it, while in her hometown!"

She dashed off and jumped in front of Harima, delivering a huge side kick to him. He ducked, as she stepped into a stance. The others stepped back, as Harima griped, "Are you out of your mind? You're a crazy adventurer!"

"I'm no adventurer… but I know Miranda Maynard, before you!"

"What? Since when?"

"Since Zubu! And if memory served me, Miranda met you, after we defeated Rydell Krauser!"


"You'll know, soon enough!"

She started to pose in a Kung Fu pose. She then barked, "You met Miranda Maynard, hero of Argos! But you cannot defeat me…
The Chinese Dragon – Haruna Hiyashi!"

Erika groaned, "Oh, bugger…"

Nick sighed, "She never gives up on a challenge. Plus, she is itching for a challenge."

Eri said, "This is horrible…"

Harima glared, as he removed his jacket and shades. He then prepared in a stance, as the fighting was about to begin.

"Okay, lady. I know it's not in my standards to fight women like you. But if you want, I won't go hard on you!" He bellowed.

Haruna barked, "You're sweet, but nice. But that doesn't mean I can beat your ass to the ground!"

Harima shouted, "BRING IT ON, DRAGON CLAW!"

They charged at each other, as the fighting began.

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