I know that I'm crazy chasing after you

But I don't really know what else to do

And even though I told you to forget me

I'll be waiting for you to come back and see

I'll be back in summer, I'll be home.

And even though it's sad, I'll be alone.

I'm giving up on everything 'cause I won't give up on you.

Even though it's torture and I wish it wasn't true.

I know there's know hope for you and me

And nothing that I do or say is going to make you see.

You don't want me anymore, you're gone and I should know

By now it's time to fix myself, it's time to let you go

But I can't shake the yesterdays and all the joy I had

And even though you broke me down and left me feeling sad

I know that I could never find a better man than you

You're kind and now I realize you always told the truth

So even though I broke the ties I'll seek you on the streets

I'll torture myself waiting at the places we would meet.

Because even though you broke me, and you left me feeling blue

I'm jealous and I'm crazy and I'm still in love with you.