Humans as such are a strange species. They stand on two legs, have no animal characteristics and sometimes they have the cruellest hearts, hard to believe they are really God's creations. Separated by the smallest things, yet brought together by them, the human psyche is such that no matter how one twists it, no-one can ever discover for real what makes it up; rather, who reads such a mind. Unpredictable, dynamic and ever so effervescent with society; mind is one that is greater than life itself.

Such a decision comes up for men and women. Same species but almost polar psyche, it comes to the very heart of one question that often was questioned in women's so called unpredictable behaviour- what is it with women and shopping?

Being a girl myself, I shall give you a first class view as to what I know why we do the things we do, right after this foreword.

Women do not shop solely for the joy it brings in getting home something- everyone feels it that way, whether it is candy, booze or the dosh. This is only one of the reasons. It is not just the catharsis or the whole proud ownership it brings but more than what meets the eye; much more. The main reason in my mind's eye as I dictate is but a dramatisation, yet it holds close to the whole truth- it is solely for this reason that we do what we do- expression.

Humans need expression for it makes a part of their identity- it helps them find out what to do to give back to Mother Nature and society and gives them a sense of fulfilment few animals feel. Clothes seemingly make the man, maybe that isn't true, who knows? All the same it is this ability of expression that makes us dress up- the artistic desire of portraying a picture of the self to the world.

The body is like a canvas, plain and foundational for the future. Adorning it with everything one has- accessories, shoes, clothes, make-up, etc; it is just a natural way of expressing art, done intensely in fashion designing. The model is to be viewed as a canvas of the soul and the designer the artist as he/she paints every possible thing they possibly can, the most perfectly feminine drapes of silk to the coarsest creases of shirts, everything is an art in itself.

Adornments of jewellery, which portray the very soul of the creator as they signify in loud or classy tones, drapes revealing the ever so effervescent states of mind, colours revealing more than just the psyche alone, but the heart which is trapped by most of life's insecurities.

The fall of the drape, as it just flows down as if along a cascading rugged rock, the flowing waterfall, the swath of the eye shadow, which reveals only part of the want of expression and the feelings along, the make up- the embracing of all colours natural, the secret distilled beauty of nature as it is slathered onto ones face, beautiful yet subtle. The colours, revealing the mood and the ever dynamic whims of a person's life. The prints, the true personality of the young canvas that springs forth into this world; the patterns, just as flamboyantly expressed as the world around and so shall the soul. The shoes, the numerous heights one would reach for in this world and how, at what cost and what risk, no matter what the day may be, or the hour, ever so evanescently whimsical with mood. All expression requires a wonderful, open soul behind it and no matter how cold they may seem it is a major fragment of their soul which you see.

Art is that which paints a picture you can see anywhere, be it in your eyes or your mind. It is also the ability to create a story in your mind or your heart by revealing a fragment of the heart who crafted this masterpiece. That is what all literature and visual arts have done all these years. And yet at times, one must just stop seeing the depth of the art and just for what it just is. Dressing up is one such art, and no matter how much it is dismissed as a silly pastime; it is an art as well, which very few, the talented, the truly creative can see.

Revelation, expression is but an important part of life as the world knows it. Inhibition and overt censorship only tarnish such arts slowly descending into a world where there is none, for the entire world has reluctantly or willingly submitted itself to the planet's wants, rather their fears. Most people enjoy depriving this right by believing and vehemently displaying the fact that shopping is only for those who lack brain and spending time. Money should not be wasted all day on this alone, but one should realise- shopping is not just for attention, it is that of expression of everything one stores in that beautiful psyche of theirs. Sometimes it is not even desired for attention at all- it is just an artistic rendition of the heart painted upon the ever dynamic canvas - self.