Human Canvas

Drapes of the ever graceful figure

Flowing like a waterfall

Speaking in volume the world round her

Her grace and feminity


Creases to give life

To the lifeless garment before its adornment

Making everything in its pure imperfection

What the world has and should be


Makeup is but a delightful smear

Of the natural beauty of this world

A swath, a swish, a dabble

Enchanting the beauty so dear


The colours of the heart adorn her soul

As they are intermittent with what she showcases

Spewing everything the very souls speaks of

In heart and dignity


The print, the pattern

All but a final manifestation of personality

Fluttering and flitting around with every movement

Faster every minute and second of time


The jewellery, the accessories

The adornments a very queen would show

To express her true heart and self

And what she holds dear


The shoes- a sign of standing

The heights one would aspire to go

At what cost, what desire

Would on ever set their foot outside to be


She is the human canvas, a plain yet striking thing

That the world and she has the ability to carve

A whole new plethora of life on one's shoulders

Moving closer to paradise and eternity.