Vincent sat cross-legged in the middle of his room after he lit the candles. He closed his jade green eyes and took a deep breath, sighing slowly while going into a meditation state. He reflected on his day of school, work, looking after his twin sister, Crystal, running away from his gay stalker. Vincent shuddered at the last point. Yup, Vincent was a stalker victim of a sculpting student who went by the name of Dune Mair and he was the gayest, most flamboyant and most irritating man Vincent had ever met. Every single day Dune relentlessly pursued him to be his model after Crystal stood him in one of the art classrooms so that she could paint his portrait. Why can't Vincent just say yes you might think? Well, Vincent took one good look at Dune's hungry blood red eyes and he knew that meant trouble for him. Vincent didn't know if he would be fully clothed if he ever agreed to modelling for the eager man. Vincent twitched when he heard a knock on the door.

"Vincent?" Crystal said shyly "I would like to ask. What would you like for dinner?"

Vincent hesitated and thought for a moment.

"…Lasagne," he decided "with strawberry trifle."

Crystal laughed lightly.

"Alright, I suppose you do deserve a small treat after what happened in the café," Vincent heard Crystal's footsteps retreat downstairs and he let a small smile appear on his face.

His sister was an angel sent from God. She was beautiful, modest, kind, generous and loving. Vincent was very protective of her because he didn't want some guy coming up and hurting her feelings. That would be an act against God if anyone ever dared to think of hurting one of his angels. Crystal was tired of his constant vigilance over her but Vincent assured her that he would leave her alone once they were slightly older or in a more mature environment. He wasn't going to look after her forever now, was he? Ever since their parents passed on from a plane crash, Vincent had been looking after Crystal on his own and they ran a small café to pay the bills. It often got busy but they had to cope because they couldn't hire any paid workers to help them running the business. Crystal knocked on his door again.

"Vincent?" she said "You know, Dune would really appreciate it if you modelled for him."

"I do not trust that man," Vincent stated loud and clear with an annoyed twitch from his brow.

"He's from a rich family," Crystal continued "And he's offered enough money for us to pay for our father's debt."

Vincent's eyes flew open and he stared at her. Their father had been in debt to some gamblers because he had thought that he would win enough money for them to lead a better life. He lost everything and was still paying off debts until he died. He left the debts to them to handle. Vincent turned away and sighed forlornly.

"I'll consider it," he said and closed his eyes "Just let me mull it over."

Crystal nodded solemnly and went out, leaving him to his thoughts.