Preferace…or whatever it's called…it's my intro

They say college is going to be the best 4 years of your life. Well maybe it's because I'm kind of pessimistic; or maybe it's because I had such a big expectation of college that I was bound to be let down; but my college life hasn't been going so well. Yeah I'm only a first year but there are first years that are having the time of their lives. My best friend for example; then again how can you not be having the time of your life when you go to UCLA and have a full paid tuition? Not that I'm mad that she got that; she worked hard to get that and definitely deserved it. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of her. Money has definitely been one of the big issues in college; I mean if I'm paying thousands of dollars to be in school why are you charging me hundreds for the books, I don't even like books. I'm not the smartest person but I did get through my senior year with straight A's. Yeah my classes weren't that hard but I did have two AP classes and obviously my work was enough to get me into the University of California Irvine. That's where I am, first year currently in my winter quarter. Throughout these pages time will go by, the only time I will talk about the past is as I talk about my shirt time before Irvine, and my first quarter here. Not that I expect anyone to really read this, although I could totally become like the freedom writers. Why not. If anyone were to read this they might understand what it is I'm going through. My life isn't too interesting. This is more for me, so I can look back one day when I'm famous and remember the hard times I went through in college. Hopefully to get better; I doubt it though; College sucks!

Before UCI. 3 month summer break!

I graduated High school June 2012. I was super excited. 3 month break, no more high school, and soon my amazing adventurous college life would begin. My parents and my family were getting used to the idea of my leaving to live in UCI. I live in Carson so it's not too far away. I could have commuted but I knew living at school would be the best thing ever. *Yeah slap myself for that one* I was being pressured by my family to commute, or go to a closer college. But I was set on UCI, I was set on leaving because I thought it was going to be amazing. I thought the moment I got to school there would be a lot of people and I tons of friends, there would hot guys I would flirt with, and there would be a bunch of parties I would be going to. that was my expectation going into college…I expected too much.