Blonde hair rippled around her shoulders, as the wind increased. Tears were streaming down her face. Her eyes were a light, misty blue. The ocean roared in front of her, crashing on the sand, and thrashing about. A storm was coming, yet the girl couldn't bring herself to go home. She had no home, for a home is where the heart is. Her heart was lost, with the one man she had ever loved. Therefore, her home was gone.

He was dragged away with the sea. Swept up in the wind. Burnt in the flames. Consumed by the earth.

It didn't matter really which was true, though really the answer was none. Either way, he was never coming back. To her, at least.

He was still very much here, just so, so far away. He loved the beach, always did. The girl wrapped her jacket tighter, as she looked around the desolate beach. She could picture them on this very spot. So long ago…

Her feet kicked up sand as she walked away from the ocean. It was roaring, screaming for her to come back. The tears kept falling, dripping off her cheeks, and yet she didn't look back. Not once.

It was over, and she couldn't change that, any more than she could stop the rain that was falling down. Some things just weren't worth crying over. The past was the past. Today was the present. She was going to live in it. Cherish it. Move on.

So, she wiped her eyes, and let the rain wash everything away. If he didn't want her, he didn't deserve her. If he wanted the pretty girl with rich parents, then let him have her.

She tells herself these things, and yet…his face still haunts her.

Without her consent, a stray tear splashed onto the ground, mingling with the raindrops. She made her way off the beach and reached the sidewalk. Her hair was matted down, and her eyes foggy. The tears were blurring her vision, but she wiped them away and kept on walking.

She didn't know where to go, or what to do. Why, why did he leave?