Black masks.

Baggy sweatshirt.

And a pair of leather gloves.

My identity is a secret now

To the low down vermin whom I am far above.

Unlocked backdoor.

It wouldn't have mattered;

The key is under the mat.

I enter the lair of this filthy, disgusting rat.

Empty beer bottles

Scattered across the floor.

He's probably so drunk,

He didn't hear me come in through the door.

Down the hall I hear deep breaths.

I wish he knew that they would be his last.

Musky air fills the shabby house

And across the kitchen runs a black mouse.

Cigarette smoke lingers all around.

And soon there will be one less person

To fill the house with sound.

The adrenaline

Starts to flow through out my veins.

And the excitement is enough

To renew the cold, hard pain.

That girl on the mantle,

The blonde in the frame.

We shared a boyfriend

You might say that we're one in the same

And from the other room

I think I hear him stir.

That ignorant man

Who cheated on me with her.

I grab a knife

From a cluttered table to the left.

And end soon will a life

Which made my problems rife.

I hear a moan

As he slowly stands up.


He makes his way down the hall.

And I'm ready for the scene.

I don't dare consider to stall.

A second longer,

And suddenly he's there.

Standing in the doorway

With that dumbfounded stare.

A look of horror as realization hits.

But he doesn't get a moment

Before I crush together our lips.

Just a moment of passion

Before his ultimate end.

One last gesture,

To show what we could've been.

He still hasn't had a chance

To plead for his worthless life

Before I stab him hard with that stainless steel knife.


It drips onto the floor.

And I smile a delicious smile,

Wishing I had more.

The weapon is held in much too steady hands.

Not the slightest quiver

Most would have after killing a man.

That thirst for more

It still isn't quenched.

So I set off to find that Blondie.

That wench.