Shattered Hearts


I woke up early in the morning with a sigh. Ten days had passed since mom and dad left. My shoulders were sore from sleeping on the hard ground and today the plan was to gather soft materials to make the dirt room homier. I prodded Shadeia awake.

"Shade, can you wake up Handem and Carina?" I asked as she got up and stretched.

"Sure Feli," she eagerly rushed over to Carina and started to jump on her sleeping bag.

I gave her a quick approving smile and then woke up Fern.

"Good morning Felicia," she yawned.

"Morning Fern," I replied.

I looked over to see Shadeia, Carina, and Handem already dressed and ready for today's assignment.

I yelled, "Okay everyone, listen up! Today we'll be making our sleeping courters comfortable. There is some old floor boards and some nails in the barn. Fern, Handem, and I will be working on putting down a floor. Meanwhile Shadeia and Carina can go out to the fields and try to find some cotton to use for bedding."

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

As Carina and Shadeia started to go out the door I quickly pulled them aside, "Girls, I want you to be careful. There is a war going on and you know what could happen. Stick together and if you see or hear anything run back here as fast as you can."

"K, Feli. Don't worry, we'll be fine," Shadeia looked at me with big round eyes.

"Good, ok bye girls," I said and left to change into my regular cloths.

I was walking from the house to the barn when I saw another PinkWing. A middle-aged Vinelican man sat on top of it. He had light brown hair and green eyes, traits of a Vinelic.

"Hello, sir, why are you in Plainla?" I yelled up to him.

"Crugeon warriors…," he panted out of breath. "They took over the southern part of Vinelic. We need help. Please send any fighting men or women you have, please!"

"I'm sorry; sir, but my mom and dad are already out fighting in a war to save Plainla from Crugeon's army."

"There attacking at both of the countries at the same time?"

"Yes, sir, I'm afraid they are."

"Thank you anyway, I must get back to my home country to help."

I bowed my head in a gesture of respect to him and then continued to the barn.

Fern and I were putting the last floor board in when we heard the wails. First, I thought it was just a loud bird or something. But, when we were hammering the last nail in the wails started to become more human-like.

"Fern, something's up, something bad," I whispered worryingly to her.

"I agree, we need to go check it out," she said and grabbed my arm.

As soon as we walked out to the barn I saw Handem huddled under a table.

"Felicia, I'm worried. As soon as I heard the screams I hid under here," Handem cried.

"Ok, that was a good move; can you grab my bow and sword? Get all of the bags, too. I have a feeling that we might be evacuating here soon. Oh, and stay in the underground bedroom," I whispered to him.

I motioned to Fern to follow me and we tiptoed to the door. Carefully cracking it open I saw Carina. Tears were rolling down her checks. She was clearly struggling with something on her back and as she tripped and fell I saw what it was… Shadeia's body.

"What happened?" I whispered as tears filled my eyes.

"Crugeon's Army," she meekly replied.

I took Carina's heavy burden. I cursed Crugeon's Army for killing my innocent baby sister. Motioning for Carina and Fern to follow me I headed down in the tunnels to tell Handem what happened.

"Felicia, there you are, I finished…" Handem stopped mid-sentence as he saw the grave looks on the girl's faces. "What happened?" he asked quietly as his voice trembled.

"Crugeon's army killed…" I sourly looked down at my feet as another tear splattered onto the ground.

Handem looked at Shadeia's body that was hoisted on my back.

"I understand," he replied quietly.

I was glad when Fern took over and arranged for Shadeia to be buried in the tunnels. Handem and I would be digging the grave.

One hour passed of digging before we laid Shadeia to rest. Rain poured for hours after that and the gun shots ceased. I sat in the corner of the underground bedroom crying. 'Why would they kill her? How could they be so evil?' I swore vengeance at them. I was sure that tomorrow as soon as the weather cleared the war would be lost and we would be forced to carry out the evacuation plan. That just made my grief worse and I tried to focus on other things, namely what would be the plans when we got to Vinelic.

Fern came up to me and wrapped her purple shawl around my shoulders.

She looked me in the eyes and I noticed that they were pools of green fire.

"Don't worry, we will be safe as long as we stick together," she said.

"I'm not worrying," I lied to her.

"Hhh… sure you are," she looked at me again and rolled her eyes.

I looked away from her.

"Actually the main reason I came here was to tell you that I was scouting around outside and I got some bad news," her voice shuttered.

"What?" I immanently got to my feet.

"Crugeon's army… well, they won the battle," Fern looked at me.


"I… I was looking at the bodies… there was… my mom and your dad."

"Oh, why!" I threw my head back and screamed. My legs trembled beneath me. It was too much to take and my legs gave out. The last thing I remember was a sharp pain in my ankle and my head as I slowly slipped into unconsciousness.