Disclaimer: I do not own the plot of the story. It was taken from "Poptropica". My friend who will remain anonymous wrote this story and wanted me to post this on "Fictionpress." I also do not own any of the products listed in this story. (Including Nikes)

An innocent looking, yummy, loveable smoothie shop does not look like it would cause any harm, right? You are completely wrong. At least in the town of Northfield. The name is Sadie Herald, and I'm telling you this so you can be prepared if an incident like this happens to waltz into your town. It was a beautiful spring day with a relaxing cool breeze. In addition, if you looked around the town of Northfield, you would see a certain ad every now and then. The ad would seem to scream, "It's berry good, and it's 'Berry Yummy!' Go to the new smoothie shop, 'Berry Yummy!'"

Berry Yummy drove me crazy. Not, "I love it!" crazy, I mean. CRAZY CRAZY. At that time, I was at the Northfield Public Library. The library was a like a third home to me. The library was a large building with books as far as the eye could see.

Clara, the best librarian ever, always had a new book for me. I was the first one to borrow a Just Released book. Clara was a lady in her mid-30's, and she always wore sweaters, boot-cut jeans over black and pink Nikes. "Sadie! I have a new arrival for you," Clara announced. She was holding an old purple book that was as thick as a dictionary and looked like it was going to fall apart.

"Are you sure that's new?" I asked, eyeing the book suspiciously.

Clara chuckled. "Well by new I meant nobody has checked it out yet."

I tried to look grateful, took the book into my hands, and read the title aloud. "Fruit of the Unknown (only known in this book). Guide to Handling Them," I raised my eyebrows. "Really Clara? Really?"

"Believe me, that book will come in handy," assured Clara.

I took her word and read the book as I walked home.