The Return of The Beast

He has been gone for so long...

We were separated in the fog and downpour of rain.
The trail of blood had been washed away...

All I could do was wait in the cavern that we called home.
But he didn't appear for weeks
The months blurred into madness...

Seasons changed, blossomed, and died

I thought that the one they called a monstrosity had just been a dream.

I eventually left the cave while the cold storm shattered over the world
There was no reason to believe he would ever come back...
Perhaps he had died
Perhaps he had never been

I wandered the wastelands of snow and perpetual decay,
Searching for another place to belong.

One night, as I huddled in the depression between a stand of aspen trees,
My colourless eyes spotted a fire glowing off in the distance.

Without thought, I raced to that promise of warmth

The fire had been lit, but no one claimed it
Surely... someone would come back to the fire...
I lay on my side, watching the fire lick the cold air, waiting...

A pair of eyes the colour of dull blades stared into mine

I jumped back, terrified, snarling
It was him, the beast
He was there. All there.
This monstrosity hadn't changed...

I smiled
He looked me over and peered back into my eyes
No concern or relief

He turned to the fire
This strange creature seemed unchanged...
But there was something that didn't quite make him whole

I looked him over
He was the same twisted beauty

The scarred perfection.

Maybe it was something to do with what was inside
...Had this monster dealt with a kind of alteration..?

What happened to you?
Silence cut the night-scape like soft butter.
What happened to you?

His face turned to me, unemotional
His eyes were saying something else entirely

He was pleading.

I am here now. I am here.

He groaned, colossal, a weight pressing him down
A clawed hand held his chest... twitching in pain...

There were no discernible marks or injuries that I could see

I grabbed his hand
Grey claws ripped into my flesh with ease
And blood pooled into the melting snow.

I held tighter

Breathe. Just breathe.

Air struggled out of his maw in agonizing gasps, tears ran down his face...

A guttural howl escaped his lips; a tortured, horrifying sound!
I wrapped myself around him, hoping to hold the mysterious pain at bay

My hand was cut to ribbons...
I choked on a sob of pain-
I didn't want the beast to know he was hurting me
His pain was priority over my own.

And that's when I noticed it
A hole that I didn't locate at first appeared over his heart.
It looked to be an old wound with newly lacerated cuts
...That were beginning to heal

His hunched frame shook

I reached out to the wound, sorrow twisting my features...
He backed out of my embrace in fear

I reached out to him again
This time he didn't run away.

Angry, jagged tears raced from the hole

I could then see other marks upon his body that I didn't see before...

The plea in his eyes tugged at my heart.
I understood-
He had been attacked...

Mistaken for an abomination! My heart seemed to bleed.
Sadness crept over me. Anger as well...

He saw determination in my eyes, a firm resolute.
He stood from the fire and walked slowly to the direction of the site of the attack
The monstrosity hobbled, but held his head up
...With pride.

I followed alongside him
Determined to make wrongs right
Fury giving my steel coloured eyes...

A red, red hue.