A few white snowflakes gently fluttered down, as if they were lost in the world. If they were, they didn't care. They gracefully danced in the pale light of a winter sun. Tumbling, climbing, gliding, turning and swirling, until they rested with the others on the balcony.
The clouds withdrew even more, revealing a soft blue sky, young and pure as if the world had only just been born. And even though the terrible heat radiating from the heater made it hard for me to breathe, I felt an unknown sense of freedom and release.

I got up, put on my coat and went outside. The cold stung my face and woke me from the warm slumbering state I was in. I opened my eyes and saw the world like I had never seen it before.
A thin layer of crystalline white covered the world, giving it the appearance of something from a dream. I walked about aimlessly until I reached a hill.

I walked toward the only tree on it, and stared at its white, frozen surface. Something moved me to climb. The ice wasn't slippery, nor did it melt under my touch. Once I reached the top, I had a clear view of the world I had known all my life.
Despite the recent events that had turned my already messed-up life into a bottomless whirlpool of darkness, despair and sorrow, where no light could ever shine again, I felt a peace and happiness that I would never have believed to exist.

When the sun finally began its descent, it colored the clouds a beautiful shade of pink. A few clouds that still dropped little silver pieces of hope onto the world below. I looked behind me and looked at my city, my home. No. That place wasn't my home anymore. Perhaps it never had been.
I looked ahead and upward, and I saw my future.
I climbed down and followed the snow, into the cold, as stars began to shine their gentle guiding light, one by one. They shined like never before. I would never forget how the stars shined in the snow. The same snow they would find me in.

'What a shame.' They said. 'To die so young.' But I hadn't died. Not entirely at least. I still was. I still am.
I am the soft snow that falls on those cold and clear wintertimes. I have become the soft, white glow that adorns the world and illuminates it. I am the shadow in the blizzard.

And as the Northern wind carried my gray body to another, more peaceful place, a place where all thing are made new, I was there. I comforted those that had loved me, and that I had loved. But I never looked back, I have never regretted that faithed winter night.

Now I share the same hope I found in the white to all whose hearts are as open as their eyes. I show them the same light I had seen in the snow, so very long ago.
And one day, I too must fade. One day, I will return to my other half again, and be made new in that wonderful place. One day, somebody else will be chosen to spread the purity of white in the world.

But that day is still so very far away from me. I still have so much left to see.
And once every year, on the coldest night, I return. I return to see how the people of this world life.
To never forget, what I once was.