It was a dark and stormy night. My friends and I were trick-or-treating and we knocked on on a door in a nearby street. The house was old and looked like it would fall apart, but there was a light on inside.

Slowly the door opened, but it was too dark to see who was standing inside the portal.

That is, until a raging wind blew and the lightning tore the sky apart, illuminating the dark.

A fearsome creature, that only barely appeared human stood in front of us. It stared at me with a single bleeding eye.

It opened its mouth and spoke with a voice like a rusty old chainsaw.
"Go home little children! Go home! Lest ye be slaughtered like the lambs ye are. Lest ye face thy doom tonight and perish eternally. For tonight the Gate has been opened and He shall collect young, virgin souls. To feed on your hearts and please his dark desire. And He shall return to this realm. Death and doom is upon us! Tonight He returns! Tonight ye perish!"

The lightning blinded, the thunder deafened, and the wind knocked us over.
And when the light, the noise and the wind faded, the house was gone. There wasn't even a place where the house could have been. My friends didn't remember the creature, nor its warning. I told them everything, but they only laughed. They thought I was playing a prank on them. Trying to scare them.
They said I had made everything up, that there never had been a house there.

I tried to convince them to go home, I even offered them all my candy, but they didn't listen.

If only I had been able to convince them. If I could have made them believe me, maybe they would still be alive. Maybe the world as we knew it would still be here.
But my entire life was destined to be turned upside down that very night, when so many others were destined to end.