Chapter 1 – Sins

The divide of good and evil, black and white, light and dark becomes blurry when the intentions of the user oppose its nature. The world had already been torn apart, but it was not in two sides. The good cannot be distinguished from the evil in this time of war and chaos. Proxy wars everywhere, monsters going crazy. There was no more room for morals in the world we live in. It must end.

As the saying goes, Oblivion is the destiny of all things, but I itched, ached and waited impatiently on when will it come? The world is already rotten like a fruit that has lost its prime condition. It is not a question of light and darkness anymore nor is it the question of what is right and wrong. No good answer would come of that because society itself dictates what is good.

Humanity in itself is flawed. There is no doubt in that statement. They have plunged the world into the depths of hell itself therefore in return that gives purpose in our existence. We are in return called sins. We spawn from the depths of oblivion itself. No remorse, and yet no hatred, we can feel and yet we disregard feelings. We are rational and yet our existence proves otherwise. Sin is a word that people refer to as punishment for their transgressions. They are right for there is punishment long over due already.

I stood in the void of eternal nothingness. Watching the world from every corner with my power, what I had seen had disgusted me completely.

General POV

The hooded man stood in the void of eternal nothingness and he had watched the world crumble from inside it. He saw conflicts everywhere, people's treacherous thoughts and actions. Self Interest of humans had made him sick to his stomach as he faced the other way immediately in order not to be engulfed in anger.

"My lord is it time yet?" A hoarse voice said as another hooded figure had approached the other hooded figure. They were all dressed in white long cloaks with hoods over there faces.

"No… It's too early. Besides, why don't we let it unfold on its own?" the other hooded figure had said.

"But I had heard you talking that you were already disgusted by the sight of humans and their flaws…" the hoarse voiced man had said.

"I know, but I also know that it is worth stomaching it for a little while longer. Our plan will soon be in motion." The other hooded man had answered.

Suddenly another hooded figure had appeared and approached the one who spoke of a grand plan.

"My lord" the hooded figure had said and it seemed that the unknown figure had the voice of an angelic female.

"What is it?"

"It has been activated." She replied to the hooded figure.

"Excellent. The only thing I have to do now is to reunite with my other half." The Lord of the hooded figures said.

"It would take more time my lord. Even though the power has been activated, nurturing it still is a priority." The girl wearing the hood had replied to the lord of the hooded figures.

"You're right. If we become rash, we might end up with a huge mistake." He had said. "And I don't tolerate mistakes." The hooded man had added.

"I know my lord." The hooded girl had replied.

"Just keep doing what you're doing and kill whoever gets in the way." The lord of the hooded figures had said.

"Noted." She had replied as she disappeared in thin air.

The hooded figure with the hoarse voice had suddenly gone near their lord. He seemed worried about the hooded girl for he did not trust her.

"Are you sure you can trust her?" he had asked.

The lord of the hooded figures had faced him as he put his hand on his shoulder.

"Ketzerei" the lord called out his name. "If she ever thinks of crossing us, I will be personally the one to kill her." He assured him.

"I understand my lord." Ketzerei had replied.

"But if you think about it, all of us here are already sick of humanity so why stoop to their level?" the lord of the hooded men had said.

"You have a point my lord." Ketzerei had said to him.

The lord of the hooded figures then walked on to the portal that showed events happening around the world. Ketzerei followed him as he was shown these events. IT was killing, destruction and death that had showed in the portal that seemed like a TV screen.

"Sins everywhere" The lord of the hooded figures had said. "Don't you agree?" he had said to Ketzerei.

"I agree my lord." Ketzerei replied with a hoarse voice.

"They commit sins everyday, and yet they go unpunished." The lord of the hooded figures had said. 'It isn't fair isn't it?" he had asked Ketzerei.

"It is unfair as you deem my lord." Ketzerei had said.

"There should be punishment that comes with their sins am I right?" The lord again had asked.

"Yes, you are right." The hoarse voiced man had replied to him with no hesitation. He knew that their lord was powerful even if he is still incomplete.

"Therefore, we must be the one to deliver the ultimate punishment to them for the life that they have taken granted for so long." The lord of the hooded figures had said. "With the ultimate punishment, the world will be cleansed. Us sins will be brought to life through the oblivion that we will deliver." He had added.

"Then our existence will have meaning." Ketzerei had said afterwards.

"We do not look for meaning." The lord had interrupted Ketzerei.

"What? But why my lord?" the hoarse voiced man had asked.

"Because we are neither evil nor good, we are not black nor are we white. We are neither light nor darkness. We will always be in between, thus giving us no need for meanings." The lord had replied."And the oblivion that we plan will put an end to all those meanings." He had added as he walked away from Ketzerei.

"I understand my lord…" the hoarse voiced man replied as he disappeared in thin air.

We exist, at the same time we don't, a paradox if you may. Our meaning is predetermined, but at the same time we have no need for it. Fulfilling is what only matters to us sins. We are the punishment that has been long overdue to these humans and they are not aware of it. We sins are going to be the redemption of this world.

The responsibility of cleansing it now resides with us, the nine of us for we are known as the Novemque Sentis, the bringers of oblivion.

I'm back with Season 2, I decided to start off with the Novemque Sentis (Nine Sins). If the chapter's too abstract I meant it to be that way. I wanted to show here just that they are planning something :) Peace out and R&R :D