Chapter 15 – Over the Fence

It was a place of nothingness and yet they were there. The hooded man continued to count the deaths and sins of the world as he looked through different voids that have formed around him. He sees a different part of the world at each different worm hole and these holes are his easy access to traveling around the world.

"It is still so dark in here my lord." Ketzerei, who still wore a hood, said to the hooded man who was still looking through the void.

"She hasn't returned yet." The hooded man had said as he snapped his fingers.

In an instant, the room lit up and it was now the opposite of the dark room that they were in earlier. Everything was grey, from the walls that had housed the worm holes to the floor and the ceiling. The hooded man then walked away from the voids as he approached something at the end of the room. Ketzerei had followed him afterwards.

Both of them had reached a stop as a huge and massive weapon had laid in front of them. Ketzerei was in awe when he saw it. It was a huge beast with a whale-like body but twice its size. It's face was covered with a huge shell of armor and two huge spikes had protruded from both sides of its body It had two sets of wings that protruded from its back and it had pseudo-limbs that was seemingly attached on the upper part and lower parts of its body. It was chained down in order to keep it under control but the chains had little use as it was still dormant.

"Is that it?" Ketzerei had asked the hooded man.

"The Yanmiege, the one that will bring the ultimate punishment." The hooded man had replied. "The one that will cleanse this world." He added.

"I'm amazed my lord." The hoarse voiced man replied. "But is it not yet completed?" he added.

"It needs a core. I will be that core as soon as I have reunited with my other half." The hooded man had said to Ketzerei.

A void had opened in the room and another hooded figure came from it.

"You're late." The hooded man had said.

"I'm sorry my lord, I was trying my best not to be caught." The angelic voiced girl in the hood had said.

"Hmmm. Very well, what do you have to say?" the hooded man had said to her.

"Power levels are intact. It seems that the person is in control of the power that we need." The angelic voiced girl in the hood had replied to her lord.

"My half, the one who has everything." The hooded man had said. "Anything else to add?" he asked the hooded girl again.

"We cannot strike yet for there is a nuisance in the air." The hooded girl had said to her master.

"Crowe's son, he is a threat alright. If we move in now we could lose half of the Sentis." Ketzerei had said.

"I think that we are more capable of taking what we need." The hooded man had said.

"My lord you're not thinking of?!" Ketzerei had said in shock.

"Relax Ketzerei. I won't do something rash. We won't make our move yet." The hooded man had said to his associate. He then faced the hooded girl.

"Just keep watch on the target. We need that person alive for me to be whole again." He said to her.

"The one who is opposite of you; the one who has everything." The hooded girl replied.

"Exactly; if I reunite with that person, I will be able to become the core of the Yanmiege." The hooded man had said.

The hooded girl now walked away from the hooded man and it seemed that Ketzerei had followed her. She continued not to mind the hoarse voiced man that had followed her and walked towards the void that she came from.

"Something's wrong isn't it?" Ketzerei had said as he removed the hood from his cloak. He had long hair that was tied up in a huge braid. He had a huge crescent scar that ran from his left cheek up to the upper left section of his nose. His eyes were yellow and they had fierce gazes in them.

"Why should you care?" the hooded girl replied coldly.

"You'd better not mess up. The master is counting on you." Ketzerei had said.

"Funny how false loyalty can get you places." The hooded girl had said to Ketzerei.

"Hmph. You know nothing." Ketzerei had said as he walked away from the hooded girl to leave her be.

The hooded girl now walked onwards to the void and on to the other side was now her room in the facility that they stayed in. It was a very cold and damp place at the same time it was a very plain room. There was only a diamond shaped window on the left side and her bed had been near it.

"Ketzerei… he cannot be trusted." She thought to herself as she sat on the bed without removing her hood.

"The master must know…" she thought as she went near the area where there was a table near her bed. She saw a picture framed on a stand and she took it. It was a barely comprehensible photo and the only thing she saw was a blonde-haired girl with blue eyes.

"Brings back memories…" she thought to herself.


A little girl was walking alone near the shore of the beach. The sun was beginning to set but it did not seem to be a lively affair for around the village that had surrounded her had been destroyed and reduced to rubble. Fires had pillaged the nearby village and she continued to walk on the shore with fire on her hands.

She wore only a one piece blue dress as her blonde hair draped over her face and it reached up to her shoulders. Her eyes had the look of nothingness in it even if it had color. She was expressionless as she had dust on her arms and blood over her mouth.

The little girl then began to feel tired of walking and she fell on the beach floor and sand immediately made contact with her body.

"I'm tired…" she breathed out softly "Why?…it wasn't my fault…" she had said as tears began to flow out of her eyes.

"I just…wanted to be accepted…" she had continued to say to herself

A hooded man in a white cloak had appeared in front of her.

"Taboo…that's what you are to them." He had said as he stretched out his hand to help the little girl. She took his hand and he helped her get up.

"Taboo?" she asked the hooded man.

"A sin, you're just a mere punishment to them. A curse if you may." He had said.

"Why?" she had asked him again. "Why would they see me that way?" she added.

"You have a different power. Colorless, neutral and undefined." He had said. "We are the same. We have nothing…" he added.

The expression on the girl's face had saddened even more when she had found out about her true nature.

"Do not fret though. We hold even more power than these simpletons. They do not know that we are the punishment that is soon to end their transgressions in this world that they live in." the hooded man had said.

"I can nurture the power that lurks inside you." He added as he stretched out his hand. "Come with me little girl." He had said to her.

The little girl had taken the hooded man's hand and in an instant he opened a void portal that would cross to their facility where the hooded man had stayed.

"Who are you?" the little girl had said.

"I go by many names such as death, oblivion, sin, but you can just call me Verrath." The hooded man had said. "And welcome to the Sentis…" he added as he and the little girl had gone through the portal into the Sentis headquarters.

End of Flashback

"It had been 10 years since Lord Verrath took me in the Sentis. He has given me everything even a reason to live for." The hooded girl thought to herself as she put the picture frame back on the table near the bed and she stood up afterwards.

"And yet, is this truly the reason that I have?" she continued as she opened a void portal near the wall. "I guess I'll find out when Lord Verrath becomes one with the Yanmiege…" she had added as she went through the portal that she had opened.

"Lord Verrath, I think that she is up to something…" Ketzerei had said.

"Why are you so skeptical of her?" Verrath, who was still wearing the hood over his face, had asked Ketzerei. "She has been the most productive of all of you don't you know?" he added.

"But my lord…" Ketzerei tried to reason with him.

"In fact, all the others are also doing their part in different parts of the world except for you. Why is that?" Verrath had said to him.

"I'm here to protect you my lord for you are not complete yet." Ketzerei had said to him.

"I don't need your protection, what I need from you is to do your part and that is find the remaining parts of the Yanmiege." He replied to him sternly and Ketzerei was beginning to tremble in fear.

"Right away Lord Verrath." He had said.

The hoarse voiced man opened a void portal and immediately got through it in order to begin his task, while their lord, Verrath, stayed in the headquarters in order to examine the Yanmiege more.

"When I become complete, I can end the suffering of all the people in the world." Verrath had said.

"I can bring a new peace and balance to the world…who has shunned their sins…" Verrath had thought to himself. "Yanmiege and that person is the key." He added and in an instant he had disappeared in thin air without a trace.

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