Chapter 17 – Focus Lost

The Treyah students now had arrived in the arena and they were on time as usual. This time Lucian and Seiryu were the ones on the sidelines because the chosen combatants will be Yue, Elle and Melfice. They all made their way to their respective side of the arena and once again, the arena had flared up with applause from the crowd.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to the second round of the Tri Interschool tournament!" The voice of the announcer had said as he again moved flamboyantly in his work station while his voice echoed in the arena and again it was followed by applause again.

The flamboyant announcer now made his way towards the center of the ring and he was really outrageous with his movements. He held on a microphone and he wore a formal suit as well. He was now about to introduce the combatants in the second round of the tournament.

"On the left, the team that had narrowly escaped the wrath of the Nava Yud Academy with a record of 2-1 (Wins-Losses) it is non-other than the Treyah Academy!" he had said as a logo of the Treyah Academy had appeared on the huge screen that hung at the center of the arena.

"Their main fighters for today's second round will be the following: Elle Silvertear, Yue Aine and their vice-captain Melfice Freyberg!" The announcer continued to say as applause again had followed after he spoke.

"And now on the right, the team that had a clean sweep record of 3-0 in the first round of the tournament. An academy that hails in the main land of the Firiac Region, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Firiac Combat University!" the announcer had said as applause again followed.

In the arena, there were audience members that had brought FCU paraphernalia to show support to the Firiac students. They seemed to be a huge favorite to win this Tri Interschool tournament.

"3-0 huh?" Seiryu had said as he looked around the crowd.

"It seems that they are a formidable opponent for us. We seem to be the under dogs in this round." Lucian had said as he smiled. "Not to worry though, I'm sure our three fighters can handle it." He assured the long haired student.

"Now, I introduce to you the combatants of the heavily favored Firiac Combat University!" the announcer had said as the arena had applauded in a very loud manner. This was the loudest applause that the crowd had let out.

"First up is Sheena Lionsteel!" the announcer had said.

Sheena just stood in her respective platform in the arena. She sported a red hair color that was in a bun. Her eyes were yellow in color and they had a fierce look in them. She wore a black leather jacket with a white shirt inside it while stone washed jeans had covered her legs and her footwear was leather boots. Her weapon, which was a steel whip, hung on her waist and it was coiled.

"Second up is their vice captain, Fran Breaux!" the announcer continued to introduce their fighters.

Like Sheena, she just stood in her respective corner as well. Fran sported a bright blonde hair color that draped on her shoulders while her eyes were a bright orange color. She was wearing a brown vest with a black sleeveless shirt inside it while she wore shorts that reached above her knee. Her footwear was sneakers that were black in color with white soles. The dual tonfas were strapped onto her waist as well and they were foldable. Fran had a smug and cocky look on her face.

"This is gonna be a piece of cake!" she had said to Sheena in who in return did not reply to her.

"She should wipe that smug look of her face." Seiryu had said as he was looking at the screen that had Fran's face on it.

"Well I for one think she's pretty." Lucian had replied in a very straightforward manner and this had earned him a surprised look from the long haired student.

"You do realize that she's a brute right?" Seiryu replied to him.

"Well, there's that, but there's just something about her that intrigues me." The calm student replied to him as he looked back at the screen.

"Whatever." The long haired student replied to him.

The announcer now was still hyping up the arena as he was about to introduce their final fighter.

"And now the last fighter for the Firiac Combat University, he had a brutal win over one of the students here in the first round. He is the captain of the Firiac team and now without further ado I introduce to you the one, the only, Ray Shadowheart!" the announcer said and applause had immediately followed.

Inside the ring stepped up a man with brown hair that was short and spiky as well. He held on a huge broad sword that had a black blade while the handle was red with a lanyard attached at the tip of the handle. His eyes were blue in color and he had a calm look on his face. Ray wore a red sleeveless shirt and black gi pants on the bottom and he was on his bare feet. He had a black belt that was tied around his waist.

"You guys prepared to die?" he said as he faced Treyah's corner and immediately he turned his back on them and walked back to his own platform.

"That guy's no joke." Seiryu said to Lucian. "You'd better watch your ass out there." He now turned to say to Melfice.

Melfice was a little bit shocked himself for he felt that Ray was strong as well. Lucian went near the Hybrid wielder and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry. I know you can do it." Lucian said to him.

The referee now called up the fighters that are first. It seems that Elle and Sheena were up first in the competition.

Elle now began to walk towards the ring but immediately she stopped. Lucian had grabbed her forearm.

"Good luck out there." He had said as he smiled at her.

"You can do it!" Melfice said to her with a smile, but still no facial expression was on her face.

The platinum-blonde haired girl now walked up to the ring as she held on to her huge shuriken on her left hand. She was wearing a long sleeved white shirt with a logo of a famous brand on it while she wore jeans that were azure in color. Grey colored sneakers had wrapped her feet.

On the opposite side, Sheena was walking towards the referee. The Firiac student then took her whip from her waist and she held on to it while it was still coiled. The referee now stepped in between them.

"You've been briefed before this fight alright? Protect yourselves at all times and when I say stop you stop okay? Are there any questions from either fighters?" she had asked them and they both didn't reply. "Okay back'em up!" she added.

"Are you ready?" she said to Elle and she gave out a nod in response.

"Are you ready?" she said now to Sheena and she said nothing.

"Alright let's fight!" she had said as she now moved back and the fight was about to happen.

Elle immediately moved to her left in a fast manner as she tried to get behind the whip user. She then stopped in the middle of her movement and she threw her huge shuriken at the Firiac student with a hope of hitting her. Sensing the danger of Elle's weapon, Sheena immediately ducked under and she uncoiled her whip as she swung it at the flying shuriken that had gone past her.

The whip latched on the shuriken and Sheena gave it a huge pull in order to send it back to Elle with double the speed.

"That all you got?!" Sheena said smugly as the shuriken now was making its way towards the Treyah student.

"No… not even close." Elle said as spirit energy had begun to wrap her hands and it wrapped her weapon as well. She was controlling her weapon with her light spirit energy now as she directed it back to Sheena.

"Just like Greeze." Lucian said as he watched on the screen.

"Two way conduit." Seiryu added.

The platinum-blonde haired student now was pushing force into her shuriken as she tried to hit Sheena with it using only her light spirit energy. Sheena was trying to fight away from it by extending the length of her whip to move further away. The Firiac student was still trying to find a way to break through her offense when she had noticed a seemingly short opening in terms of her attack.

"She tends to move at the same time she moves her weapon. I get it now, she can't control it if the weapon is not in her line of sight." Sheena thought to herself as she dashed now with an attempt to get behind Elle.

She successfully got behind the Treyah student and now she saw that there was inconsistency in her control of her shuriken. Elle tried to face her with an attempt to strengthen her grip on the control of her weapon, but she had another thing coming.

"Snake Eyes." Sheena said as her whip was now engulfed in crimson flames. The whip begun to move with a mind of its own as a snake was forming from the fire spirit energy that had wrapped around it. It was moving towards Elle and the bad news is that she doesn't have enough time to evade it.

Elle attempted to form a forcefield as she pulled back on her shuriken to use it as a shield but she was too late. Sheena's Snake Eyes attack had landed flush on her as she was sent flying to the farther part of the ring. Her shuriken fell as well as it was impaled on the ring floor.

"Seems like you're just a weakling; you're probably better off dead." Sheena said as she pulled back on her whip and it was again wrapped in crimson red spirit energy.

"This is bad." Seiryu said as he watched on the screen. "Sheena's strong." He added.

"No. Elle's not focused." Lucian replied as he watched on the screen as well.

Elle tried to stand up from her predicament and she was successful. Holding on now to her shuriken she now she channeled her spirit energy in her body and a summon seal had appeared on the ground where she was standing.

"A summoner huh? Like a summon beast can help you." Sheena said to her and she felt that something had changed in her opponent's persona.

Elle's eyes now looked different. They had changed color from their usual blue color to a more silvery color. The summon seal now was beginning to intensify as she stepped outside of it and in an instant a huge ancient armor had appeared on top of the seal. The armor seemed to kneel down while holding on to a golden sword in front of it. Wings had sprouted from it, three on each shoulder.

"I call you out, Arcana…" Elle had said as her eyes flickered with a silver color.

"Her eyes, it cannot be…" Lucian said as he watched on the screen.

"So it looks like she summoned Arcana again." Melfice said as he watched on the screen as well.

"Arcana, Ray of light now." Elle commanded as the summon beast flew high up in the arena and everyone was awed.

Sheena now attempted to send her crimson lit whip towards the summoner in order to break her focus and she did connect as it hit the summoner on the shoulder, but even though she got hit she didn't budge for she still retained focus.

"Fire Fangs!" Sheena had said as she attempted another strike but at this point in time, Arcana had already finished charging up its attack.

"Arcana execute now!" Elle said as Arcana had pelted the ring with bolts of light falling from the sky.

"Crap! Vendetta Form!" Sheena said as her whip began to take form of a huge shield to cover her from the light rays.

The light rays continued to pour on the ring until nothing can be visible anymore. There was an intensifying light that had engulfed the entire arena for quite a while but then eventually it had cleared out. In the ring now Elle stood with Arcana by her side while on the opposite end was a Sheena with her whip coiled up above her head which took form of a huge shield with crimson spirit energy.

"Cool trick, but it won't work on me princess." Sheena said to Elle but she did not reply.

"Light is supposed to hurt me, like that instance with Dwayne when he summoned Elohim, but why didn't this hurt?" Lucian thought to himself. "There's only one possible explanation…"

Sheena was getting ready as she was swinging and flailing her whip in a circular manner and flames began to light up around her. Elle was being shielded by Arcana in order not to get hit again and the light spirit energy began to flare up as well around her.

"I call this one, the Searing Phoenix." Sheena had said as she stopped twirling her whip in the air and the form of her crimson spirit energy now had taken the form of a phoenix that had extended from her whip.

"Go now!" Sheena had said as the fire phoenix had rushed at where Elle is.

The summoner's eyes had flickered again as she stretched out her hand towards the phoenix and in an instant the phoenix had disappeared in thin air and the crimson spirit energy had begun to grow weak.

"What the?!" Sheena exclaimed as she tried to make the phoenix appear again.

"It's no use…" Elle replied to her as Arcana's light started flaring up behind her.

"What the hell are you talking about?!" the red haired girl replied to her.

"The Searing Phoenix is technically a summon and I being a summoner can have control over beasts as that. Do the math." Elle said to her as another summon seal had appeared from beneath her feet.

"It takes a great summoner to manipulate another person's spirit energy, and that's what I am…" Elle said as she was attempting to summon another beast.

She stepped back from the center of the summon seal in order to make room for the beast that is about to come out of the seal. A huge surge of light had appeared from the markings and it was hard to make out of the situation at first, but once the fog had cleared up, there stood a huge ivory furred lion in front of Elle. It had large fangs that protruded from its mouth and its eyes were crimson red and like that of a cat. It had two horns that went upward and its mane was very elegant.

"Maahes, I summon thee…" Elle said.

"Wow she can summon two beasts simultaneously? She must have excellent control then." Melfice had said.

"Too much control…" Lucian had said as he was beginning to doubt who Elle really is.

Sheena went far from the summoned beasts to charge up her power herself. Her body was engulfed in huge flames as well as her whip had begun to change its form.

"Damn, you seem intent on killing me huh?! I won't die you'll see." Sheena had said as red flames began to rage around the ring as well.

"Arcana, Maahes, compound attack now." Elle commanded them and Arcana got on Maahes' back as if he was riding a horse. "Cold Judgment…" she had added as light spirit energy had engulfed the archangel's golden blade and Maahes now begun to run towards the fire innate.

"This is the end…" Elle said in with confidence.

"You kidding?! I've been in serious ruts than this!" Sheena replied as she shouted as fires raged around her and this seemingly stopped Maahes in its tracks.

"What the?!" the summoner said in surprise. "She's stronger than I thought…"

A huge symbol seal appeared behind Sheena as the flames began to concentrate on her side. She was still flailing her whip in order to control the flames around her but the fires were beginning to intensify by the second.

"Burn baby! Primordial Flames!" Sheena had said as she blasted a huge amount of fire from her arsenal.

Elle shielded herself by using her shuriken as a shield yet again and her summoned beasts continued to rush at the fire innate despite of the huge fire blast that was in front of them. Arcana and Maahes were being stopped by the huge surge of flames to the point that it had weakened them and Sheena took advantage of this by increasing the density of her fire attack.

Left with no choice, Arcana just threw its sword towards Sheena's direction in order to attack it and immediately after that both the summoned monsters had returned back inside Elle's body. The flames now surged more and it had reached the place where Elle is at.

The flames hit Elle flush and at the same time, Arcana's blade turned into a laser light beam and it had hit Sheena as well and there was a huge explosion that had engulfed the ring.

After a few minutes, the smoke had cleared up and it revealed the two fighters both kneeling down. They were both exhausted and tired as if that they had put all their energy in their respective attacks. Sheena tried to get up but she failed as she fell down on the ring. Elle also tried to get up from her predicament but due to her exhaustion, she had fallen down as well.

The referee had noticed that both fighters were down and she looked towards the announcer as she signaled the start of the count.

"Oh no! It seems that both fighters are down and out. The referee has now begun the count and if neither fighter gets up then the bout will be considered to bee a draw!" the announcer had said.

"One!" the referee started

"C'mon Elle, get up!" Melfice shouted from where he was at.

"Damn… I have to get up…" Elle thought to herself as she tried to move, but no luck. Her limbs felt like jelly.


"Three!" The referee continued.

"It's no use; she put everything in her attack." Seiryu thought to himself as he looked away from the screen.

"All we can do is hope." Lucian said.



"Six!" The referee continued to count and still no one was getting up.

"Seven, Eight!" she kept on counting.

Sheena and Elle tried to move but they really couldn't. They both had exhausted themselves in the fight and all they could do was lay on the floor.


"Ten! That's it this battle is a draw!" the referee declared as both fighters were still down on the floor.

Melfice now and Ray went in the ring to pick up their respective team mates to bring them back to their own platforms. The hybrid wielder carried Elle on his back and back to the Treyah corner and he put her down on the floor and pressed her back against the wall.

"You did good." Melfice said to her.

"Damn…" Elle tried to say and in an instant she had lost consciousness.

"Leave her be, she needs rest." Yue said as she had cast a constant cure spell at her.

Lucian took a good long look at Elle and thoughts had begun to fill his mind about who she really is.

"That power…how could she have it?" Lucian had thought to himself more. "Who is she really?"

"May we now call on the next batch of fighters please?" The announcer said as Yue now begun to make her way towards the ring.

"Wish me luck guys." Yue said to them and Lucian nodded back at her.

"You'd better win. So far the score is 1 – 1" Seiryu said to her.

"I plan to." She replied as she now made her way to the ring for her fight. She was determined to win this in order to put their team in the semi-finals.

"I have to do this for Elle too. She exhausted herself out there and it would probably good news if she wakes up and finds out that we won." Yue had selflessly thought as she walked onto the ring and prepared for the fight that could be a deciding factor in this second round of the Tri Interschool Tournament.

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