Chapter 26 – Twins and Essences

Fireworks came out of the arena ring as the audience was going wild. It was already the beginning of the Semi Final rounds of the Tri Interschool Tournament and as usual, the announcer had appeared in the middle of the ring again and he was as flamboyant as usual as he wore a purple suit.

"Are you ready?!" he shouted as the audience continued to applaud in response. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Semi Final round of the Tri Interschool Tournament!" he shouted again as the audience applauded.

On the screen played the highlights of each team that had made it to the Semi Finals and obviously Treyah Academy was there and there was more applause than ever that came from the fans that had supported them.

"Wow I didn't know that we had garnered many supporters here." Yue said as she watched their team's highlights.

The highlights continued to play and this time it was the Xanos Corps highlights that had played. Lucian watched on the screen as he saw the team members of their adversaries fight to further study them.

"Now that you have seen each team's highlights, without further ado I introduce to you the two academies that will duke it out in this round it is none other than the Treyah Battle Academy and the Xanos Corps!" the announcer had said as applause had again filled the arena. The crowd was going wild for both academies indicating that each had many supporters.

"Are you guys ready to meet the first set of combatants?!" the announcer had asked the audience as they roared in applause as their response. "The first fight will be a two on two battle, and the rules will be the same as the one on one battles but for one team to win they must both incapacitate the members of the pair. And to add, if you fall off the ring into the abyss you will be automatically eliminated!" he continued to say.

The announcer looked around the audience as he was really on a roll this time. He had gotten them going wild at everything he says.

"Now without further ado, I will introduce you the first set of fighters! First up, hailing from the Treyah Battle Academy, these pair of fighters had their share of combat in the first two rounds and they have both triumphed over their adversaries with their gallantness in combat! Ladies and gentlemen, I now introduce to you the pair of Seiryu Noelle (1-0) and the team's vice captain, Melfice Freyberg (1-1)!" he had said as the audience applauded them and had gone wild again as a picture of the pair of fighters from Treyah had appeared on the screen with their respective Win-Loss record.

Seiryu and Melfice held on to their respective weapons as they both climbed on to a lift that was present in their team platform and this lift took them to the floating arena ring in the center of the dome. They had both landed in one side of the arena ring but still the aura of miscommunication and hate hovered over the pair of fighters of Treyah.

"And on the other side, these guys hail from the Xanos Corps and like the fighters from Treyah, they have been triumphant in their battles as well each possessing a perfect record because they have not been defeated yet in the earlier rounds. They are known as the super duo and here they are now! Please welcome the pair of Sinistros and Dekstros Lucca!" he had said as the platform that held the pair drew closer to the floating arena ring.

The pair of fighters for Xanos Corps now had stood on the arena platform. One of them had all white hair that spiked upward, his eyes were purple in color as it had a sinister look in them and he was dressed in a white shirt and long loose black pants and as footwear he wore white slippers. He held on a weapon that seemed to look like an average sized knife. He was known as Sinistros.

The other one also had purple eyes that had a calm look in them but instead of spiky white hair, he had long slick black hair that had reached up to his shoulders and he wore a sleeveless fitting shirt that was black in color and his pants were brown fitting jeans and he wore black sneakers as footwear. He was known as Dekstros and he looked exactly identical with his twin brother Sinistros but he looked more calm and composed. Dekstros held on a long sleek staff that had looked like a policeman's nightstick but without the side handle.

"Okay fighters front and center now." the referee had said as she called out to them. The announcer had already left the ring and went to the announce table via lift.

The Xanos team and the Treyah team now made their way to the center of the ring as the referee instructed them. Seiryu kept a long fierce look at the twins in front of him. He examined them and immediately felt that they were no ordinary fighters. Sinistros and Dekstros only looked at their enemies with looks that can kill.

"Okay guys, you've been given your instructions so protect yourself at all times. Follow the rules and when I say stop you stop got it?" she asked them and all four competitors agreed with her by nodding. "Okay team Treyah are you ready?" she said as she looked at the duo of Melfice and Seiryu.

The Treyah Team signaled that they were ready.

"Team Xanos are you ready?" she then said to the opposing team.

Sinistros and Dekstros nodded at her with smirks on their faces.

"Well then fight!" she had said as the first fight of the Semi Finals was already underway.

With that being said, Dekstros jumped up while his twin brother rushed at Melfice with fast speed. Melfice immediately retorted back with a dash of his own as flames had followed him as he move in a very fast manner. Seiryu on the other hand jumped up towards Dekstros in a battojutsu stance and attempted to attack a draw slash.

Dekstros parried with his long staff and he now went straight for counter strikes. Seiryu worked hard enough to parry all of his opponent's strikes while in midair and that was not an easy task.

"He's fast." Seiryu said as he was continuing to parry the incoming strikes. He sidetracked the incoming attack and in return he executed a spinning horizontal slash that had sent Dekstros at bay due to the force behind it.

"His sword skill is top notch. Interesting." Dekstros said as he rushed back at the katana wielder and continued to pour on some strikes with his staff.

Melfice on the other hand was now being aggressive as he swung wildly with his gunblade as fires raged around behind him. Sinistros on the other hand was on the defensive as he was using his knife to parry a majority of his strikes successively as he was also executing backflips and acrobatic skills with his body. This goes to show you how flexible this guy really is.

The Hybrid wielder continued to pour on some strikes, but to his dismay, Sinistros had disappeared in front of him.

"What the?!" Melfice had said in surprise.

"Looking for me?!" Sinistros had said as he reappeared behind the Treyah Vice Captain and he attempted now to stab him from behind. To his surprise however, someone had blocked his attack just as it was about to connect.

"Nice try." Seiryu had said as he was holding on to his katana very firmly. He just saved Melfice's life.

"Where'd you come from?!" Sinistros had said as he was struggling to push his knife towards Seiryu. The long haired student however pushed him aside as to give himself a breather.

"Shut up." He replied to Sinistros.

"I could've defended myself you know." Melfice had said as he split his gunblade into two blades.

"I didn't save your life. I just didn't want to lose that easy." Seiryu had replied to him.

"Don't start with me!" Melfice replied to him as he now rushed towards the white haired student of Xanos Corps in order to get away from the heated conflict that was just brewing between him and his team mate.

Sinistros was blocking every single strike that Melfice was doing towards him and this had baffled the Hybrid wielder. He pushed on forward with a series of slashes and the white haired student from Xanos just kept on parrying his strikes with ease. When Sinistros had now discovered an opening, he capitalized on it by ducking and evading a big slash from Melfice and countered with a side slash from his knife. This strike landed cleanly and it barely just grazed Melfice's body.

The vice captain of Treyah flinched in pain even though it was just a small graze and Sinistros wasted no time aas he followed it up with a series of fast slashes with his knife. Melfice was barely keeping up with the Xanos Corps student and yet again he left himself open as he attempted to attack Sinistros with a front thrust. The white haired twin stepped back from the thrust and quickly moved behind Melfice and he kicked his back as he followed up with a two slash combo and this had sent the vice captain of team Treyah falling to the ground.

"You sure you're the vice captain? Seems like you're the weakest link in the team if you ask me." Sinistros said with a smirk on his face.

"Shut it!" Melfice said as he got up again and he swung aggressively afterwards with his gunblade.

Again Sinistros was timing and pacing himself patiently as he was evading all of Melfice's strikes with ease.

"Hmm got you again!" he thought to himself as he evaded one particular strike and again he saw an opening for a counter attack and capitalized on it, but just as the strike was about to land, a dark surge of energy had interrupted Sinistros.

"Not again!" he exclaimed as he saw Seiryu in front of him with his katana clashed with his knife, but little did the long haired student know that Dekstros was following up behind him and when the black haired twin got up to him, it earned him a kick to the torso causing him to flinch in pain.

"You're fighting me." Dekstros said calmly as he distanced himself from the long haired student afterwards.

"Damn they've seen through Seiryu and Melfice already." Lucian had said as he watched on the screen.

"What do you mean?" Yue asked in response.

"Those twins know about the animosity between Seiryu and Melfice. I have a bad feeling about this…" Lucian said as he continued to watch on the screen.

Dekstros was now on the offensive as he swung his metal nightstick towards Seiryu and the long haired student in return was parrying the calmer twin's strikes, but unlike Melfice he was catching up quite well.

"Clearly you're a different level from your partner." Dekstros said as he was still attacking Seiryu and the long haired student did not reply to him. "He seems to be dragging you down huh?" he added.

"What are you trying to do?" Seiryu replied as he was defending the series of strikes from Dekstros and he was also countering with his own as well.

"Nothing really, it's just Sinistros and I have this feeling that you cannot work very well together." He replied to the Treyah student as he moved far away and darkness energy raged around his body. His twin, Sinistros got closer to him and light spirit energy raged around him as well.

Melfice made his way towards Seiryu and he had split his gunblade in two. Even though that they are partners, you can still feel the hate and animosity between the two fighters as they turned their backs on each other and fought as if they were minding their own business.

"Let's see how you like this." Both Sinistros and Dekstros said as both light and dark energies raged around them.

Both light and dark energies twirled around the two students from Xanos as they now shifted back into their attack stance. Sinistros held his knife on his right hand as he was conjuring more light energy around while Dekstros kept calm as the darkness was now completely dancing around him.

"Twin Sundance of Light and Darkness." Both of the twins had said as they both had disappeared in thin air taking their energies with them.

Seiryu and Melfice now stood their ground as they both let out their respective spirit energies in order to defend themselves. Darkness energy raged around Seiryu's body as he focused himself in his defensive battojutsu stance while Melfice shifted into the fifth form of his Hybrid gunblade which was the Hoyoku (phoenix wings) and he let out a series of strong flame bursts around him.

"Where are they going to strike?" Seiryu said as he held on his katana in a battojutsu stance firmly.

"I say we strike first!" Melfice said as flames raged on around his gunblade.

"Sure if you want to get yourself killed." Seiryu replied coldly to him as he held on his blade.

"I'll do what I want!" Melfice said as he sped up around the ring leaving Seiryu on the defensive stance.

"Not if we have anything to say about it!" Sinistros and Dekstros had said as they both appeared on both sides of the Treyah students in order to corner them in the middle.

"Damn!" Seiryu said as he let his darkness rage on.

"I told you we should've moved!" Melfice had said as he stopped on his tracks and he found himself back on the center of the ring again.

"Eternal Flares of both Dark and Light!" the twins said simultaneously as they both stretched out their hands towards Seiryu and Melfice and in an instant energies of both light and darkness rained in the center of the ring pummeling the Treyah students and the only ones that were visible were the twins from the Xanos Corps.

"Final Flare!" Sinistros had said as a huge ancient seal appeared on top of the rain of dark and light flares. In an instant, a huge ray of faint light had emerged from the seal and it had hit the explosions produced by the energy rain and it then produced a much larger explosion and this had engulfed the arena ring for some time.

After the fog had cleared up, the first ones were visible were the twins inside the ring as they stood calmly on the outside, while in the center of the ring lay both Seiryu and Melfice as they held on their weapons. The latter was still trying to get up as he thrust his weapon on the floor of the ring as to support him.

"It ain't over yet…" Melfice had said as he tried to revert back to his fighting stance.

"You're tougher than I thought." Dekstros said. "However, it seems that I can't say the same about your part-" he tried to say but in an instant a fast gush of energy had went past him.

"Not a chance…" Seiryu said as he stood behind both Sinistros and Dekstros. "I won't be going down so easy either." He added

"The darkness is strong in him." Sinistros thought to himself as he faced Seiryu while his brother faced Melfice on the other side.

"It seems that we have underestimated you." The white haired twin had said as he readied his knife and reverted back to his fighting stance. "But clearly you can see that we have the upper hand in this fight." He added.

"What makes you so sure?" Melfice asked as he let his flames rage around him.

"From where I am standing, it seems that you guys cannot work together as a team and teamwork is very important in battles such as these." Dekstros said calmly as he readied his metal nightstick.

"He's right, we can't keep going on like this if we want to win…" Seiryu thought as he reverted back to his battojutsu stance. "I have to make an opening with my Yakekoge Senko and I'll just pray that Melfice makes something happen." He added as he readied himself for the attack.

In an instant, Seiryu rushed towards Sinistros causing the latter to slightly flinch and react to his moves, but just as the student fro Xanos was about to move away, Seiryu had appeared in front of him and subsequently he drew out his katana in order to connect with his attack.

"Yakekoge Senko!" Seiryu had shouted as he attempted to slash Sinistros with his darkness engulfed blade. The latter now attempted to parry the attack with his knife but then he realized after that he was going to lose the clash so he attempted to move away from Seiryu but it was to no avail for the long haired student from Treyah exerted more force into his attack which had led to Sinistros being off-balanced.

"Got you." Seiryu had said as he shifted to the right in order to take advantage of the stunned student, but Dekstros had appeared in front of him.

"Don't be cocky." He had said but then he had another thing coming.

"Form Five Extension: Fushi En!" Melfice had shouted as he appeared right above the three students present and he immediately dashed towards the ground and he thrust his blades on the ring.

A series of flame pillars had emerged underneath the spot where Sinistros and Dekstros were standing and immediately Seiryu moved out of the way in order not to get hurt by Melfice's technique. Sinistros and Dekstros tried to evade the flames that had emerged underneath them but no dice because eventually the explosions had gotten the better of them and this had sent them falling to the ground.

Melfice and Seiryu now stood beside each other and both of them still had the feeling of animosity towards each other, but the former went nearer and approached the long haired student.

"Look we need to put our differences aside if we want to pull this off." He had said.

"Fine." Seiryu replied to him. "I'll put up with your recklessness for once." He added as he had a smirk on his face and both of them now high-fived each other and thus this seemingly puts an end to the animosity between them.

"Don't think that this is over yet!" Sinistros shouted as he got up from his predicament and light energy had raged around him.

"The real fight's just beginning so don't get confident." Dekstros said as well as he knelt down on the ground on one knee to pace himself.

Melfice and Seiryu looked at each other and nodded and in return now faced their adversaries again and both of them now rushed at Sinistros and Dekstros in order to defeat them once and for all.

"Take this!" Melfice had shouted.

"Out of my way!" Seiryu had shouted as well as all four fighters now were beginning to fight at the best of their ability.

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