Chapter 27 - Deception

Melfice and Seiryu now rushed at their adversaries respectively with excellent speed and this caused Sinistros and Dekstros to fall back and defend themselves. BothTreyah students now collided with the twins and they swung their respective weapons at them. Dekstros was calmly defending Melfice's strike attempts at him with ease as he shuffled and strafed to the left, but as just as he thought that he was already out of Melfice's reach he had another thing coming.

The Hybrid wielder now rushed at the black haired twin and he attempted to pelt him with more strikes from the Hoyoku form of his blade. His attacks came from all angles which caused a worry for the Dekstros as he moved on the defensive.

"Crap why'd he seem to get better?" Dekstros thought to himself as he kept up with Melfice and tried to defend his strikes.

The Hybrid wielder spun his blade horizontally to execute a long range spinning slash, but Dekstros saw it coming immediately and jumped backwards to avoid it. He saw this as an opportunity for a counter attack so immediately he let his dark spirit energy rage around his body and dashed towards Melfice.

"Your recklessness will be your death." He had said as his metal nightstick was now engulfed in dark spirit energy. Dekstros now dashed towards Melfice in order to attack him with his weapon, but just as he was about to close in on the hybrid wielder, he had another thing to worry about that was going to happen.

"Vertical Cross!" Seiryu had shouted as he came from above of Dekstros and his weapon had darkness energy around it as well.

The long haired student was about to make impact with the black haired twin with his Vertical Cross attack but then the other twin, Sinistros appeared just below Seiryu and he blocked the incoming attack with ease as he put his knife against the long haired student's weapon. Their weapons clashed in the air, but Sinistros was getting the better of Seiryu so he pushed the long haired student backwards with ease and after that he dashed towards him and began to pelt him with slashes coming from his knife.

Seiryu defended the attacks precisely with his sword as he moved and looked for openings though Sinistros's reckless attack. All of the attacks that came from the long haired student's adversary came almost from a majority of different angles and he was now beginning to have a hard time to defend his attacks. He thought to himself now that it was better to mount the offensive and so he did.

Sinistros now felt that he was gaining the upper hand so he jumped up in the air and attempted a big slash from his knife and in a simultaneous manner, light energy had raged around him as well.

"An opening…" Seiryu thought to himself as he strafed to the side in order to avoid the incoming attack. Sinistros landed as he missed with an attack that left him open to a counter and immediately the long haired student dashed towards him with his katana which was lit in faint darkness.

"Mugen no Jigoku Ikari!" The katana wielder had said as he attempted to strike Sinistros with a variation of his Vertical Cross attack.

"Damn!" Sinistros said as he tried to move away from the incoming Treyah student.

Seiryu was now moving with a speed that could surpass the gods as he tried to catch up with Sinistros in order to connect with his attack. He drew nearer towards the white haired student and just as he was about to connect, he suddenly noticed that Sinistros just stopped in his tracks it led to a chain reaction thus stopping Seiryu as well. Little that did the long haired student know that Dekstros had appeared right behind him as well with an immobilized Melfice whom he held by the neck.

"Melfice!" Seiryu had said as he let his darkness rage on around him.

"He had to be tied down at some point. Your friend here was too aggressive just a few seconds ago." Dekstros said as he held on Melfice's neck.

"How the hell did that happen? Melfice was winning against you a while ago as I sensed it." Seiryu replied without letting up on the darkness that he conjured around him. He can feel that his right eye seems to flicker and flare indicating a change of color between red and brown. "Damn not now…" he thought to himself.

"This had helped." Dekstros said as he pointed to his metal nightstick. "It feeds off raging spirit energy and well, his flames were enough to satisfy the hunger in my spirit pool." He had added as he dropped Melfice's body on the ground of the ring.

"Seems like you're the only one left." Sinistros said cockily as a faint light had appeared around his body indicating that he was now conjuring light spirit energy. "I guess it's time to end this once and for all." He added as he and his brother now stood side by side and let their spirit energies again rage around the ring.

While this was happening, the darkness within Seiryu was now beginning to be unstable and he knew that feeling to well. Perhaps it was because the tension that he felt against these two fighters that had been present was very overwhelming and even though he had control over his darkness, he still had to train to keep them in check.

"Damn, this is really bad timing." Seiryu thought to himself as he tried to control the darkness energy within him by squeezing the blade of his katana with his left hand once again.

"Keep your guard up. Something does not feel right…" the voice of the darkness inside him had said as it sent out bursts of darkness outward Seiryu's body.

"What's wrong? Having a hard time keeping your darkness in check?" Sinistros had said as he taunted Seiryu to attack him.

"This level of energy…it can't be I thought Crowe's son was the only one with this type of darkness!" Dekstros thought to himself as he let his own darkness flare up around him. "Keep your guard up Sinistros, he's not your typical enemy" he added.

"He's not the only one that's not typical…" a voice had said as Sinistros turned behind him and saw that the hybrid wielder was getting up.

Melfice got up as flames started to flare up from his hands and he thrusted his gunblade on the ground once again to help him posture up in order to get up and fight once more.

"I won't be downed so easily…" he had said weakly as he shifted his gunblad to its original form.

Lucian watched on the screen as he felt a sting of uneven energy begin to surge up near his area. He had felt that energy before he was sure of it.

"That energy…its near and what's more is that I can feel multiple sources." He thought to himself as he readied his rapier on his right hand. Yue took notice of this.

"Lucian what's wrong?" she had asked.

"Keep your guard up. I sense something unpleasant." Lucian said as he looked around in their vicinity and noticed that Elle was not with them. "How long has Miss Elle been gone?" he asked her.

"Huh? She's not here? I haven't noticed that until now." Yue replied. "I guess I was too busy watching the fight." She had replied to the calm student.

"Keep your guard up Miss Yue at all costs…" Lucian had said as he looked around the arena for anomalies with his telekinetic darkness.

And he called it right for what happened is that grey floating crystals had appeared in the whole of the arena and they were of huge number. The grey floating crystals suddenly had sprouted arms with claws, a short tail, feet that were not muscular but not thin either and they also had claws, and they had a head with horns but no face. The crystal fiends had surrounded the arena and this had caused a great turmoil in the crowd for they had started attacking everyone on sight.

Everyone was now either trying to run to the exit of the arena but then the exits had been barricaded by lumps of crystal that had converged there so there was really no way to get out of the arena.

Back in the arena, the same crystal fiends had appeared around the four fighters and Seiryu still let bursts of darkness out of his body while Melfice tried to shift to his fighting stance to keep these fiends at bay.

"What the hell are these creatures?!" Melfice said as he swung at them with his gunblade and surprisingly he took one out with one shot.

Seiryu did the same as well as he swung at the crystal fiends that were around him. He evaded their attacks and countered with swings from his katana and he got the same results with Melfice as he took them out as well with one shot. He then noticed as he looked towards Sinistros and Dekstros that the two of them were calm as if they were not affected by these crystal fiends.

"The hell you guys standing there for? Aren't you going to fight off these bastards as well?" Seiryu had asked them as he shifted to his fighting stance.

"I don't feel like it." Sinistros said as he smiled in a sinister manner.

"Besides we would be hurting our own kind if we did." Dekstros said calmly.

"Own kind?!" Melfice shouted as he pointed his gunblade at them. "Okay just exactly what are you people?!" he had added as flames raged around him.

"People? Please…I'm barely a person." Sinistros replied to the hybrid wielder as he immediately transformed his clothing into a grayish cloak with the hood except it was down. Dekstros did the same as well.

Lucian came rushing in the ring and he got behind the two twins as he drew out his rapier and let his darkness rage out as well.

"Well well look who's here to join us." Sinistros had said smugly.

"Crowe's son." Dekstros had said calmly once more as he drew out his metal night stick.

"You people are the ones responsible for this. What do you want?" Lucian said to them.

"Why should we tell you? I mean after all no one would understand us anyway." Dekstros replied as he rushed at Lucian to attack him with his weapon.

He swung at Lucian while the latter defended precisely and he evaded one particular strike that Dekstros threw which led him open to a counter attack and Lucian now had dominant position over Dekstros as he pointed his rapier tip on to the neck of the twin.

"Now what do you want?" Lucian said but this time he wasn't as calm as he was before.

"None of your business." Dekstros said as he blasted Lucian with a darkness ball of gravity and this had sent him flying towards the pair of Melfice and Seiryu and all three of them fell to the ground. The three of them now struggled to get back up on their feet and indeed they were successful as Seiryu, Lucian and Melfice got back up and shifted into their respective fighting stances.

"Besides, we already have what we want." Sinistros had said as he pointed up in the sky.

At the direction where Sinistros had pointed was a huge archangel armor present and it looked like it was lying horizontally as it flew. Up on top of it was someone in a grayish cloak hood, just like what Sinistros and Dekstros were wearing except the hood was up. The hooded figure held on someone very familiar to the three Treyah students below them and she was struggling to break free from the hooded figures hold on her. It was none other than Yue who was in the clutches of the hooded figure.

"Yue!" Seiryu had shouted as he saw his team mate being held on hostage by the hooded figure on top of the archangel.

"That summon…it can't be!" Lucian said as he let darkness rage around him.

The hooded figure had tied down Yue on top of the archangel to keep her immobilized she then began to lower the flight of the archangel summon to get a little bit closer to the people down in the ring.

"Give Yue back whoever you are!" Seiryu had shouted to the hooded figure.

"Why? Is it because you care about her?" the hooded figure said as her angelic voice ran through the arena.

"That voice! No it can't be…" Lucian thought to himself as he readied to attack.

"Show your face coward!" Melfice said to the hooded girl as he let flames raged around him to keep Sinistros and Dekstros at bay.

"As you wish then, besides you will all be dead anyway…" the hooded girl had said to all of them.

She now proceeded to pull off her hood slowly in order to comply with the command given to her by the Treyah vice captain. Once she had pulled down her hood, the three students from Treyah had been given the shock of their lives.

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