Chapter 30 – Assurance (Season Finale)

It had been 2 days since the attack on the arena by the Sentis. I still feel pain in my left hand though due to the wounds I inflicted on it to keep my darkness in check. I sat on my bed which was the lower bunk of the double decker bed in the arena dome hotel while I heard Melfice snore as he slept on the top bunk. The rest of the people, excluding Elle, were at Yue's room. She had regained consciousness a day ago but I haven't seen her since then. It was still a very strong impression on me, Elle defecting I mean. It turns out that she was one of them and we all fell for it, especially me.

"I'll always be here for you…" - Elle

Damn. All the things she said to me had now become null and void at this point. I still don't get why she did that. What was her purpose?

"I hope I don't break what you have given me…" – Elle

It's done. Everything has been broken at this point. The mere fact that she was willing to harm a friend means that whoever she was working for was far more important than the relationships she had with all of us. I admit, it was a bit saddening and shocking at first but now that I really think about it nothing meant to her, nothing at all.

My left hand was taped up pretty tight in order to get its full health back as I now stood up and made my way towards the living room of our suite. I wore my signature white hoodie with the logo of a wolf on it and slim black jeans with slip-on sneakers. Making my way to the couch, I sat down on it as soon as I approached it and immediately what came across me was a fellow student of mine.

"You're up early." Lucian said as he stood up right in front of me. He still seemed fatigued from the fight two days ago. He wore a long sleeved plain white shirt, stone wash slim jeans and black sneakers.

"Haven't had sleep last night." I replied and it was true. I was somewhat up all night due to the wound on my left hand and also due to some things that I was thinking. "How is she?" I asked in return.

"Miss Yue is doing just fine. She's asleep as of this time but you're free to check on her if you want." Lucian replied to me. "I mean you haven't checked on her since yesterday and she hasn't really seen you since the incident." He added.

"Still can't understand it though." I replied to him. "Why would she turn on us just like that? What's her motive?" I continued.

"Even I do not know and I am the one who can read minds." He joked as he smiled afterwards.

"One thing's for sure though, our ties are now cut from her because from the moment she attempted to kidnap Yue and attacked us she had sent us the message that she was willing to betray us." I said to him coldly.

"Perhaps, but even we couldn't tell." Lucian said as began to leave as I saw him go in his room.

I might as well check on Yue now because Lucian did have a point I mean she really hasn't seen me since the attack and I'd probably doing the ditz a favor if I checked on her now.

General POV

Seiryu made his way towards Yue's room and in a short while he was already at the front door. He tried to turn the doorknob slowly in order to not wake the spellcaster up and as he did he opened the door slowly and slip inside her room. He then saw her lying on top of her bed as she was asleep. Her azure hair draped on her shoulders as she lay in bed with a blanket on top of the rest of her body excluding her head.

There was a chair at the far end beside Yue and Seiryu lifted that chair and stuck it against the far wall and he sat on it as he rested himself.

"Who knew the ditz was a noisy sleeper?" the long haired student said to himself as he heard a small snore come out of Yue as she breathed while sleeping. He let out a small laugh as he heard it.

"Atleast your safe now" Seiryu said as he sighed in his seat. He then looked at his left hand and felt the stinging pain around it. "I really should stop wounding this hand." He thought to himself as he rocked his chair while patiently watching Yue sleep.

He looked at her again and noticed that she isn't really half bad in terms of looks. Her eyes were closed as a layer of smooth marble like texture skin had draped all over her and her azure hair just complimented the color of her skin as well.

"Wow I never really did check her out like this before." Seiryu thought to himself and immediately he slapped himself in the face. "I should not be thinking about that stuff!" he added.

Then he noticed that Yue was now yawning and slowly waking up. She pushed off the blanket that covered her body and revealed that she was wearing a white loose shirt for pyjamas. She then began to rub and open her eyes and immediately looked around her room.

"Nice of you to join the living ditz." She heard a voice say and immediately she turned to where it came from and saw a familiar long haired student looking at her. He was seated on chair as he watched her patiently and waited for her to say something. Yue was lost for words when she saw that it was Seiryu that she had seen in her room.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" Seiryu asked her with a smirk on his face.

"Whatever." Yue replied to him as she just rested her back on the headboard of her bed. "What time is it?" she then asked to start a conversation with the long haired student.

"8:00 am, it's still way too early to be up." The long haired student replied to her in response.

"So what brings you here?" she asked him in return.

"Lucian said that I should check on you." Seiryu replied to her.

Yue then looked at Seiryu and immediately she noticed something had changed in him. She gradually saw the personality change in him since the Tri Interschool Tournament had started and now he wasn't that much of a pain in the ass anymore.

"Oh I just remembered! They are cancelling the Tri Interschool Tournament since the attack on the arena had caused massive damage to many people and the arena's structure had been compromised as well." Yue said outloud.

"Yeah ditz that was yesterday's news. You can blame the Sentis for that." Seiryu replied to her as he had a smirk on his face.

"And Elle, she attempted to kidnap me. I don't know why…" Yue then said with a soft tone in her voice. "Why would she do that? I mean we're friends…" she added.

"Even I don't know. Lucian and the others were just as shocked as any of us." Seiryu replied as his facial expression suddenly changed.

"I also heard that everyone contributed to fend them off and protect the others and myself." Yue replied to the long haired student.

"Fran was the one who saved you all in all so you should thank her." The long haired student said to her as a reply.

"Actually, I thanked them all already yesterday. They were all here in my room, well except for you. What were you doing anyway? I mean you're starting to seclude yourself again from us." Yue replied in a worried manner.

"Many things are just running through my mind now, you know about the Sentis, about her betrayal and your safety." Seiryu replied to her and immediately that statement brought a reaction on Yue's face as she felt her cheeks heat up.

"Th-thank you…" Yue said to the long haired student.

"No need. I didn't really contribute that much." he said as he faced away from Yue's direction.

"On the contrary, Lucian told me that you were really willing to lose yourself to the darkness once more just to save me." She replied to the katana wielder as she let out a faint smile. "That was a nice thing to do for me, but please don't do it again…" she added.

Seiryu now looked at her once more and the familiar faint smile was again present in her face.

"Why?" he asked her. "I was just really so angry…I had to do it in order to help them save you." He added.

"I just don't want you losing control of your darkness again. I can't bear to see that sight of you. The unconsciouss, lifeless you…" she then replied as a vivid image of a lifeless Seiryu appeared in her mind. It was the time that he lost himself in the darkness during his battle with Lucian.

"Promise me…" Yue said to the long haired student as she looked at him with her cerulean eyes.

"Hmph." Seiryu let out a small laugh afterwards. "Even though you were almost kidnapped and rendered unconscious, you're still the one who keeps on worrying." He added and this had earned him a look on Yue's face.

"Promise me." She said again but this time her face was more serious.

"All right ditz I won't do it again." Seiryu replied to her and she saw something that the long haired student did not do usually. He let out a small smile towards his companion Yue.

"That's a rare sight." the azure hair girl said to Seiryu as she also smiled at him in response.

Seiryu now stood up and made his way to the door. He looked at his phone and saw that it was already 8:55 am.

"Leaving so soon already?" Yue asked the long haired student.

"The bus leaves in 45 minutes and I haven't packed up yet." He replied to her, but he hasn't opened the door yet.

"What?!" Yue said as she looked at the clock on top of her drawer that was beside her. She saw that the time was already 8:55 which means that she had less time to prepare herself and pack.

"You better speed it up ditz." Seiryu said as he let out a smirk on his face as he went towards the door again, but before he opened the door he stopped in front of it and faced the azure haired girl who was now out of her bed and had started to pack her things.

"Yue." He called out her name and this caused the azure haired girl to face him.

"What?" she said in response.

"Whenever you're in a rut, don't worry for I'll always be around to protect you. Keep that in mind." Seiryu said as he now opened the door as he made his way to his room.

Little did he know that by saying that statement he had rendered her speechless at first and at the same time deep inside her thoughts, it had really made her truly happy.

"Thank you…Seiryu…" she had thought to herself as she now stood up and opened her curtains to let the sun in.

A new day was dawning at last.

FINALLY! Season 2 comes to a close as the main plot is now somewhat clearer than before! What to expect in Season 3 of this Series? well here are some items:

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