It was a silent night in the American countryside. The stars shone brightly in the sky, the moon glowed in its fullness above, and a shadow flew down from on high and crashed into the ground with enough force to crack it, and it kept going, digging a trench 15 kilometres deep in the earth as it went for ten kilometres before stopping against a wall of earth. A moment later, the shadow exploded out of the trench and into the air, fist reared back and flying at another shadow.

Fist met fist with enough force to generate a shockwave of force that tore the ground apart, collapsing part of the trench. the two shadows separated and struck at each other again and again, each blow countered, each blow generating another shockwave that tore the ground below asunder.

Finally, the first shadow left an opening, and a fist slammed into a jaw, and the first shadow flew again. The second shadow floated there, and the moonlight shone down, revealing a young woman with short red hair in a page cut, silver eyes, and a pretty face, her tailored skirt was torn in several places as she floated in the air.

She tilted her head to the side, listening as a faint whistle filled the air. Her eyes went wide and she threw her arms out, bracing herself.

The Eiffel Tower slammed into her with steel-cracking force and she flew back, gritting her teeth as the ancient landmark crumpled against her arms. She flew lower and lower, slamming into the ground and setting her feet down, skidding backwards in the ground. When she finally stopped, she dropped the wrecked tower.

And then the Statue of Liberty landed on her head. The first shadow was revealed as a young man. Dark hair, bright blue eyes, wearing a torn up black business suit. Like the girl, he was attractive and smirking.

And then it got brighter. Curious, he looked up, his pupils shrinking to the size of pinpricks, his jaw dropping at the sight that greeted him.

The moon was glowing, bright as the sun...

And then it shot him in the face with a massive beam of energy that sent him crashing backwards and right back into his trench. The lunar beam tore apart the ground as it drove him across the countryside. As he hit the same wall of dirt that stopped him before, the beam exploded with the force of a nuclear bomb.

As he jumped out of the newest hole in the earth, Lady Liberty slammed into his face, the force generating yet another shockwave, and this time, the impact shattered the sound barrier. The young woman tossed the statue aside carelessly, looking around to see where her opponent would come from next.

He slammed into her side, tackling her and sending them both flying, Kilometre upon kilometre, across the ocean, moving at Mach Ten, finally coming to a violent stop when they both crashed into a pyramid in Egypt.

Silence descended as the ancient building collapsed around them.

And then the woman was thrown out of the ruins, spinning through the air before slamming head-first into the sand. The man shot out, following her. It was daylight on this side of the world, and the sun beat down on them without mercy. He drove his feet down into the quickly-filling crater, the force making it explode around him.

It rained sand, but the woman wasn't there anymore. A shadow fell over the man and he looked up, blinking as the Sphinx came down on his head, the ancient stone monument driving him into the ground. The woman slammed it down on him again and again, until it shattered.

More silence, the sound of sand filling the crater the only thing breaking it.

And then a large metal ring flew from the ground, slamming into the woman and sending her flying backwards again. She hit the Nile with enough force to empty it of water, and the crumpled ring fell next to her.

She stirred, looked up, and blinked as she heard another whistling sound.

It took her a few seconds to realize what was about to happen before the man slammed down on her, feet first, from orbit. The force of the blow sent them both crashing through the earth, through the layers of rock and fossils, and eventually into the core.

And through it, coming out the other side and continuing on. The impossible momentum carried them to the other side of the globe and into the night again, erupting from the oceans. The woman grabbed the man's legs and flipped in the air, spinning with him to build up momentum before releasing him.

Below her, the oceans started to boil as the compromised core of the planet seeped through the tunnel they dug, and she looked down, distracted enough by the sight that her opponent was able to get the drop on her, drop-kicking her in the face.

The sound barrier shattered again, and she flew. He followed, grinning, as she crashed into Mount Rushmore, shattering every face with the force of her landing.

Below them, the earth started shaking. The woman grunted and shot out again, holding up her left hand, power gathering. The man blinked, looked up, and understood what she was doing. He prepared himself, and as the first of the meteors blasted through the atmosphere, he started punching them right back at her. The woman grinned and slammed them down into the ground, pointing up.

The man looked up.

The moon was falling at him, and it was glowing. He looked at his opponent. She smiled, winked, and pressed her wrist watch. A doorway opened behind her, and she pointed down. He looked at the earth below, at the destroyed land beneath them, and then up at the moon.

"Oh, this is gonna suck."

And the moon hit him in the face, exploding with world-ending force.


"Yeah, two blew up the earth."

The redhead, fresh from her shower, shrugged and straightened her top. "Oh, they'll just rebuild it. Besides, it was empty."

The young man was nursing a headache. "She weaponised the moon. Again."

The man scolding them, older than them by many years, rolled his eyes. "Children, we need that planet for the rebirth. And your sister is Goddess of the Moon, Atreyu. Of course she uses it as a weapon. I'm just surprised you didn't do the same to the sun."

Atreyu, young God of the Sun, shrugged. "That was fun though. Say, should we do that again when they've rebuilt the earth?"

"Only if you want me to kick your ass again, brother," the Moon Goddess grinned. "I'm in charge of every moon in existence, you're in charge of the suns. Our powers are literally as different as night and day."

"Oh, Ophelia...that was a horrible, horrible joke."

Ophelia stuck her tongue out.