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"Duke Hedervary," A servant called as he came inside the office. "It seems like it is already the time." He said as he bowed his head for a moment and then looked at the blond man sitting by his desk. Duke Hedervary, as called, stopped writing down today's documents and looked at him in seriousness and confusion mixed together. "The children are already fourteen and fifteen."

The duke sighed and adjusted his frameless glasses. He didn't say anything yet and scratched the back of his head and shifted from his seat. He's thinking of what to say. He then gave off another sigh and then looked up at the servant. "Don't you think they're still a little too young for this? I mean, it's not something to rush off. They still have the rest of their young days to enjoy, right?" He asked, and then smiled at the other man.

The servant just stared at him with a straight face. "Do you still think that way, milord?"

The duke looked at him with surprise on his face for a while before smiling and saying, "Of course not. Well not anymore." He then looked away and sighed. "Alright, perhaps it's already time my children learn how to do things like a real ruler." He scratched his forehead and then adjusted his frameless glasses upward. "With that suggestion, I assume you've got things planned already, right?"

The other man nodded. "Yes, milord. I have asked Lady Elena and she agreed about…"

"Elena knows about this?" He asked, definitely surprised about it. "She didn't tell me anything!" He exclaimed in disbelief.

The servant shifted on his seat and the pursed his lips together, definitely hoping for a master in good mood right now. "Um, milord." He said, and the duke looked at him, and finally gained his composure. "L-Lady Elena helped me sort things out for young masters and mistress. But she told me to tell you to conduct a meeting first between the Academia members."

The duke thought about it for a while and scratched his chin. "Oh. That would be a good idea. I really wouldn't want my children to go there alone. I really should send a letter to the others and tell them to do the same as us." He said and then pushed his pen and started writing down. "Oh, yes, Michael. You're dismissed. But for now, keep this as a secret between you, me and my wife. Don't say a word to any of my children for now."

The servant nodded and made his way out.

The albino teacher smiled sweetly at her toddlers as she showed them the country's flag. They sat at the school's garden, with all the kids on the lawn and the lady on a stool. "This," She said, and pointed at the image. "This is our nation's flag. It is governed by our Queen, and by her fourteen wise men. The dukes and duchesses of the country who, in my opinion, has taken the main role these past years."

"But teacher, who are those fourteen dukes and duchesses?" A boy asked as he raised his hand.

"Well, those are made up of the higher house and the lower house. The higher house is also called, and more popular as the Edelstein Alliance. It is led by the strongest house as of now, the Edelstein household. Under the Edelstein is the Hedervary, most popular for its pretty and handsome members." The teacher said and winked at her students and the kids were like "wow" about her description of the second family. "Followed by it is the Hedervary's all-time enemy, the Gregory. Followed by Oxenbriggs, Treningham, Thompson and Quintin. And they are all famous for their riches, fame and influence."

"Teacher! How about the lower house?" Another one kid asked.

She smiled and landed the flag on her lap. "The lower house is made up of the Reynesford, who's actually competing against the Quintin for the seventh position. The Sinclair follows, and then the Adlesworth, the Evyngard, the Saltonstall, the Fitzwilliam and then the Prastimwald."

The children savored her words in their minds in amazement.

"Well, children, would you like to meet them someday?" She asked, and everyone said yes, one voice standing out. "You seem happy about it, Mary." She said, and smiled.

The child agreed and nodded. "Yes, teacher! They all look so amazing!"

The woman smiled again. "Yes. Yes they are, Mary."

She let the students play around after that, as she herself dwell on the early topic.

It seems like there will be a turnover, eh.

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