Quick and dirty. I haven't published here in forever!

Can't keep up with the cool kids
Keep guzzling it down
Choke on that fire babe
Keep it inside
Swallow your stomach again
Can't let it out

The rage inside
It consumes
The alcohol content: pure ethanol hate
Could light a match with my words
And catch the room on fire

The vapors are making us heady
Let the room spin
Russian roulette
Who'll get caught in my gaze next
Look out
I've got propane in my veins
And a vodka tonic in each hand
I'm ready to fight
Cause there's no room for love
In my gin-soaked heart

Get the fuck out of
My way
I spew flames babe
Take my wrath straight
No chaser
Can you keep it down?
(It'll hurt more coming back up)

Once more before the blackness
Consumes me
Before I give in
To the sweet absinth abyss
Fill my mouth with sweet regrets

The hangover of the things I've said
Is eminent
But for now
I'm drunk on my anger
And I'm alive.