Gratuitous Sex Stories II

1. Naked Hide Go Seek

Decker overheard his two roommates talking about the party and he wanted to invite himself along. Shatasia didn't seem to care but Kelley was dead set against it.

"McIntosh throws weird, unique and different kinds of parties," the blond haired college student told him. "I'm sure it wouldn't be your kind of thing."

The trio had been roommates for the past five months. Decker had rented a room in the three bedroom apartment first and the two coeds moved in when the other rooms became available. Shatasia was cool and easy going but for some reason Kelley was uptight and a pain in the ass. She was also a neat freak who was always picking up after Decker which got on his nerves. What really bugged him about her, though, was her flat out refusal to be social, friendly or in any way interested in him, even as a friend.

"How do you know what my kind of thing might be?" Decker asked with annoyance, once again feeling challenged and put down by his stuck up room mate.

"Just pretend you didn't hear us talking about the party," Kelley ordered. "I don't want you going."

"You don't want me going?" An offended Decker asked. "Who died and left you Snob Queen?"

"Just go find some other party," Kelley insisted. "The regular drunken college parties you like."

"What, do you guys sit around reading Shakespeare all night or something?" Decker laughed.

"Just never mind," Kelley said forcefully.

Her attitude made Decker all the more determined to attend McIntosh's party and when the night in question arrived he waited until Shatasia and Kelley got in Kelley's car and drove off before he rushed to his own vehicle and followed them like he was in some Detective movie.

The McIntosh party was out in the middle of nowhere, a big old stone house surrounded by open fields, woods, and a babbling brook, miles from the nearest home. There were about thirty partiers in attendance and Decker tried to mingle without being seen by Kelley. The house was plush with lavish furniture, luxurious paintings, and swanky collectables. McIntosh was clearly a yuppie spoiled rich kid and Decker figured Kelley didn't want him around because she knew he'd make fun of the guy.

Decker kept a low profile and avoided Kelley, impressed by the many champagne bottles that were strategically placed around the formal living room where most of the partiers had gathered.

"Okay," McIntosh announced from where he stood half-way up the spiral stairway. "I think its dark enough now. Everybody knows the rules. I'll be the seeker first." He held up a red headband. "Whoever's the seeker must wear this and nothing else, of course."

Wait? Does he mean no clothes? Decker looked around to see if he heard right.

"The rest of you strip out of your clothes here and then go hide," McIntosh continued with a wide grin. "In the house, on the grounds, in the garage, anywhere you like. Once you're found, you wear the seeker headband and you try to find the next person. The last seeker gets to hide every one else's clothes and all the naked people have to find them in a state of undress. Any questions?"

There were various cat calls and joking references thrown out but everybody seemed to be onboard with the rules.
"Now those of you who have been here before know this can be great fun," McIntosh laughed. "So, let's have at it. I'll hide in the closet on the landing for three minutes to give you a heard start."

He skipped up the stairs as he started to disrobe, stepping into the closet and closing the door behind him. Decker watched with disbelief as the guests started getting naked right in front of everybody else. There was Shatasia as bare as the day she was born, her brown copper skin shining in the overhead lights. She noticed Decker gawking at her and she gave him a timid wave.

"You're not supposed to stare, Billy," she whispered as she stepped closer to him. "And what in the hell are you doing here? Kelley is going to be really pissed."

"No wonder she didn't want me coming," Decker squeaked, glancing around at people in various stages of nudity.

"It's just one of those distinctive parties," Shatasia explained. "The college experience and all that. How many times do you get to play Hide Go Seek naked?"

"This would be my first," Decker admitted.

"Well, you'd better get naked before you really stand out," Shatasia advised.

"I've never done something like this before," Decker said nervously.

"You're the one who crashed the party, pal," Shatasia teased. "Come on, join the club." She held her arms out to remind him that she was stark naked.

"Do you really think I should?" He asked.

"I'm hiding," Shatasia announced, running off with a giggle.

Decker stripped naked and then looked around, hoping to find Kelley. Most of the hiders had run off naked but he noticed a nude girl with her back to him. Judging from the hairstyle, he was pretty sure it was his unfriendly roommate.

"Kelley!" He shouted, starting across the room.

She turned and looked horrified when she saw her naked roommate approaching. She covered her breasts with her hands and quickly turned her back to him. "What are you doing here!?" She screamed.

"Playing Naked Hide Go Seek, I guess," he said awkwardly, unable not to check out her naked ass.

"You bastard," she growled. "I told you not to come."

"How was I supposed to know?" He said defensively. "But we'd better go hide. McIntosh must be almost done with his count."

"I'm not hiding with you, you son of a bitch!"

"Come on, let's go, there's nothing we can do about it now," he reasoned. "I've already seen you so what's there to hide?"

"I don't want to see you," she said with annoyance.

"I think it's too late for that."

They heard the closet door opening on the landing. Decker grabbed Kelley by the hand and dragged her from the room. They ran through the kitchen and out the back door.

"I'll never forgive you for this," Kelley told him as they ran. She was ahead of him and he kept his eyes glued on her naked rear.

"Why are you doing this?" A confused Decker wanted to know.

"It's something really daring and freeing and bold and out of character," she explained as they ran across the backyard looking for a place to hide. "I'd never do this in my real life," Kelley told him with disgust in her voice.

Decker spotted a small garden shack on the lower level of the massive back yard and grabbed Kelley's hand again. "Come on," he said. "Let's see if there's room in there."

"I'm not hiding naked with you!" She barked.

"Will you just come on," he groaned, pulling her toward the small shack.

"I've never been so mortified," she complained. "The whole point of McIntosh's party is the anonymity involved. I don't know any of these people so it doesn't mean anything. I can't believe you're seeing me naked," she groaned.

"Hey, how do you think I feel?" He grumbled as he opened the door. "Anybody in here?" He called.

There was no response.

"Come on," he directed Kelley who was trying to cover her pubic hair by folding her hands across her groin, leaving her breasts exposed for him to see.

"Don't look," she said angrily as she stepped into the shack.

"I can't help it," Decker admitted as he stepped in after her and closed the door. "You've really got a great bod, Kelley."

"Please shut up."

The hut was packed with yard equipment and a riding lawn mower parked sideways in the shack. There was barely room to walk or stand. Decker took a seat on the lawn mower while Kelley remained standing with her back to him. He was getting used to seeing her pretty ass.

"Can't you cover yourself up?" She wanted to know.

"With what?" He asked. He waited a beat. "Come sit with me," he suggested.

She glanced over her shoulder and frowned. "I'm not sitting with you," she said. "Not like this."

"How come you don't like me?" Decker complained, feeling hurt.

She didn't say anything for a while. "It's not that I don't like you," she finally whispered.

"Could have fooled me."

She sighed heavily. "Look, I just don't want to get involved romantically with anybody right now," she explained. "So I keep my distance emotionally."

"You mean you push people away," Decker replied. "Act like a jerk."

She shrugged her shoulders but didn't say anything.

Decker slowly reached his arms out and put his hands on her hips. When she didn't react (or protest) he gently walked her back toward him until her ass bumped into his legs. She fell back, leaning into him and he softly kissed her neck.

"You weren't supposed to see me," she whispered.

"I know," he whispered back as he continued to kiss her neck while reaching his hand around to feel her soft breasts.

She moaned and grinded her hips into his groin, turning her head to kiss him on the lips. "I feel you down there," she said.

"Sorry," he said. "I can't help it."

"It's okay," she decided, turning around, mounting his lap and wrapping her legs around his waist and reaching down to take his penis in her hand, gliding it toward her opening.

"Are we going to play our own game of hide go seek?" Decker wondered.

"You know what I'm seeking," she giggled, maneuvering herself so his penis was ready to enter her. "Go ahead and hide it," she said.

2 . Skyped

They were friends but never lovers in high school and they kept their friendship going in college even though they were separated by hundreds of miles attending different schools. There were phone calls, texting, e-mail and Facebook, as well as Skype from time to time.

Ted enjoyed hearing from Kelsey and for some reason their friendship seemed to become closer and perhaps even more intimate now that it was one of long distance.

The Skype went off one night and Ted clicked onto the program to find Kelsey sitting at her computer eating a chocolate bar. His jaw dropped when he saw she was wearing a skimpy halter top that barely covered her breasts as she appeared on his screen.

"What the hell are you wearing!?"

"Not much," she giggled in reply.

He couldn't help but stare at her breasts, waiting for them to spill out at any moment.

"Hi, Teddy!" Her voice was unusually sexy sounding.

"Have you been drinking?" He asked.

"No," she replied with a laugh. "I'm just feeling a little frisky tonight, I guess."

"So you called me?" He asked with surprise.

She laughed again. "Who else would I want to call?"

"I'm flattered, I guess."

"Hey, do you want to see something?" She teased.

"What?" He asked, chewing on his lip.

She stood and he was shocked to realize she was naked from the waist down. She flashed him her pubic hair before sitting down again.

"You are drunk!" He exclaimed.

'No, just incredibly horny, Teddy," she practically sobbed.

"I can't believe you just did that!"

"Me either," she admitted. "Did you like?"

"Do it again," he said hopefully.

She laughed and stood again, turning her backside to him so he could see her lovely rear end. She swayed her hips in front of the camera before turning to offer another glimpse of her pussy hair before she sat down again.

"Now you," she giggled.

"What are you talking about!?"

"Come on, Teddy, humor me," she requested desperately. "I'm so lonely out here."

He stared at her pleading eyes for a moment, thought about it for a moment, then stood and peeled down his gym shorts and underwear so she could see his boner on the camera.

"Oh, wow!" She smiled happily.

Ted sat again, rolled his chair back so she could see him fully, and then he held his member in his hand and stroked it softly.

"Are you really going to beat off in front of me?" She asked.

"Do you want me too?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"I can't believe we're having Skype sex, Kelsey." He let out a groan as he wanked himself faster.

"Me either," she admitted as she pulled her halter top off of her head, letting her round full breasts spill out.

"Wow, you're beautiful," he said.

She rolled her chair back and spread her legs for him to see as he continued to stroke himself.

"I wish I could feel those perfect boobs and bury my face between your legs," he sighed.

"Me too," she said as she slowly began to play with herself with one hand while the other rubbed her nipple. She head dropped backwards as she moaned, rubbing between her legs faster now.

Ted moved his hand faster as Kelsey let out a moan as she found her clit and she rubbed herself. She was making all sorts of noises and he watched with fascination as she continued to please herself. Her eyes were open now and she was watching his bulging penis sticking out from his moving fist.

Oh, Teddy," she moaned as she slipped her finger inside herself.

He watched as she pushed her finger in and out while rubbing her clit with her thumb causing Ted to pick up his stroking pace as he watched Kelsey fuck herself but she never took her eyes off of him.

"I'm going to climax!" She screamed.

"Oh god, I...I'm..I'm…..," Ted moaned.

"Do it with me!" She pleaded.

His semen shot out of him with such force that some splattered onto the camera lens and Kelsey couldn't help but laugh just as she yelled out his name in rhythm to her own orgasm, her body arching up and out of the chair as she screamed. "Oh My Fucking God!" She cried.

Ted moaned as he watched his cum drip down the camera.

"When are you going to be home?" Kelsey asked as she sat with her legs still spread open, her fingers now in her mouth.

"The end of May," he said.

"I'll be waiting," she smiled, standing and stepping toward the camera so her pussy was up close. "See you, Ted," she giggled before turning the camera off.

3. The Wrong Guy?

Mundell had been living without electricity for nearly a month. The fourth-year college student was "experiencing a cash flow problem" and "a little short of funds" as he tried to balance his school expenses with his monthly income from his part time job but it hadn't been adding up for several months now and he had learned to go without basic necessities like electricity.

He showered at Holloway's place or the gym and he bought non-perishable foods when he wasn't eating in the campus dining commons. His little studio cellar apartment got dark early so he hung out in the library when he wasn't working and he basically only came home to sleep.

Holloway thought his friend was nuts and he offered to loan him some money to live like a normal person but Mundell didn't want to go further in debt. When his minutes ran out on his cell phone, Holloway told Mundell that he was nuts to live like "Howard Hughes only without the money."

Mundell was asleep in his cold dark apartment when he heard the rapping on his door. He stumbled through the dark to open the door, shielding his eyes from the hall light when he opened it.

"Here," Holloway announced without even waiting for Mundell to say something. "It's the key to my apartment. Go over there and be normal for the weekend."

"What about you?"

"My Uncle Joe just stroked out," Holloway sighed. "I'm going home to say goodbye. They're giving him last rites."

"I'm really sorry, Holls."

"Yeah, yeah," Holloway said, handing him the key. "Hey, I tried to get a hold of Kudrow to let her know what's going on but she won't answer her fucking phone. Could you tell her for me?"

"Sure," Mundell said. "Thanks a lot, guy."

"Don't eat all my food and use your own damn towel," Holloway ordered before he disappeared down the hall.

Mundell stumbled back into the apartment, found his knapsack, loaded it with a few towels and change of clothes and gladly abandoned the cold apartment for the warmth of comfort of Holloway's place. It wasn't Home and Gardens but the lights worked, he could drink something cold, he could see where he was pissing, and he could take a hot shower.

It was nearly one in the morning as Mundell trekked the three blocks to Holloway's place, a small two room in an older but well maintained building. He showered, brushed his teeth, drank some cold water, and collapsed into Holloway's bed eager for a warm good night's sleep for a change.

It had been girl's night out for Kudrow which is why she turned her phone off. She told her friend to dump her off at Holloway's place at the end of the night. She and Holloway were friends with benefits, refusing to get emotionally serious but happy for the physical relationship. Tonight she was feeling especially frisky so she used her spare key to enter Holloway's place. It had been a few weeks since their last roll in the hay and tonight she was in the mood to try something different.

She stepped into Holloway's pitch black bedroom, wondering why the heavy drapes were drawn over the window but she was to keyed up to bother opening them for the moonlight and stars. She approached the bed in the dark while stripping out of her clothes. Her eyes were adjusting to the dark and she couldn't make out any detail other than the lump in the bed. Naked now, Kudrow bent over and picked her panties up from the floor before leaning over the sleeping figure in the bed.
"Ready for some fun?" She giggled.

"What the….?"

Kudrow stuffed her panties into his mouth, jumped on top of him and held down the covers, pining his arms underneath him. Mundell saw the silhouette above him and he was pretty sure it was Kudrow but he couldn't be sure. Hell, who else could it be!? He tried to mumble a warning but she pushed the panties deeper into his mouth, causing him to gag. He strained to see but there was no light and all he could make out was her outline. She leaned over and rubbed her breasts in his face.

Kudrow and Mundell were pals too but there wasn't a 'friends with benefits' aspect to their friendship like with Holloway. They got along fine and Mundell was envious of Holly for his success with Kuds in the sack but he wasn't sure if this was an ethical way to live out one of his own personal sexual fantasies.

Mundell tried to say something but he couldn't move his mouth with the panties jammed in it.

"Shh," Kudrow ordered. "Let's have some fun!"

"Bbbuuiinohwy . . ." Mundell tried to protest.

"Shush!" Kudrow giggled. "I like having the advantage for a change."

Mundell felt her body press against his, the wiry strands of her pubic hair rubbing against his hip through the sheet and then she lay her leg across his midsection, her knee resting on his stiffening cock.
Kudrow felt him go hard under her leg so she moved her knee up and down to further stimulate him. "So, you're happy I'm here!" She purred.

She pulled back the sheets but before he could lift his hands up, she grabbed both of them and pinned them behind his back before tracing her hair down the front of his stomach and then through the curls of his pubic hair having pulled down his shorts with her teeth.

"Since when did you start wearing boxers?" She laughed.
Mundell lay rigid as Kudrow moved her knee up and down his rigid cock. Her pussy hair tickled his hip but this was Kudrow, Holloway's sort of girl friend. It just wasn't right…was it?

Kudrow moved up his body and rubbed her breasts along his belly and chest. Then he felt her tongue licking his jaw from his ear to his chin.

"Sorry, but I'm not kissing my underwear," she laughed.

"Tatmot…." He groaned as he tried to grasp for her arms but she giggled, keeping his arms pinned underneath him.

"Submit, slave," she ordered, pressing her hard nipples against his chest and then she seductively kissed down his stomach.

"Hey, you've lost a little weight, Holly!" She said happily.

Mundell thought he was going to explode when her cheek bumped against his hard cock that was sticking straight up. He felt her tongue flicking the head of his hard-on and then she traced the length of his throbbing shaft with her mouth.

"Imnohowy," He tried to scream but the panties were stuffed in tighter than a screw.
Kudrow ran her tongue down his cock shaft until her nose was embedded in his pubic hair. She gently cupped his balls in her hand and massaged them as her tongue continued to lick his rod. Mundell began to move (how could he not?), raising his hips to meet her tongue that was working up and down his meat. She continued to tease him by sucking up to the head but never taking it into her mouth. Mundell groaned, confused knowing he should somehow try to stop this while at the same time feeling totally turned on.

Finally, Kudrow relented and her tongue flicked against the tip and then slowly she engulfed the head into her mouth. She was surprised that it seemed longer than she remembered.

"Wow, you're really turned on, Holly!" She marveled.

"Imnohowy," Mundell mumbled as he raised his hips and drove his cock deep into her mouth. Kudrow gagged but she kept her mouth on his prick and then she shifted around and planted her pussy directly over his face.
"Imnohowy!" He pleaded through the panties.
Kudrow lowered her pussy until it reached the tip of Mundell's nose, smothering him in her hot moisture and filling his nostrils with her womanly odor. She rubbed herself along his nose and she groaned while pumping her mouth up and down on his cock. Mundell could honestly say he never had his nose shoved in a girl's twat before. He was in danger of suffocating with his mouth gagged and nose shoved up her pussy but what a way to go!

Kudrow groaned in ecstasy as she continued to ground her pussy against Mundell's searching nose. "Ummmmmm . . . ummm!" She hummed into his shaft while increasing her speed on his cock as his nose continued to tickle her channel with wet wiggles and suddenly she flooded her passage with an incredible orgasm.

Mundell felt her juices drip into his nostril and he feared he was going to literally drown on her pussy juices with his mouth gagged with her panties. He smelled the sweetness as she mashed her writhing hips against his face until she slowed her pulsing body and lay with her pussy pressed against his gagged mouth. When she finally collected herself, Kudrow began nibbling and sucking up and down his hard organ again.
Mundell couldn't believe he had just given his friend's sort of girlfriend an orgasm with his nose! He also couldn't believe she was sucking his cock. He could feel his fluid gathering in his balls from the thrill of Kudrow sucking his cock, a feeling like nothing he had ever experienced before. He had never been turned on like this!

Kudrow switched positions and placed her knees on each side of his hips. Grasping his cock, she guided it to her dripping pussy lips and she slowly lowered her love canal onto his cock shaft. Once she felt the head penetrate her channel, she lowered herself until his meat was buried deep in her pussy. Strange, she thought, it goes deeper than it ever did but she wasn't about to complain about his fuller, harder cock, whatever had caused it.

She leaned forward and allowed her tight perky nipples to brush his nose as she began a slow glide up and down his pole with her firm ass bouncing against his legs. She begin to grunt and groan and rock her ass from front to back as she drug her clit against his cock base and this time she cried out as the orgasm overtook her.

"Holly, I'm going to cum . . . ohhhhhhh God!"

Mundell rammed his throbbing cock into Kudrow. He was too near his own climax to hold off any further and he could feel the juice starting up his shaft. He thrust his pelvis up against her and groaned deep in his throat (behind the panties) as his semen traveled up his penis.
"Ungggg, ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh," Mundell gurgled against her panties.

Kudrow drove harder against his cock base as the first shot of warm cum entered her. She screwed her ass against his pelvis and made sure his cock was pressed tight into her as far as possible, fucking him as he shot loads of cum into her pussy.

The pressure finally subsided and she allowed her lips to trace a line on his neck.

"Paes," he mumbled.

"Huh?" She asked as she lay spent on top of him. The orgasms had been a mind blowing experience and it took them some time to recover. When Kudrow became aware of her surroundings again, the first thing she noticed was that his throbbing cock still was filling her sopping wet channel. She wiggled slightly and he answered with a thrust into her still engulfing pussy.

"Oh My God," she whispered. "You're still hard! I can't believe it. You never last this long! Well, Holly, if you want some more of this kinky sex to turn you on you came to the right girl! Or should I say you came IN the right girl!"

She laughed and suddenly she was riding his cock like she hadn't been fucked in months. She drove his prick as far up her pussy as she could before she thrust her weight down the pole and against his anchoring balls.

"So good, Holly, so good," she panted.

Mundell grunted as he drove into her one more time and Kudrow screamed out with desire. He thrust his cock up into her pussy and he wished he could fuck her forever but he knew he only had a few more minutes to live. Once Kudrow found out she wasn't fucking Holloway, she was going to go nuts.

Kudrow was moaning with every thrust knowing she had never been fucked as good as she was being fucked now. It must have been the kinkiness because Holly's cock seemed to fit better than it ever had. She felt Holly's balls twitch and he began to tense. She knew he was ready to fill her pussy again and she wanted to cum with him.

"Fuck me . . . fuck me hard!" She screamed.

Mundell pounded into her with all his might. She began to thrash about, throwing herself up and down with abandon, flinging her arms out and her hand slammed against the lamp on the night stand that came on when touched.

Suddenly the room was bathed in light and she looked into Mundell's face with her panties shoved down his mouth and his hands pinned under his body just as she felt the first shot of his cum shoot into her and then she felt her own orgasm shaking her body into a rapture she couldn't control even though the image of Mundell looking up at her was the last thing she expected to see.

"Oh my God, Mundell! Oh my god. Ohhh . . . I'm cumming, Mundell. I'm not your fucking girlfriend but I'm cummming. Ohhhhh God, we're fucking and you made me cum like nobody has before. Ohhhh, Mundell!"

Mundell buried his cock deep in her pussy for one last delight. She reached down and yanked the panties out of his mouth.

"You bastard!" She yelled, slapping his face.

They had unknowingly found the other an exciting partner with mind blowing satisfaction together multiple times. They were drained but fulfilled and Mundell's cock was still half-hard inside Kudrow.
Kudrow finally released his pinned arms and he pulled his still swollen prick from her and she couldn't help feeling true lust. Mundell's cock was the most satisfying thing she'd ever felt but fucking him was a mistake even if he was good. She rolled off of him and swung her feet off the bed, standing.

Mundell never took his eyes off her fantastic ass as she walked around looking for her clothes, keeping her back to him.

"You don't have to go," he said quietly.

"This is Holloway's room," she said coldly as she turned and faced him with an accusing frown. "You tricked me."

"You stuffed your panties down my throat and binded my hands," he protested, staring at her nakedness with his cock still half-hard and swinging back and forth.

Kudrow followed the swinging member with her eyes and suddenly she realized the ridiculousness of the situation.

"Where's Holloway?" She wanted to know.

"You should keep your phone on," he answered. "He had to go home. Illness in the family."

"And he let you stay here," she realized, aware of Mundell's electricity situation.

Mundell nodded as he leapt from the bed and moved to her, kissing her full on the mouth for the first time all night. He forced his tongue against her lips and for a moment she resisted trying to pull her mouth away from his tongue but then a groan spilled from deep down her throat. She opened her mouth and her tongue found his.

"Stay," he whispered.

"Okay," she agreed, walking him back to the bed.

4. Angel Voice.

They sang together in the school chorus and church choir. Peter said Amy had the voice of an angel and he was proud and honored to assist her with her music whenever he could. He played the piano and guitar and he often accompanied her when she had solos. He played in a local band too and he tried to get her to join but Amy said she wasn't interested in that sort of music.

Amy graduated and went off to study music at Emerson College while Peter stayed behind, attending local community college and continuing with the band. He noticed a change in Amy each time she came home from college. She was dressing much more provocatively and suggestively and Peter couldn't deny that Amy sure did look sexy these days with her naturally blonde hair and her noticeable figure. Somehow, she seemed to be flaunting her attributes and Peter wondered if the Saintly girl of his adolescence had lost her innocence.

Peter was flattered when Amy stopped by his house for a visit one Sunday afternoon during summer break.

"You've changed," Peter told her.

Amy shrugged her shoulders. "I'm in college now, that's all."

She put her hand to her chest and his eyes followed. She was wearing a tight halter top and she knew Peter was staring at the cracks of her tits.

"You're going to have to pray for forgiveness after that look, Pete," Amy teased.
His face turned a bright shade of red and he tried to splutter a denial. "I wasn't- I didn't- I- What look?"
She laughed with delight. "I saw the look, Pete. Are you having lustful looks?" She paused for effect, knowing he was trapped. "Lustful looks at me?"
His eyes went wide and his face was now an almost cartoonish red. Amy calmly and gently kissed him softly and sweetly on his mouth. Peter's face grew hot from his embarrassment but her lips pressed ever so gently against his some more while her hands rubbed his upper arms, their bodies pressed against each other. Peter felt stirring and hardening in his pants as Amy pressed herself against that ever-hardening bulge.

"We've always had feelings for each other, Pete, and we both know it," she told him. "Would it be so wrong to give in to them?"
"Geez, Amy."

"Your parents home?" She asked seductively.

"They went to the concert at the lake," he said.

She untied her halter top and let it fall off to expose her perky little tits to him as she rubbed them slowly and seductively. Peter couldn't look away from the lovely sight before him and Amy grabbed his hand, spinning him around and kissing him again as she parted her lips and ran her tongue across his lips. Amy was pleasantly surprised when Pete opened his mouth and she moaned into his mouth, her tongue dancing with his. She pressed her body into his and his erection was undeniable because she could feel it throbbing through his pants.

Peter wrapped his arms around her and he joined her with gentle moans. She stood topless, making out with him and after a while she laughed.

"I'm horny as hell and I can't take it anymore!" She announced.

"Take what?" He asked.

"Pete, let me give you a far more enjoyable religious experience than you're used to. I'm going to show us heaven," she said taking his hand and leading him to his bedroom. "Do you want to confess your naughty nasty thoughts?" She giggled as she pushed him onto the bed.

Pete lay gazing at her she unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts and next came her panties sliding down her legs and she kicked them towards Pete. He didn't try to catch them, way too busy staring at her as she stood before him completely naked. Amy could see that he couldn't take his eyes off her freshly-shaved vagina.

"My Eve," he whispered, wide eyed.

"Hello, Adam," she said happily. "Eat the forbidden apple," she dared. "Be born again, dear Peter. Come to Eden with me. We've been waiting too long."

He sat up and began licking her pussy lips which were already moist with excitement. Placing both hands on the cheeks of her ass, Pete found her clitoris with his tongue. Amy grabbed a fistful of Pete's hair and she used him to steady herself while she started grinding against his tongue until she became lightheaded from the orgasm forming and she began to sing out with delight.

Once she screamed out with satisfaction, Amy pushed Pete back on the bed. He quickly peeled off his clothes and she got to see his cock for the first time, hard and proud. She giggled looking at it facing towards the heavens as she climbed onto the bed and positioned herself so that she was straddling him, her pussy hovering inches above his throbbing cock.

"Fear not and give yourself to me, Pete, and you shall have a truly religious experience," she smiled. "Indeed, you shall experience the divine."

Amy slid down on his cock and he was soon in ecstasy as Amy began to sing as she pushed every inch of Pete's cock deep inside her pussy. Her lovely singing voice echoed through the room.

"Why did we wait so long for this?" She asked as she rode his cock. "Mmmmmmmmmmm, this feels good!" She sang as she rode up and down.

She leaned forward, her hands resting on his chest for balance and as she picked up her rhythm while moaning and singing loudly. Pete began to moan too, matching her volume as she continued to sing her praises. He grabbed her ass cheeks and started thrusting wildly. Pete reached his peak speed thrusting hard into her while she looked deep into his eyes.

"You're my Angel, Amy!" He screamed seconds before he came.

Pete's back arched and he cried out in pure ecstasy as Amy felt his cum firing deep inside her pussy. When she was sure Pete's orgasm was finished, Amy fell off his cock and collapsed onto the bed beside him. He rolled over and snuggled into her breast and she put an arm around him while she felt cum start to leak out of her.

"Thank you, Amy," he sighed breathlessly. "For granting me a true religious experience. That was amazing."
"I'm glad you finally see the light, Pete," she giggled.

"I wanted it to be you since we were fourteen," he confessed. "You were always my virgin angel voice."

She sang him a song of gratitude as they lay naked together on the bed.

5. April in August

April Blanchard visited her grandparents every August. I lived next door and I recall her presence for as long back as I can remember. She was a spunky and friendly kid when she was little and she was not shy about coming into my yard to say hello or take over whatever game I happened to be playing at the time.

Sometimes she hung out with the other girls in the neighborhood and sometimes she hung out with me and my guy pals in various neighborhood activities. She was an athletic tomboy who was just as good as anybody else at climbing trees or running races or catching a football or playing tag and other games.

I looked forward to her visits every summer, especially after my parents divorced when I was ten. My mom moved out and April was about the only kid who was sensitive enough to pick up on my moodiness and snarly attitude. She let me be me and she was quick to dish it right back when I was being a real jerk.

April's Grandparents went on a cruise the summer she was fifteen so I didn't see her that summer (April went with them!). So it had been two whole summers since I last saw Alison Blanchard when she showed up for the summer of her sixteenth year and I barely recognized her when she stepped into the yard.

Gone were her pigtails, freckles, jean cut offs and tee shirts, replaced by long silky blonde hair, a rosy disposition, a noticeable chest, and stylist clothes that made her look like a model.

She laughed when she saw me gawking at her. "I grew up, Andrew," she smirked.

I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with April now that tag, bike riding, and all the other games were out. We still walked to the ice cream stand and we watched Babe Ruth and American Legion baseball games together but I was having a hard time coming up with conversation to offer such a beautiful and intelligent girl.

"It's still just me, Andrew," April assured me on more than one occasion.

If April's grandparents were concerned about me and April hanging out together as sexualized hormonally challenged teenagers they didn't express any rules or warnings. In fact, they basically treated us like we were still twelve and they let us do what we wanted, rarely checking on April's activities. We went swimming, we hung out at the arcade, we held hands, and I even kissed her walking home one night, greatly relieved when she didn't protest or freak out.

It was turning out to be the best summer of my life because April and I were definitely exploring unchartered waters together, tiptoeing around sexual discovery and curiosity without coming right out and saying it until one warm afternoon when April paid me a visit.

"My grandparents have doctor's appointments all day," she announced with a devilish grin. "They didn't torture me by demanding my presence."

"Oh," I said, noticing that she was wearing short shorts and a revealing halter top, obviously donned after her grandparents left.

"Your Dad's not going to be around, right?" She asked.

"Not until at least five," I reported. "Why? What would you like to do?"

"Oh, I don't know," she replied seductively. "What would you like to do!?"

"Watch television?" I replied dumbly.

"I don't think so, Andrew!" She said, rolling her eyes.

"Well, what then?" I asked naively, hoping against hope that she would read my mind.

"Have you ever seen a girl naked?" She dared.

I became red in the face. "No," I admitted with embarrassment.

"Do you want to now?" She asked, raising her eyebrows.
"Should we?" I asked with a mixture of excitement and nervousness in my voice.

"Come on," she said with a giggle, grabbing me by the hand and racing me into my bedroom.
"Down to our underwear," she ordered, standing in front of me in the middle of the room.

So I let my shorts fall and I peeled off my shirt and I stood there in my underwear but then I surprised myself by being bold enough to all of a sudden take off my underwear. My penis was sticking out at a 45 degree angle.

"Wow!" April said, gawking at my erect member. "I've never seen that before!"

"What?" I asked nervously.

"It's very big and very hard!" She exclaimed with a wicked grin.

I twisted my hips and made my penis wag back and forth and that caused April to laugh. She took off her halter top and I saw that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. She was beautiful and she reached her hands up to her nipples which she twisted to get hard.

"Amazing," I said, unable to take my eyes off her breasts.

Then she took off her panties and I saw her pubic hair, thick and blond over a small area.
"Do you want to lie down on the bed?" April asked after we stared at each other for a long moment.

"Okay," I agreed.

She went first and I saw her wonderful thin and smooth backside. She lay down on her back and I lay down next to her. We started to kiss and soon my hand found her breast. She moaned and asked me to suck it so I did, kissing one and then the other. After a minute, I pulled away and kissed her again.

"Can I touch your penis?" She asked softly, glancing down between my legs.

"Please," I said nervously. "Touch me."

April lightly touched my member and after feeling the head, shaft and my balls, she pulled her hand away. "Unbelievable," she said.

"Can I see yours?" I whispered.

She spread her legs open and I put my face close in. Her vagina lips were damp and when I touched them, April shivered. I pulled my hand back and she told me to do it again so I did.

"It feels good," she whispered with excitement.

I slowly went up and down her pussy lips and when I felt confident enough I inserted my finger inside of her.

"Oh!" She said with a jump, staring between my eyes and her crotch. "Keep doing that but faster!"

I did and after a few minutes April's body trembled and I felt her squeezing my fingers and she bellowed out a long moan. When she opened her eyes, she looked like she was really far away.

"Are you okay?" I asked with worry.

"That was my first orgasm from somebody else!" She marveled.

"I did that too you!?"

She nodded and grinned. I smiled with satisfaction and completeness.

"You're my hero, Andrew," She said happily.

Then she glanced down and realized that I was still hard.

"Do you want me to touch you again?" She asked hopefully.

I nodded pleadingly.

She started to touch me again, holding my penis like it was a baseball bat and rubbing it fast and then slow and then fast and again.

"I'm close to cumming!" I told her after she worked on me for a good while.

"Good, because my hand is getting tired!" She laughed.

Not long after, I sent cum flying in the air. It landed on my stomach and chest and some got on April's hand. She wasn't expecting such an explosion and after she screamed with surprise, she looked at the white stuff with amazement. She then put her finger in some of it and she put it up to her lips to taste.

"Well?" I asked nervously.

"Sweet," she smiled.
We cuddled naked on the bed, falling asleep clinging to each other but that was as far as we went for the rest of the time April visited her grandparents that summer. When she left, we kissed goodbye and I couldn't wait until the next summer came. But April's grandparents moved to Florida that winter and I never saw April again.

6. Under The Influence.

Kerry and Jeff were college pals who got along well and liked each other. It was normal to hang out, shoot the breeze, study together, and watch DVDs during down time.

"Look what Maggie gave me," Kerry told Jeff one afternoon when he stopped by her small dorm room like he often did.

"What is it?" He frowned, glancing at the pills in her hand.

"She says it's an Aphrodisiac!" Kerry laughed.

"There's no such thing," Jeff said, rolling his eyes.

"You don't think so?" Kerry asked with disappointment.

He nodded his head no. "Just a lot of bunk," he said.

"Lots of substances have been used as aphrodisiacs throughout history," Kerry said, chewing on her lip. "Did you know that Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of sensuality and love and that's why the Greeks referred to sexual pleasure as aphrodisiac?

"Did you hear that on Jeopardy?" Jeff wondered.

"They say that arugula, garlic, mustard, and asparagus and specific herbs are supposed to enhance sexual desire and many societies include animal products on the list because animals are virile and strong," she said.

"Yeah, and chocolate too, right?" the cynical Jeff asked.

"And oysters and potatoes," Kerry said. "Maggie said there is a great aphrodisiac drug called Bremelanotide too."

"Is that what you have?"

"I don't know," Kerry said with a shrug. "She didn't tell me."

"You should flush it down the toilet," Jeff advised.

"Oh, come on," Kerry sighed. "Aren't you in the least bit interested?"

"Those pills could be anything!" Jeff frowned. "You wouldn't seriously take them would you?"

"Maggie said she had the best sex of her life with Mason after she took one the other night," Kerry reported.

"Great," Jeff mumbled, not interested in hearing about Maggie's Donahue's sex life.

"Don't you want to try?"

He stared at her with disbelief. "You want to have sex with me?"

"I want to see if there's any truth to what Maggie's claiming," Kerry answered. "I trust you to be discreet if anything weird happens. Besides, I'm not dating anybody right now so who else is there?"

"Gee, thanks," Jeff mumbled.

"You know what I mean," she giggled. "We're friends, right?"

He stared at her for a long moment. Her red hair waved around her shoulders, her pale skin and bright green eyes sparkled in the light of the room, her lips were a perfect shade of pink, her breasts were high and perky, and her legs were long and slender. The smattering of freckles across her delicate and slightly upturned nose only heightened her beauty.

"Well?" Kerry wanted to know.

"You're serious?" He asked with uncertainty.

"Aren't you curious in the least?"

Jeff shook his head. "Nothing's going to happen," he predicted.

She giggled and handed him two pills while putting two more on her own tongue and washing it down with a swig from her water bottle which she then handed to him.

"Go ahead!" She dared.

He did as she requested and they both waited for a few minutes.

"Told you," Jeff said, rolling his eyes. "Nothing."

"Guess not," Kerry agreed with a disappointed sigh. "What a gyp."

"You want to watch a DVD or something?" Jeff asked.

"Is it getting hot in here?" Kerry asked.

"I don't think….."

He watched in stunned silence as Kerry stripped naked in front of him.

"Holy shit you're hot!" He exclaimed, his voice full of awe as he stared at the naked Kerry before him.

"Don't you want to get naked?" Kerry asked.

"My cock feels ready to burst," He admitted.

"Let me see!" She giggled.

Jeff willingly stripped out of his clothes and stood in front of her naked.

"It's all purple!" She exclaimed.
Jeff ran his hand up her thigh and then he cupped her breast, rubbing his thumb over her rosy nipple. Kerry's lips parted as he touched her.
"I likes it," she smirked.
Jeff took her other breast in his other hand. Her skin was so soft, her tight nipple so perfectly pink and he squeezed and played with her boob before leaning down and sucking her nipple in his mouth, making her moan.

"It's like a wonderful dream," Kerry whispered. "I never felt so aroused before!"

"Me either," Jeff confessed.

"You mean you believe now?" She laughed.

"Yes," he said.
"Oh God," she exclaimed, arching her back and thrusting her breasts up into his face. "Oh God..."

She shoved her hand between her legs and started rubbing herself before she practically launched herself at Jeff's cock, amazed at the size of his shaft and balls. She dropped to her knees and her mouth was covering him, her lips locked around the shaft as she started pumping her head up and down while she kept fingering herself.

Jeff lifted her up by the arms and tossed her on her backside on the bed. She willing spread her legs and he stepped between them, running the tip of his swollen cock up and down her slit. She felt her body writhe in ecstasy when he entered her, the incredible pleasure sweeping over her as high pitched moans filled the air and it took her a few seconds to realize they were hers. She was building up to orgasm as Jeff continued to pound away and he bellowed as he shot his cum deep into her.

And just like that, it was over and the two impromptu lovers lay naked and sweaty on the bed giggling at Maggie's magic.

"That was the best sex ever!" Kerry purred.

"Whatever Maggie gave us sure did do the trick!" Jeff agreed, kissing Kerry's forehead.

As if on cue, Maggie opened the door and gawked when she saw the two naked lovebirds sprawled on the bed.

"It worked!" Kerry marveled. "Your aphrodisiac worked!"

"What are you talking about?" Maggie frowned.

"Those pills you gave me!" Kerry beamed. "They worked!"

"Those were Good and Plenties," Maggie exclaimed with disbelief. "I was joking."

Kerry and Jeff exchanged looks of amused satisfaction.

"Do you believe in placebos? Kerry asked her new found lover with a giggle.

7. Shared Birthdays

Paula and I knew each other all our lives. We lived on the same street, went to the same schools, and hung out with the same kids, but what made our bond unique was that we shared the same birthday. Our parents often combined our birthday parties or the families celebrated the events together with dinner out or some similar activity.

Paula was a wonderful girl and we were great friends but we never dated. We maintained our friendship into adulthood and we managed to celebrate our birthdays together whenever we could but Paula eventually moved to Florida so the birthday celebrations stopped but we remembered each other with a card, e-mail or phone call every year on our birthday.

Now I was in my forties and divorced. Paula had recently separated and was back in our hometown area with a new job and a new life. Our paths crossed from time to time although we kept our relationship platonic and friendly.

At one time in our lives we were soul mates but now with the passing of time it seemed that life had passed us by too although we enjoyed conversations whenever we ran into each other. And then it was time for our birthday once again and Paula called me out of the blue.

"Do you have any plans?" She asked straight out.

"Birthdays are getting more and more lonely, aren't they?" I sighed.

So we met for a drink at the local bar and we had a nice conversation remembering all the birthdays of our past.
"Your beauty is breathtaking," I told her.


"Yes," I smiled, feeling especially bold for some reason. "Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to see you as you truly are."

"Truth be told, I find you very handsome, Les."

"That's good to know."

"I don't bite, you know," she smiled.

"I know, but I still hold back from saying what I'd really like to say," I confessed.

"And what is it you so badly want to say?" She teased
"After all these years, wouldn't you really like to do something special on our birthday?"

"This is kind of special," she smiled.

"It is," I agreed. "But you know, during all those years we celebrated our birthdays together, there were a couple of times when I thought to myself….." I stopped, embarrassed to admit my fantasy.

"Thought what?" She asked.

"Well, like when we were teenagers, I kind of thought a few times it would be fun to celebrate our birthdays in our birthday suits!" I admitted sheepishly.

"Jesus, Les," she blushed. "Are you a pervert at our age?"

"I guess so," I admitted. "It was always one of my birthday fantasies. Us in our birthday suits!"

"I'm just plain ol' me. Nothing special," she sighed.

"You were always special," I told her. "You're what made my birthday special."

"You really think so?"

"I know so."

"I always thought we were good friends."

"You were always the best gift I got every birthday," I confessed.

She finished her drink in one swallow as she looked over the top of the glass at me. "Let's go," she finally said.

We went back to her place, a nice townhouse in a handsome section of town. She told me to make myself comfortable before she disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a birthday cake with a couple of burning candles on it. "Happy 45th Birthday Paula and Les" was written across the top.

"Make a wish and blow out the candles," she said and we both blew at the same time. "Happy Birthday, Les," she said quietly.

"Happy Birthday, Paula," I replied.

We quietly ate our individual slices of our birthday cake and when we were done, Paula excused herself, taking the plates into the kitchen. I waited for a few minutes and she eventually returned to the room wearing a terri-cloth bathrobe. Her fading brown hair was pulled back in a bun and she had removed most of her make up but she still looked great.

"Do you think I aged well?" She asked as she took a seat on the couch next to me.

"Yes," I said. "You're as beautiful now as you were when you were sixteen."

"What would you like for your birthday?" She whispered.

"What would you like for your birthday?" I asked back.

She sat back on the couch and waited for me to say (or do) something so I kissed her and she warmly kissed me back. We made out like we were two teenagers for a long time and eventually my hand made its way down to her robe's belt which I tugged lose, letting the robe fall open. I caught sight of her creamy white breasts highlighted by her lovely jutting cherry red nipples. Her breasts spilled out of the robe and my hands trailed in slow movements against her stomach.

With her eyes downcast as if in childlike modesty, Paula allowed me to caress her ample breasts, lifting them and squeezing her nipples to my lips for soft slow licks. Our eyes met and then mine drifted down to the downy tufts of brown pubic hairs coloring her lap. She sat up and allowed the robe to fall completely off her and then she rolled on top of me and I saw in the mirror across the room the reflection of her bare creamy ass. I trembled in excitement as her eyes met mine and my member bulged and ached against my restricting trousers.

Paula kissed me again as her hand found its way to my belt buckle which she released. She helped me free myself of my clothes and once I was naked I pushed her back on the couch and climbed on top of her as we prepared to make love. We became so excited and passionate about what we were doing that we managed to fall off the couch!

"That's all we need," Paula laughed after she groaned when we hit the carpeted floor. "A broken hip!"

"Let's do it right here on the carpet!" I said offering her a gentle kiss.

She eagerly moaned in anticipated reply and we exchanged another passionate kiss before I kissed my way down her body to her inner thigh and finally her clit.

"Les!" she said with surprise.

She moaned and cried out so many times I lost count as I worked my oral magic between her legs. She finally had her orgasm and she lay on the carpet like a snow angel as she tried to catch her breath.

I lay next to her and she reached out, caressing and stroking my balls and then she surprised me when she sat up, leaned over and stuffed my dick into her mouth, sucking strong and fast while working me with both hands and her mouth. I reached my hands up and grasping at her breasts as I came into her mouth. Paula swallowed everything as I lay gasping for breath but when I recovered I pushed her back on the carpet, crawled on top of her and began rubbing the tip of my erection against her pussy lips.

Paula welcomingly raised her ass to help me in. My hands found their way under her rear and I raised her hips and inserted myself inside her. I was surprised when she slammed her hips back into me and we engaged in some of the most rugged, passionate, physical, meaningful sex I ever experienced until we both cried out in satisfaction as she repeatedly slammed her hips and I pounded into her. Paula screamed her pleasure when she had another orgasm and when it was over we lay with rug burns on her ass and my knees and our hair full of static electricity.

"Wow," Paula said with a happy grin. "I could do that on every birthday!"

"I could do that every day!" I countered.

"Okay," she grinned, kissing me.

"Happy Birthday, Paula," I said happily.

"Happy Birthday, Les."

8. Joanie

There were eight people in the cottage which only had one bathroom. I had drunk way too much soda the night before so I really had to take a leak, to the point that it hurt and I couldn't hold it in anymore. But the bathroom was in non-stop use and I knew I wasn't going to make it waiting. I thought about using the sink in the kitchen but that would be really gross, especially if somebody came in and saw me.

I was almost crying I had to go so bad so I snuck out the back door and decided to do it in the bushes along the side of the cottage. I pulled my dink out from my shorts and I was relieved to relieve myself just in the nick of time but as I stood there letting it all hang out and flow I was stunned to see a wide eyed Joanie standing in the middle of the path along the bushes watching me do my thing. It was humiliating and embarrassing but I couldn't' stop so I finished with what I had to do. When you have to piss you have to piss. Besides, it was Joanie's fault for looking to begin with anyway. I stuffed it back in as soon as I was done and I wondered if I should just go jump in the lake and drown myself.

"You are a gross, disgusting, lewd, sick, perverted animal," Joanie told me as the river of piss ran along the dirt and almost hit her feet.

Joanie was my sister Sarah's friend who came with us on the vacation. She was a pretty girl but I didn't have anything to do with her because she didn't have anything to do with me. Only now she had caught me in a compromising position and I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say or do about that, except maybe die. I went back into the cottage and that was really the last time Joanie ever spoke to me. I was thirteen years old and my older sister's friend had caught me – seen me – pissing into the bushes.

Now it was four years later and we were on another vacation and once again Sarah had brought Joanie along. Nothing had really changed between us in the ensuing years.

I took an extra long jog around the lake one afternoon and when I got back to the cottage I was surprised to find it empty except for Joanie who was sitting on the porch.

"Where is everybody?" I asked with confusion.

"You forgot? Today's the big Barbeque over at the Newtons," she reported. "Everybody got tired of waiting for you. I volunteered to wait since I have my own car."

"Oh," I said awkwardly. "Well, give me a minute to shower and we can go."

It felt weird to be all alone with Joanie of all people. I don't think I had ever been alone with her before. She was a year old than me, eighteen and mature, sexy and popular, while I was just her friend's kid brother, a nobody so far off her radar screen she didn't even see me – except for that one time when I had my dick hanging out in the bushes.

I trotted upstairs and took a quick shower but when I stepped out of the rusty old stall I practically knocked Joanie over who was standing there in the middle of the bathroom waiting for me!

Jesus!" I said with surprise trying to grab for the towel as I stood there naked. "What the hell are you doing?"

She stopped me from getting the towel and then she reached her hand out and put it on my cock which turned instantaneously hard as she gave it a squeeze.

"I've been waiting to do that for four whole years," she giggled.

"You hate me," I unhappily and bitterly reminded her.

"Who said?" She purred as she softly caressed my dick.

My breath hitched and I stared at her.

"Yours was the first cock I ever saw," she let me know.

"You said it was gross," I reminded her.

"I lied," she replied as she put her hands on the shoulder straps of the printed flowered summer dress she was wearing and she slowly slipped them off her shoulders. The dress fell to the floor and she was topless with just a pair of panties on. She reached out and took my hand and lifted it to her breasts which I caressed so softly that I barely felt it. She sucked in a deep breath before closing her eyes and gently pulling her panties down her legs.

"You are so beautiful," I whispered.

"You've always hated me," she pouted.

"No," I insisted, kissing her neck gently. "I was just embarrassed."

"Don't be," she whispered.

I kissed her lips gently but then she opened her mouth and started to use her tongue on mine. While my tongue wrestled with hers, my hand caressed her back and rubbed her ass and then I pushed her closer to me. Her other hand had yet to leave my cock which was now rubbing against her stomach as we stood in the middle of the bathroom buck naked.

"Have you ever done this before?" She asked.

I shook my head no. She looked into my eyes as she placed a kiss on my mouth. I started kissing my way down her torso, along her breasts and to her stomach as I dropped to my knees. I kissed my way closer to her pussy and when I got close I started to feel her short and sharp pubic hair against my lips and tongue. When I touched her outer lips she opened her legs wide. I pushed her against the tiled wall and pressed the tip of my tongue in between her inner lips causing her to scream out. Each time my tongue touched her she moaned in response. Then she brought her hand down to her clit and she started to rub it as I continued to eat her out and suddenly she came as her ass repeatedly smacked against the white tiles and she groaned out loudly.
We were silent for a minute as she stood against the wall, partly slumped over and I kept my face buried in her crotch. She rubbed her fingers through my hair.

"That was much better than I've ever had before," she said breathlessly.

'I'm glad," I said.

"Come with me," she said, pulling me to my feet and taking my by the hand, leading me naked into the bedroom she shared with my sister.

She dug through her purse and pulled out a condom, using her nails to open it and then she took my cock in her hand and rolled the condom all the way up my shaft. Then she pulled me closer and we fell onto her bed together. I started to kiss her and I put my penis on her pussy entrance. I kissed her and caressed her as I entered her pussy and she helped me bury my cock inside her. She established a rhythm and helped me find the beat and we rocked together. I moved my hips to her swing and she began to purr and hum and moan and groan with increasing volume until her orgasm struck.

I kept rocking and I wondered how long I could last because she was still moaning and then I felt myself building up so I rocked faster and then there was an explosion as I screamed out and released myself before collapsing on top of her with exhaustion.

It took both of us some time before saying anything or even moving as our breathing slowed and we listened to the sounds of the lake waves outside the window.

"Thank you," I said finally.

"We should get to that barbeque," Joanie managed to say.

"Do you still hate me?" I worried.

"I never hated you," she giggled. "I just pretended I did."


"It was fun!" she laughed.

9. Let's Live

Three classmates dead in a blink of an eye. By the time the third wake and funeral had been completed, Dom was grieved out, numbed to the point of being on autopilot as far as his functioning went.

There was one more post-funeral reception to attend, one more buffet of turkey and meatballs and cold cuts to walk through, one more afternoon of standing around expressing condolences and regrets to family and friends.

Dom stood around with the same group of classmates. By now there was nothing left to be said. There was Erin LaValley again, wearing that skin tight black dress of hers with the black tights and black boots. Was it possible to look sexy at a funeral?

Erin attended all three funerals too and here she was again standing around with her classmates trying to figure out how three friends could die just like that in some crazy car accident.

"Had enough?" Erin asked Dom as they stood in the corner of the Elks Hall eating chicken wings.

"I feel like I'm dead myself," Dom admitted with a sigh.

"Let's get out of here," Erin said. "Let's live."

Dom followed Erin out of the hall and they climbed into her car.

"What do you want to do?" He asked.

"I want to live," she said. "I want to feel something besides grief, hurt, pain, sorrow, and sadness."

"Do you want to get drunk?" Dom asked.

"That's what killed those guys," she groaned. "No, I don't want to get drunk."

"What do you want to do then?" Dom wondered.

She drove them to her house and led him inside. They went upstairs to her bedroom and she kicked off her boots before she practically tackled him onto her bed. He lay flat on his back and she crawled on top of him, kissing him all over his face.

"Let's live," she whispered.

They made out while pawing and fondling each other. Dom managed to work her out of her funeral dress and he couldn't believe that she was down to her panties and bra. He buried his hands down the back of her panties and felt her warm buns as they continued to kiss out of desperation, trying to forget about death.

When she was naked, Erin rolled off of him and she lay flat on her back with her legs spread open for him to see.

"This is what I want to do," she said.

Dom stripped out of what clothes were left on him and when he was naked he knelt onto the bed between her legs and stared down at her. She had a weird grin on her face and he blushed as he felt her fingernails scrape gently down his skin until it stopped at his dick. He placed his hands under her and lifted her ass into the air and then she felt his breath between her legs.

She felt his tongue working into her slit and finding her clit and her hips rocked in his hands as he held her up by her ass. She moaned as he dropped her ass onto the mattress and then wrapped his hands around her breasts. She felt his tongue deep inside her and she whimpered as her orgasm suddenly exploded. She stared at Dom who licked his lips with satisfaction and lay next to her on the bed, squeezing her breasts in his hands before leaning over and licking one of her nipples.

Erin moaned again as his lips sucked her nipple while his penis rubbed against her leg. He moved up and kissed her on the mouth and suddenly he was mounting her and thrusting himself into her, holding her by the ass with one hand while the other cupped around her breast while they shared another long kiss.

They moved together as he slid deeper inside her. Erin arched under him as soft moans escaped her. Her mouth opened and her voice rose until she was shouting with delight while feeling his thrusting cock inside of her until they both exploded in a rocking climax. Dom slowly pulled himself out of her, rolling off her and lying on the bed beside her.

"I feel alive," he said.

"Me too," she said with breathless relief. "Thank you."

10. The Night Before She Moved

The Fowlers had been our neighbors for as long as I could remember. Our families did the back yard barbeques together and hung out. My kid sister Emily was friends with Monica Fowler and my kid brother Jim was pals with Benny Fowler. My parents were good friends with Mr. and Mrs. Fowler, going out to dinner together frequently and all that. Denise was a couple of years older than me and I always had a crush on her but unfortunately we were never more than acquaintances.

The news that the Fowlers were moving was quite the surprise and we were naturally sorry to see them go. I was bummed because my secret fantasy about Denise never came true. I watched her grow up from a pig tailed little kid to a beautiful young woman and I always wished she would see me as something besides her goofy younger neighbor. She dated other guys in high school and while she always treated me nicely she hardly paid attention to me and mostly placated me when our families got together.

We had a farewell bash in our backyard the evening before the moving van was scheduled to take the Fowlers away. I was glad to see Denise one last time even though the idea of never seeing her again depressed the hell out of me. She went out of her way to be nice to me and she actually hung out with me, reminiscing about old times and the family adventures we shared together. I was surprised by how much she remembered and how fond she was of the various adventures although I'm sure she was mostly feeling nostalgic and sentimental about leaving.

"Hey, do you want to get away for a little while?" She whispered to me as the celebration wore on.

"Okay," I said, surprised by the invite.

"We're going for a walk," she told the family group before leading me out of my yard.

The walk wasn't all that long because we ended up going into her house next door. Most of the belongings had already been packed and the house looked naked and deserted as we passed the stacked cardboard boxes and grouped furniture.

"Will you miss me when I'm gone?" Denise teased as I followed her up the stairs.

She glanced back and saw me eying her lovely backside and I couldn't help but turn beet red getting caught. I was relieved when she laughed and I was surprised when she shook her fanny at me.

"You have a thing for my ass?" She asked with a smirk.

"I'm going to miss your ass," I said, deciding I had nothing to lose now and I might as well flirt like I never flirted with her before.

We reached the top of the stairs and she grabbed my hand and put my arm around her waist. She brought her lips to mine for a sweet kiss and I happily responded by returning it before she yanked me into her bedroom which was also packed up, but the bed was still made and available.

Denise pushed me onto the bed and she lay on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her and I rubbed her back as we kissed. My hands started pushing up the back of her shirt and rubbing her bare back as my other hand pushed down underneath her shorts to feel her perfect ass.

"You have the ass dreams are made of," I said. "I used to watch you out my window all the time."

"Why, you little perv," she giggled. "Only not so little anymore, huh high school grad?"

"Where did the time go?" I sighed.

"You're a great guy, Mills, and I'm going to miss you but I had an image to protect, you understand, right? Two years is forever when you're a teen."

"I understand," I sighed sadly. "But I've had my eyes on you forever."

"I'm glad," she purred.

My cock was straining to get out of my shorts and I knew she could feel it. Her breathing got deeper as she straddled me. She peeled her shirt off along with her bra and I began squeezing her wonderful breasts, sucking and licking the smooth soft nipples. She grounded her crotch into mine as I played with her breasts. She put her lips to mine, stopping for a moment to take my shirt off. Skin to skin, we kissed for a while, hungry to catch up after years of want and knowing this was our last chance.

Denise climbed off me and she stood by the side of the bed, her hands fidgeting with the button holding her shorts closed which she undid before turning her back and letting her shorts fall before she pulled down her panties, showing me that perfect ass of hers. She turned back to me, smiled, and sat on the bed, motioning for me to get rid of my clothes.

I gladly unbuttoned my shorts and I slid them off not quite believing any of this was finally happening between us. My cock sprang out of my underwear and Denise giggled softly as she reached her hand out to feel it. She leaned forward and stroked me with short strokes at the base. Then she moved her face closer and I felt her tongue lick it softly before she slid the head between her lips. She wrapped her soft lips around it, sliding her mouth down until she met her hand and then she slid back up. My hands gripped her hair and she twisted her head and lips around the shaft, sending bolts of pleasure through my body as I looked down at her head and her ass just past that.

I felt Denise's hand slide off my cock and cup my balls as I started moaning and gasping. I rolled my hips slightly as she began working further down on the shaft with her mouth and suddenly her warm lips wrapped around the base of my cock as she looked up and smiled at me before sliding back down on my cock, her lips squeezing and sucking hard. After a few more strokes, I lifted her up by the arms and lay her on the bed, kneeling between her legs. I ran a finger along the lips of her pussy, feeling her wetness growing and smelling the sweet scent of her body.

My hands pulled her pussy lips open and I rolled the skin at the top back and found the dark pink piece of flesh which I licked lightly before I slid my tongue down to her wet opening, putting my tongue inside her. I licked the opening before sliding up to her clitoris. I began sucking and licking her clit as I pushed a single finger inside her, working it in and out. Her clit throbbed between my lips as I licked and rolled it around. I began to suck and push a little harder and her moans turned to groans and gasps. I knew her orgasm was building as I pushed my finger harder and I sucked her clit hard. Her hands moved to grip my hair as her thighs clamped on my head and she cummed, breathing hard and grunting as her body shook.

Denise went limp and she smiled as I slid up her body, kissing her as I moved and she giggled while wrapping her arms around my neck as I stroked her body and she caressed my face. We could hear the laughter and talking of our family outside her opened bedroom window and we smiled at each other.

Denise pulled me on top of her and she began kissing me as she wrapped her legs around my waist and her hips tilted upward to let me in. I pushed my cock against her slit, moving my hips to rub the head against her opening. I began slowly pushing it in and I saw her eyes close as she bit her lip and smiled as I pushed slowly into her. I stayed there for a moment, kissing her. She opened her eyes and looked into mine before she began rolling her hips and squeezing my cock. I began to move with her, pushing my cock inside her and she gasped as I pushed a little harder.

"Yes, oh God, yes!" Denise moaned, her eyes closed as I pumped my cock harder and faster.

I felt her body shudder as she came again and the flood of juice allowed me to move faster inside her. Panting, I felt my balls begin to tighten and suddenly my cock erupted inside Denise as her hips pumped to take all of me before I collapsed on top of her. My lips sought hers as I felt my cock begin to soften inside her. I rolled off of her, moving down to look at her pussy and watch as my cum trickled out of her. I moved back beside her and kissed her as she closed her eyes and curled up next to me, smiling and kissing me in return.
"I bet you're not going to forget me now," she giggled.

"Never," I assured her, trying not to cry.

11. Business Trip

Jones attended two or three seminars and conferences a year all over the country. Sometimes he went alone and sometimes the company sent someone with him. This time the new junior manager Brittney McCloud joined him for the three day conference in St. Louis.

She was nearly twenty years younger than Jones and he knew she was being groomed for Reynold's job. It felt slightly awkward travelling with such a young woman but Jones was all business as a forty-something divorced middle manager. He was polite and friendly toward Brittney but he wasn't one of these guys who flirted with or inappropriately harassed the staff. They met at the office and drove together to the airport, sitting next to each other for the flight. They both had their laptops and Ipods and Kindles and cell phones to keep themselves occupied so there wasn't a whole lot of conversation. Brittney was tall and she dressed professionally. Her wavy black hair was professionally styled and she wore just enough make up to be attractive without overdoing it.

The conference was in the hotel they were staying at. They sat at the same table during the conference and shared most of the meals together. Brittney asked if Jones wanted to go for a swim the first night. He agreed and he tried not to stare at the pool when she took off her robe and revealed the white bikini she was wearing. What a figure she had!

The second night she stopped by his room to asked about some of the material being presented. Jones was impressed that she was being so diligent but he couldn't help but notice the shorts and t-shirt she was wearing. She had super smooth skin and a perfectly shaped rear. They sat on the edge of the bed and went over some of the material. When they were done, Brittney looked at Jones and smiled before removing her t-shirt without saying a word. She wasn't wearing a bra and I saw her decently sized boobs. She laughed when she saw the look on his face.

"I thought maybe you'd like to see," she said. "I know you're a gentleman and everything but we are in St. Louis."

Her boobs were amazing. Firm and perfectly sized with pin pointed nipples. Jones kissed her and she didn't resist so he placed his hands of her boobs which she seemed to want. He started kissing her with passion now and then he moved to her ear lobes , her neck and then to her boobs. Brittney got excited and her breathing became quicker. Jones started licking her perfect nipples and she pushed herself up to press her pussy against his hard dick.

Jones pulled down Brittney's shorts and panties and he was surprised to see that her pussy was totally shaven. He started licking her nipples again while she pulled his shorts and underwear down his legs, allowing his now exposed dick to tease her pussy. He put his hand between her legs and she was wet so he leaned down and licked her pussy while massaging her boobs with his hands. Then he pushed his dick slowly inside her wet pussy which was surprisingly tight. He started slow but then he started ramming her rapidly while playing with her boobs.

Brittney screamed out with a huge orgasm as he fucked her and he kept going until he came inside her. When they were done, Jones lay besides her and he was surprised that he was still erect. Brittney started to lick his dick with passion and when he was about to come, she stopped sucking and started using her hands until he exploded all over her palms.

Brittney fell back on the bed and spread her legs. Jones licked her smooth pussy and he put a finger inside her. She started moaning and babbling and soon she was shaking like an earthquake. She spent the night with him sleeping in his arms and in the morning they showered together after having sex again. Turned out to be a great conference.

Unfortunately, Brittney was being groomed for Jones' job (not Reynolds) and six months later Jones was let go and Brittney was promoted into his position. They never spoke again.

12. Sucking Ass

Edwin was Becky's assigned partner for the Earth Science project. They were to go out in the woods and collect various plants, leaves, and other growths - label them, describe them, document them, and bring them to class.

"We'd better do it tomorrow," Becky sighed on Friday, obviously not interested in spending time with him. "Pick me up at ten."

She told him her address and gave him her cell number. Edwin picked her up as instructed and they rode in silence to the woods. They didn't know each other all that well although she seemed like a nice girl and she was certainly pretty enough but she considered him a geek and a dweeb, not the kind of guy to run in her circle of friends.

They parked at the end of a dirt road and ventured into the woods, following a path searching for their assignment. Edwin found some great mushrooms, Becky came across some interesting looking plants, and they diligently worked without talking much although Edwin noticed Becky's round rear, especially when she bent over to pick at something. It was a warm May morning so Becky wore shorts and a short sleeved tee shirt with sneakers.

The field trip was a success but Becky had to relieve herself and she didn't think she could wait until they got back to civilization so she went into the bushes and squatted. She felt a prick against her ass and she glanced down to see a coiled snake hissing at her.

"Oh my God!" she screamed. "Snake! Snake! Snake! She ran from the bushes still pulling up her shorts.

"Where?" Edwin asked, running toward her.

Becky pointed toward the bushes. "In there. But don't look. You'll see my pee."

"Did it bite you?" He asked, noticing she was holding her backside.

"I'm not sure."

Edwin peeked into the bushes and saw the snake not far from the puddle of her urine in the dirt. "It's a rattlesnake!" He told her. "Did he bite you or not?"

She burst into tears. "I think so. Oh my God, I don't want to die."

"Where did he bite you?"

"I felt something on my fanny," she said.

"Lie down, quickly," Edwin ordered, grabbing a small first aid kit from his back pack.

"Well, this is awkward," she said with a frown.

"Sorry," he offered sympathetically. "But this is no time for modesty. We have to act fast."

She lay down on her stomach and Edwin pulled down her shorts and panties to reveal her tush. He saw two red puncture wounds on one of her cheeks with some blood.

"You have to stay clam," he warned. "Rapid blood flow will only made the venom spread quicker."

He leaned over and began sucking her wound.

"What are you doing?" Becky asked with shocked surprise.

"Sucking out the poison," he said, spitting out blood and juice. "Shhh..."

He pulled out his cell phone but couldn't get a signal so he kept sucking on her ass and spitting. After five minutes or so, he dug out some soap and lotion from the first aid kit along with some gauze and he cleaned the wound.

"Okay," he said, "Let's go."

Becky struggled to her feet with his help and she tried to pull her shorts and panties up but Edwin got a good look at her black haired pubs in the process. He hoisted her onto his shoulder and began jogging down the trail.

"What about our stuff?" She asked.

"No time," He said.

"I'm going to die, aren't I?" She sobbed.

"Rattlesnake bites aren't fatal if treated quickly," Edwin said. "Thousands of people get bitten every year and only about five die."

"What if I'm one of the five?" Becky wailed as he continued jogging with her over his shoulder.

"If you get treatment in the first few hours you have a 99% chance of being okay," he assured her. "It depends on how much venom he injected into you. If you pissed on him, maybe that stopped him."

"What's going to happen to me?" She asked with fright.

"You might start feeling some burning pain and swelling. You might feel weak and tingling. You might start puking and sweating. Heart failure if we don't get you to the hospital."

"How do you know all this?" She asked with amazement.

"I was a boy scout," Edwin said. "You know," he added, glancing back at her. "A geek."

"Today you're a hero," Becky said. "Just don't tell my boyfriend you were sucking my ass!"

He got her back to the car and sped to the hospital twenty minutes away. He was the one sweating and out of breath and she didn't seem to be having any reaction, although she had to sit on one side of her ass. They didn't talk - her facing her mortality, him thinking about how great her ass looked although he reprimanded himself for being a pervert during a crisis.

Edwin carried Becky into the Emergency Room where he let the professionals take over. Her family and the boyfriend showed up soon afterwards and Edwin returned to the woods to retrieve their belongings and samples.

Edwin didn't see Becky again for several days. He was standing at his locker when he felt someone tapping him on his shoulder. He turned and Becky was standing in front of him with a smile on her face.

"Hey, Sucker," she grinned.

"See, I told you you'd be okay."

"You saved my life," she informed him.

"It wasn't anything that dramatic."

"How can I ever repay you?"

"You already did," he smiled.

"What do you mean?"

"I got to suck your ass," he whispered quietly into her ear.

She blushed and laughed at the same time. "Lucky me," she said.

"No, lucky me," he insisted.

"Thanks for saving my ass."

"It was the perfect ass to save," he replied.

"You were right, you know," she sighed. "It is all bruised and discolored and swelled up. I still can't sit right."


She stared at him for a long moment and she was about to say something when they were interrupted by the boyfriend.

"Come on, Becky, no talking with losers," he said, taking her by the hand and leading her away.

Edwin followed Becky with his eyes as he watched her hips, remembering how they looked naked. She glanced over her shoulder and smiled at him.

Despite the intimate moment and him saving her life, she was still part of the populars and he was still a geek dweeb not allowed in her world but Edwin noticed that Becky would look at him often, always with a smile on her face. They developed a running joke whenever they happened to speak (when others weren't around). He would ask her how her ass was doing and she would tell him that her ass was fine and he'd always respond "Yes it is."

A year passed and Edwin was surprised when Becky stopped him in the hall on a Friday afternoon. "Would you be able to come over to my house tomorrow night?"

She was still dating the boyfriend so the invitation caught him off guard.

"Sure," he said. "How's your ass doing?"

"My ass is just fine," she replied with a giggle as she walked away.

Edwin went to Becky's house the next evening and she greeted him at the door dressed in a pretty white dress. "Do you know what today is?" She asked him.

"The one year anniversary of me sucking your ass," He replied knowingly.

"Oh, so you did know" she said, sounding impressed. "I wanted to make you a thank you dinner," she said. "You know, for saving my ass."

"How's your ass doing?" He asked as he stepped into the house.

"You tell me," she teased.

Her parents were out and Becky had prepared a lovely meal which Edwin greatly enjoyed. They made small talk, remembered the day in the woods the previous year, and talked about future college plans.

When dinner was over, she brought him to her bedroom and told him to sit on her bed. "Do you really want to know how my ass is doing?" She asked.

"Yes," he admitted.

She slipped out of her dress, turned her back to him and peeled down her panties. "How does it look?"

He fell to his knees and examined the cheek that had been bitten. There were two small little barely visible scars from the bite upon close examination but otherwise her buns were as perfect as always. He kissed the cheek where the bite had been. "It looks great," he said.

She turned to face him and his face was nearly buried in her dark muff. "I was thinking maybe you wanted to suck on something else," she said.

He glanced up at her face before returning his attention to her pubic area. He put both hands on her ass and pushed her toward his face as he inserted his tongue into her love canal.

"Oh!" She said with a jump.

Her knees were buckling so she sat on his shoulders and leaned her head back so it and her shoulders were resting on the bed. He continued to suck her, tongue her, and eat her and she ripped her bra off and played with her breasts while he brought her to a climax with his tongue. When she was done quivering and screaming, Becky fell back on the bed and looked up at him.

"What if it had been you going pee and you got bit on know?" She asked.

"It would have been painful," he admitted.

"Would I have had to suck on you to save your life?" She wondered.

"I guess," he admitted.

"Well, maybe I could suck on it now to practice just in case it ever happens in the future," she said. "You know, you and me are out in the woods and you get bit?" Her eyes glanced down at his crotch and she smiled.

"Are you serious?" He asked with disbelief.

"As serious as a rattlesnake bite!" she laughed, motioning for him to take down his pants.

He had no choice but to obey, realizing she was totally naked and he was completely dressed. His pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them. Becky sat up on the bed and pulled down his underwear, revealing his erection. She wasted little time taking him into her mouth.

"God, Becky!" he moaned


"Nobody's ever done this to me before!"

She brought her hands up to his shaft and worked them while she continued to suck and he made all sorts of funny noises. Then he exploded in her mouth and she swallowed it. Edwin semi collapsed onto the bed and Becky lay by his side watching him try to collect himself.

"Am I a good sucker?" She teased. "Would I save your life?"

"Without a doubt," he said, out of breath. "That was…..thank you."

"You snake in the grass," she laughed as she cuddled him.

13. The Good Neighbor

They were friendly neighbors accustomed to saying hello most mornings leaving for work and in the afternoons coming home. Davis had helped Carol with her groceries and once she asked him into her apartment to figure out the television remote she had somehow screwed up. She was an attractive woman with long curly brown hair and a thin figure, friendly and personable but most of their interactions happened in the hallway, stairwell, or lobby.

It was a Saturday and Davis was surprised to see a white faced Carol opening the door to her apartment to get the paper. She looked terrible.

"You okay?" Davis asked with concern.

"Not really," Carol moaned. "Insomnia, sweating, diarrhea – I can't stay off the toilet. It's been awful."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Davis asked. "I would have helped out."

"I didn't want to be a bother," Carol admitted.

"You're sick," Davis said. "Get back to bed."

She didn't argue as she let him escort her inside. The apartment was a mess and it smelled awful. He helped her to her bed and she fell onto it like a rag doll.

"My asshole hurts," Carol complained. "From the shits."

"You should sit in the tub with hot water and soak it," Davis suggested. "Use baby wipes to sooth it."

"I'm too exhausted to move," Carol replied.

"I'll help," Davis told her.

She gave him a funny look but she didn't protest as Davis ran the bath.

"Can you get undressed?" He asked when he returned to the bedroom.

She shook her head no so he leaned over and cautiously and methodically removed the sweats she was wearing. Neither said anything as she sat naked on the bed.

"Come on," he said, putting his arms under her armpits and lifting her up.

"I'm thirty-five and I feel like I'm ninety-five," she groaned.

Davis helped her walk naked to the bathroom and he assisted her into the tub.

"I'm afraid I might pass out and drown," Carol said in a weak voice.

"I'll stay," Davis said, spending a few minutes cleaning the bathroom while she sat soaking her sore rectum.

When she had enough, Davis helped her from the tub, carefully dried her off, walked her back to the bedroom, helped her get dressed in clean pajamas, and then sat her in a chair while he stripped the bed and replaced the sheets. When he was done, Carol crawled into bed and promptly fell asleep.

Davis spent the rest of the weekend cleaning every inch of the apartment, sterilizing the bathroom, airing out the rooms, doing a ton of laundry, and helping Carol to the bathroom when she needed it. He went shopping and got baby wipes and other medical accessories she might need, including Depends since he noticed that most of her underwear and bottoms were shit-stained.

Carol was still too weak to care for herself so Davis rolled her onto her stomach, pulled down her pajama bottoms (or Depends when she was wearing them) and wiped her asshole as if she was a baby. She was too sick too care.

Eventually, Carol's health improved and Davis didn't need to play nursemaid housecleaner anymore. A few days later, he heard a knock on his door. He opened it to find Carol sheepishly standing in the hallway.

"Hello," he said pleasantly. "How are you?"

"Better," she announced with a shy smile. "I'm inviting you over tomorrow night for a thank you dinner if that's okay with you."

"Sure," Davis grinned. "I'd like that."

He brought flowers when he knocked on her door the following night. Carol looked radiant when she opened the door wearing a sleek black dinner dress with heels, her hair pulled up in a bun. Davis noticed lit candles on the table behind her.

"Wow!" Davis said. "You look fantastic!"

"Thanks," she said, stepping back and letting him in. He handed her the bouquet. "They're beautiful," Carol said. She put them in water on placed them on the table. "I really can't thank you enough for all you did for me during my time of need," she said.

"It was the least I could do," Davis replied.

They ate the meal (pork chops, potatoes, peas with red wine) and mostly made small talk. When they were done eating, Davis helped her clean up and they sat on the couch for some after dinner coffee.

"You are such a gentleman," she said with a smile. ""I don't think I've ever met anyone like you."

Davis couldn't help but blush.

She looked into his eyes and took his hand in hers. "You saw me at my worse," she said softly. "Now I want you to see me at my best. I suppose any man who spreads a woman's ass cheeks and wipes her asshole for her can't get much closer than that."

Davis blushed again but he didn't say anything in response. She kept her eyes on his as she kissed his hand. Davis held her stare and reached over to touch her cheek. He leaned toward her and kissed her on the mouth. She kept his hand in hers and she reached up and put her other hand on his chest. Davis parted his lips slightly and drew her lower lip into his mouth as he pulled her closer.
Carol kissed him back with passion and he felt her body tremble. Then she grabbed his head and kissed him hard on the lips. Her tongue explored his and her hand trailed down his stomach and dropped into his lap where she brushed up against the erection in his pants.

"Uh, sorry," he said sheepishly. "It's just that you are so beautiful." He was embarrassed to be found out.

"Don't apologize," She whispered as she walked her fingers up his stomach to his chest.

She kissed him softly, her lips hovering over his as she nibbled at his lower lip. Their eyes met and Davis let his hand trail down her neck, between her breasts and to her stomach. Then he ran his hand across her waist and pulled her hips toward him as she leaned back against the arm rest of the couch and pulled Davis down on top of her. He softly cupped her breast, gently teasing the erect nipple under the bra.

Davis put his hand on the lower edge of her dress top and slid his fingers underneath, allowing his thumb to trace her bra. He kissed her neck and drew her earlobe into his mouth while her breath quickened as she pulled down the top of her dress and got rid of the bra so Davis could see her lovely breasts.

"I want to be a woman tonight, not a patient," she whispered.

Davis slid his hands down her legs and pulled her high heels off one at a time. Then she stood and slid her dress to the floor, revealing her sheer black underwear.

"Those are very lovely," Davis said.

"Beats the shit-stained stuff I was wearing, doesn't it?"

"God, you're gorgeous," Davis told her.

"Really?" She asked hopefully. "I so want to be, now more than ever."

"You are," He assured her.

She took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. "Would you get undressed?" She requested.

Davis was happy to oblige and when he got down to his boxers, she stopped him and traced the edge of the waistband before sliding them down over his butt and then over his dick before letting them drop to the floor. She pushed him onto the bed and swung her leg over his lap to straddle him. His penis was up against her stomach and they both glanced at it as if it was some sort of trophy.

Carol traced his chest muscles down to his stomach and then she stroked the edge of his dick. She smiled and kissed him while stroking his cock, pushing the head against her stomach.

"You took care of me," she said quietly. "Now I want to take care of you."

Her beautiful small breasts were pert, the nipples pink and tight. He took a nipple into his mouth while his hands found the band of her black panties and he shimmied them down her hips.

"I just want to be sexy," she sighed.

"You are," he assured her.

She wrapped her mouth around his cock and began to suck while his finger moved down to her butt crack only this time he was going to stimulate her, not clean her.

14. The Sketch Pad

Bobby Wallenby always had a sketch pad in his hands and he was seen drawing in it everywhere and all the time. Nikki Saunders noticed that he often seemed to be studying her around school and one time she confronted him.

"What are you drawing in there?" She demanded.

"You," he answered without missing a beat and she was so taken by surprise that she didn't say anything else.

She noticed him for the rest of their high school careers still drawing and she wondered if he was still drawing her even though they rarely talked.

Twenty years later Nikki Saunders-O'Malley showed up for her class reunion, partly because she heard that former class mate turned mini-celebrity Bobby Wallenby was coming back too. Wallenby had made it big as an artist in several national publications and his work was featured in numerous advertisements, movie posters, and other media print. She was amazed that the long haired, acne faced kid she barely knew had become famous while she worked as a waitress and was separated from her husband of fifteen years. She was surprised at how depressed she suddenly felt.

Wallenby was the hit of the reunion. He spent half the night sketching portraits for former classmates (most of whom didn't bother talking to him back in high school). Nikki was amused at how good looking he had become since his days of acne and greasy hair. People were dominating his time with incidental conversation and she shook her head knowing that most of the celebrity-worshiping frauds ignored the guy in high school. She didn't bother trying to say hello to him, suddenly ashamed of how she treated him back then and refusing to be a hypocrite like the others.

Nikki was getting ready to leave when Wallenby rushed across the room and stopped her. "Nikki Saunders, right?" He asked.

"Yes, that's right," she said, feeling flattered yet embarrassed.

"Do you remember me?" He asked hopefully.

"Yes, Bobby, I remember you," she answered sadly, calling him by his given name for the first time ever. "You said you were drawing me."

"I drew you all the time," he said. "I was mad about you."

She blushed. "Really?"

"Yeah, but I was too much of a loser to talk to you or romance you so all I did was draw you."

"I wish I could have seen some of them back then," she sighed.

"I still have them," he said with a smirk.

"Really!?" She wasn't expecting to hear that.

"All my sketch pads from high school are still in my old room in my mom's house," he revealed. "Would you like to see them now?"

She was fascinated by the idea. "You'd do that for me?"

"Yes," he assured her.

So she agreed and she let him drive her to his childhood home. His mother was already in bed and Bobby led her up the back stairs of the large old Victorian home and into a double room that was both a bedroom and an art studio. There were drawings and paintings everywhere and she could see how talented he was even back then.

"You went to art school after high school, right?" She asked.

"Yeah," he confirmed. 'Then I struggled in New York for several years. My family had money so I could afford to last longer than most and then I finally lucked out when I made a big sale."

"Congratulations," she said.

"Sit," he told her, gesturing toward the bed in the corner of the room.

He went to a large metal cabinet and she saw "Nikki" taped to the top drawer which he opened, pulling out a half dozen sketch pads which he brought to the bed and he set them down next to her. "This is you, starting Freshman year," he said. "It goes in order."

He sat in a chair across from her and watched as she slowly picked up the first pad and began leafing through them. Her eyes went wide a few times, other times they seemed to tear up, but mostly her face had a look of total amazement on it as she turned the pages.

She couldn't believe how good she looked and how true to life he had captured her with his pencils, charcoal, and ink pens. There she was sitting on the wall outside of school. There she was sitting in the library reading a book. There she was in the cafeteria laughing with friends. There she was in her cheerleader uniform. There she was standing by her locker talking to some guy. There she was on stage in the school play. There she was sitting in a pew at church. There she was tutoring some underclassman. There she was going to the prom. There she was in her cap and gown. Some of the sketches had three four or five different variations, each better than the last. There were also other rough drawings, a couple of cartoon panels featuring her, some fake advertisements with her as the lead model, and some still portraits of her in various poses.

"These are unbelievably fantastic," she said, her breath taken away. "Absolutely lovely."

"Thanks," he said with a smile. "You can have them if you want. Maybe they'll be worth some money for you. I signed most of the pages."

"You'd give them to me?" She asked with disbelief.

"Sure," he said. "I'd be honored."

She took the last pad into her lap and she opened it to the first page to find a sketch of her in the nude, sitting ass backwards in a chair, looking back over her shoulder at the viewer with her long hair waving down her bare back.

"Oops," Bobby said. "I forgot about that one. Maybe you shouldn't look."

"No, I want to see what you thought of me," she said as she continued to turn the pages to see herself in various stages of nudity.

"I hope you don't think it's vulgar," he said nervously.

"I think it's beautiful," she replied with fascination as she looked at her naked self. "You seemed to capture me pretty well," she said. "Only my breasts were never as great as you drew them and my pubic hair was never that thin or groomed."

"Well, I had to go on imagination," Bobby said sadly.

"You did a good job," she told him. "Oh!" she said with surprise when she saw a drawing of her lying on a bed with her legs spread wide open.

"Sorry," he said. "I was sexually frustrated back then. My drawings were my release, I guess."

She turned a page and laughed out loud when she saw a drawing of her high school boyfriend Denny Danielson, naked with a tiny little dick and an ashamed look on his face with naked Nikki lying on the bed looking disappointed and annoyed with a thought bubble above her head with an imagine of Bobby in it.

"You didn't like Denny?"

"I was jealous," Bobby admitted.

"I never knew you thought of me like this, Bobby," she said. "I'm sorry I was oblivious to your feelings and your talent."

"It's okay," he said.

She closed the pad and looked at him. "Would you like to draw me again?" She asked quietly. "Now? For real?"

"You'd be willing?" He asked with interest.

"I'd be honored," she said softly.

"The honor is all mine," he replied.

She stood and began to undress while he gathered a new pad and some paints. She normally would have felt awkward and embarrassed undressing in front of a practical stranger, but for some reason she felt safe and relaxed with Bobby Wallenby. She turned her back to him and took off her undergarments and then turned to face him in the nude.

"See?" She said, pointing to the mound of pubic hair between her legs.

He studied her for a long moment, looking like he wanted to cry. "Lie down on your stomach," he said, gesturing toward the bed.

She did as he asked and followed his instructions when he told her to kick her feet up and to look at him with her hand buried in her chin and a certain smile on her face.

"Do you do nudes a lot?" She asked.

"Not really," he said. "But this will be my best no matter what."

She smiled and kept posing as he worked.

"Okay," he said when he was finally finished a few hours later. "Come see."

She sprang off the bed and went to the easel still naked to see his finished work and she wanted to cry with happiness when she saw it.

"You make me much more beautiful than I really am," she sighed.

"I don't think so," he assured her. "You're still the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

She stared at him with disbelief. "That can't be true. A big deal artist like you working in New York and Hollywood? You see beautiful women all the time."

"Not like you," he told her.

She kept looking back and forth between him and the drawing. "Do you want to make love to me?" She whispered.

"More than anything," he said softly, leaning in and kissing her ear lobe.

"Please do," she practically begged, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes.

He gave her a small and sweet kiss on the lips and then wrapped his arms around her naked waist and pulled her to him. "My dream come true," he whispered. "I've waited for you all these years."

She opened her eyes and looked at him. "No you didn't," she said.

"I did," he said, kissing her again.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back like she had never kissed anybody before, surprised by the passion, lust, desire, need, and want that was racing through her body. This is the man who had always adored and loved her. She knew it in her heart.
She ran her fingers through his hair as she pushed her tongue into his mouth. He received it happily and his breathing let her know that he was feeling as excited as she was. She couldn't remember the last time she made out with somebody when she was totally naked and he was totally clothed.
"I want you," She said desperately.
"I want you more," he told her.

She fell back on the bed and waited for him to get undressed. She smiled when he was naked and she saw how erect he had become. He knelt down on the bed and teased her pussy by brushing his cock along her pussy hair. She leaned up and kissed him like she had never kissed another man and then she wrapped her legs around Bobby's hips, her arms around his neck as she surrendered herself to him.
Nikki reached down and found his cock with her hand, feeling his moist erection brushing across her pussy lips.

"Make love to me," she pleaded.

She fell back on the bed and spread her legs and she felt him enter her with a gentleness she had never felt before. The rest was a blur but she knew it was the best night of lovemaking she had ever experienced.

"Nikki Naked" became Bobby Wallenby's most successful painting to date when it was released nearly a year later and the former waitress was more than proud to travel with the famous artist to promote his work. Any wife would be willing to help out her husband like that.

15. The Girl Who Didn' Talk Very Much

Barb didn't talk much. Not because she couldn't but because she didn't want to. She found people boring, ignorant, unsatisfying and annoying so she decided long ago not to bother with them. She was more than content to occupy her time and interests with her books and studies and she ignored the social agendas and personalities of others. Many mistook her for being overly shy or perhaps even developmentally challenged when she was in fact one of the smartest kids in the school but because she rarely expressed her thoughts or feelings nobody really knew her.

Barb's family accepted her odd behaviors and eccentric ways. Her older sister Louise tried to be a good mentor and friend but she had married and moved out of the house a few years later. Barb's brother Mike was also supportive of his kid sister but he didn't spend a whole lot of time involving himself in her life. He was a popular jock who was socially engaged, pretty much the total opposite of his sister but he didn't hold it against her.

Barb didn't spend a whole lot of time on her appearance. She wasn't unattractive by any stretch of the imagination but she did little to enhance her natural physical attributes. She rarely wore makeup or spent time on her hair. Her wardrobe choices were Walmart, Goodwill, and Louise's hand-me-downs. She didn't bother with contacts, content with the black horned rimmed glasses she wore since she was twelve.

Mike's best friend growing up was Jonas Miller from down the street. Even though Jonas was hardly a jock and got into his fair share of trouble over the years, he and Mike remained friendly so when Mike's widowed mother re-married and decided to move away three month's before Jonas' high school graduation, Mike's parents agreed to let Jonas stay with them so he could graduate with Mike and his other friends.

Barb didn't care when Jonas moved into Louise's old room. It didn't change her routine much and Jonas wasn't the kind of guy who was going to bother with her anyway. He was popular among the girls, a player who liked to pursue and seduce the ladies and then move on to the next conquest. He was a good looking enough as far as Barb could tell but she had no interest in a one-dimensional guy like him. He was a shallow and self-absorbed, egotistical but dumb as a rock and Barb wasn't about to waste her time with someone as dense and dumb as Jonas even if he was living in the same house.

Barb didn't see all that much of Jonas who came and went as he pleased. The family didn't eat together much and her parents were on the go a lot so everybody pretty much stuck to their own routine. Jonas was well aware of Barb's bizarre behaviors so he didn't bother talking with her much.

One afternoon, Barb decided to skip her usual trip to the library and she came home earlier than normal. She traipsed up the stairs and headed for her room, glancing into the opened door room of Louise's old room to see Jonas standing there, stark naked drying off his hair, obviously having just taken a shower. His back was to her and she stared at his buns with appreciation. She had read her fair share of romance and sex novels to appreciate a nice looking ass when she saw one (this was her first, actually) and her eyes marveled at his ass.

She quietly set her book bag down on the hall floor and tip toed into the room, not sure why she was suddenly acting so bold and daring. When she was close enough to Jonas, she reached out and grabbed his buns with both hands.

Jonas yelped and jumped, turning in stunned surprise to see Barb standing there.

"What the fuck!?" He screamed.

She giggled, staring at his dick as he was now facing her. He glanced down and then back at her. He put his hand on his penis and gave it a few tugs so it became long and hard.

"There, that's better," he said, smiling at her. "I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea!"

She met his eyes for a moment and then returned her attention to his erection.

"What do you think?" He grinned. "Nice piece of meat, huh?"

She didn't say anything which was no big surprise, of course.

"I wasn't expecting anybody to be home," he explained. "That's why I'm naked with the door open. Sorry to surprise you."

She stood there staring at his dick and after a moment he sighed.

"Aren't you going to say something?" He groaned.

More time passed and because Barb hadn't moved or given any indication of a reaction, Jonas threw his arms up in the air in frustration.

"Are you going to gawk at me all day?" He protested.

She leaned up and kissed him, catching him by surprise but he was happy to oblige and he kissed her back.

"You can blow me if you want," he encouraged.

Barb figured she might as well see what it was like so she dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth like she was conducting some lab experiment. She sucked on him and she was intrigued by the noises he was making as he stood above her moaning and groaning and sighing and ohing. He'd fling his head back like he was howling at the moon and he kept rubbing his hands though her hair and repeating her name over and over again.

"Oh God, Barb, I'm ready to cum," he told her. "Are you going to swallow?" He asked between deep breaths.

She spit his penis out of her mouth and jumped back just before he exploded and he groaned with dissatisfaction as he spilled out all over the carpet instead of in her mouth.

"Guys like it when you swallow, Barb," he told her. "Or at least let them cum on your face or tits or something, okay?"

She shrugged as she stood and began to undress in front of him. She assumed she owned him that much. She unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her throbbing nipples.

"Barb!" Jonas moaned as he eyed her revelation. "Oh fuck."

She let the shirt fall to the floor and she stood topless in front of him as he took hold her breasts with appreciation.

"Aren't you going to say anything?" He asked as he played with one of her hard nipples.

She didn't so Jonas lowered his head and drew her nipple into his mouth. Barb moaned her response and she didn't resist when Jonas reached down and pulled her skirt down her hips. The skirt fell to the floor and she was the one who tugged down her panties to now stand naked with him.

Jonas slipped a finger into her and she jumped from the unexpected surprise. She closed her eyes and let him finger her until she came with a purr, soaking his fist with her cum. He cupped her ass with his hands and massaged her buns as she continued to moan. She jumped again when she felt one of his fingers slip between her crack and rub her anus and she tried to reach back and move his hand away.

"Don't fight it, Barb," he told her.

She moved away from him and lay down on the bed, spreading her legs for him.

"You want me to fuck you?" He asked excitedly.

She didn't answer and he scratched his chin.

"You're a virgin, right?"

She nodded and he sighed.

"I'm not sure if I should deflower you, Barb," he said.

She held her arms out and motioned for him to join her on the bed.

He went to the dresser first and dug out a condom which he rolled onto his penis before collapsing on top of her.

"I've fucked plenty of virgins just so you know," he said proudly.

She didn't reply and she waited until he slipped his cock into her pussy with one deep thrust as she cried out. She gripped the sheets of the bed and felt tears in her eyes as her hymen broke.

"It's all good now," he assured her as he began to fuck her and she cried out with every thrust. "Wow….Barb!" An impressed Jonas remarked as she began moving her hips with his thrusts and grabbed onto his ass. "You really like this, don't you!?"

They moved together with ease and passion and she screamed again when she exploded with her first climax ever and then she felt his release as he squeezed her ass and pulled her toward him.

"Barb, that's one of my best fucks ever!" Jonas exclaimed happily as he fell off her and they lay on the bed facing the ceiling.

He pulled the condom off and tossed it aside before rolling onto his side and gazing into her eyes. She moved her hand down to his semi erect cock and gripped it just so she'd know what it felt like. Then she let out a slow breath as she sat up, feeling incredibly disappointed. She didn't think he was that great. She was happy to be rid of her virginity but Jonas Miller definitely was not the kind of guy she wanted to be fucking. She rolled off the bed and gathered her clothes from the floor.

"Where you going?" Jonas asked with puzzlement.

She left the room still naked without saying a word although she was thinking 'As far away from you as possible!'

Jonas fell back on the bed and smiled happily. "I'm the best lay around!" He bragged aloud.