A/N: Due to the popularity of Uncharted Waters, I decided to continue the Ryuji/Kana side story. Some time passes between Uncharted Waters and Guard Dog, so I will make it a separate series. This may turn out to be three or four chapters, like Half-Breed (I actually recommend reading that first, but it's not Yaoi). It takes place in between Chapter 19 - Protector and Chapter 20 - Bloodlines from the main arc, Inukonjou Dog Spirit. Do NOT read Bloodlines if you don't want to get spoiled. The usual warnings for my yoai: BL, Lemon (later chapters), Slash, etc. Enjoy! Please review if you want me to update sooner!


"Hey, pup" a fellow warrior calls out to Ryuji. "What's up with The Behemoth? Too much to drink?"

"Yeah," the fire-type warrior replies as he carries Kana in his arms. "I'm just taking him to bed."

Ryuji carefully takes his unconscious charge to his bedroom. He lets out an annoyed groan as more warriors watch him with curiosity and begin to whisper to one another. The young warrior thought he could sneak in the building and into Kana's room unnoticed. However, regional headquarters is full of not only warriors, but trainees, trainers, officials, and the retired. Cradling Kana, also known as The Behemoth, like a newborn pup will definitely attract the eyes of many.

Ryuji sighs with relief as he arrives at Kana's assigned sleeping quarters. With a grunt, he drapes his friend over his shoulder in order to use his free hand to slide open the door. The fire-type warrior quickly closes the door behind him, finally freeing himself from the prying eyes of the other warriors.

He gently lays Kana on the luxurious, western-style bed. That is probably the only thing Ryuji is going to miss when it's time to return to their base. The drinking, partying, and socializing atmosphere is getting old. The young warrior desperately needs an assignment to stimulate him.

Ryuji stares at his earth-type pack mate, who appears to be sleeping soundly. He frowns a little; for Kana's long, silvery-white hair is a tangled mess. Without thinking, he begins to comb it out with his fingers. The pup is startled when Kana responds with a low, sensual moan.

Was I just hearing things? Ryuji thought to himself. He jumps again at the sound of knocking. He gets up to answer the door, already aware of who's on the other side.

"Hurry up, Ophelia," Ryuji lets his pack mate in. "Did you get the water?"

"It's right here," Ophelia responds as she shows off the pitcher and bowl. "Toru said he will need plenty of it." She sits the clay pitcher on a small table next to Kana's bed. She hums cheerfully as she takes a moment to glance over Kana. Although the raven-haired girl appears to be a mere adolescent, she is actually two years older than the earth-type warrior. Her violet eyes glisten with concern over her unconscious pack mate.

"Does anyone know Kana's been poisoned?" She questions Ryuji.

"No," the fire-type warrior replies. "They just think he's drunk."

"Good," Ophelia plays with her braided ponytail as she ponders something. "Are you sure you don't want me to create a barrier? That way, no one will bother him."

Ryuji shakes his head. He's grateful for his dark-type pack mate, in spite of the fact that she'd beaten him in the first round of their ranking match. She even defeated the older and more experienced Toru. Then again, dark-types are second only to earth-types in strength. On top of that, she can use her dark sorcery and call to the spirits to perform time spells, create barriers, and hinder opponents. Despite her sometimes overly-cheerful, little-girl appearance, Ophelia is definitely a warrior to be reckoned with.

"I'll keep an eye on him myself," Ryuji announces with confidence. "I'll do a better job than Mamoru. He was the one who let Kana get abducted in the first place."

"Don't say that," the dark-type warrior scolds Ryuji. "He's already overwhelmed with guilt. Besides, no one would have thought someone would attack us this close to the Society's headquarters." Ophelia lets out her trademark, beaming smile. "I must say, it was just adorable how Mamoru worried over Kana."

Ryuji raises a single eyebrow. She only just met Mamoru, and already, his pack mate is turning to one of those crazy girls who have that annoying affinity with boy's love. The fire-type warrior is suddenly grateful that Ophelia doesn't know his true feelings for Kana. He can't image the good-intentioned mayhem she will cause.

"Enough about romance," Ophelia changes the subject, sensing Ryuji's uneasiness. "The other warriors are whispering about Kana's incapacitated condition. I told you, we're half beasts; it's natural for us to take advantage of a weaken rival. Dominating someone of Kana's stature will definitely give a low-ranking warrior some recognition with his pack."

Ryuji's crimson eye glows with aggression. "I'll never allow that," the fire-type warrior growls with harden resolve.

"That's what I like to hear," Ophelia says with a smile. "I'll be in Mamoru's room if you need me."

Ryuji watches as Ophelia exits, not bothering to ask why on earth will she be in Mamoru's room. She definitely caught the yaoi fangirl virus, Ryuji muses to himself.