Hey guys! To the winner of the review game, CRAZEDbySUGAR, I wrote a poem! It's centered around her addiction of coffee cake…scary things happen when she has coffee cake O_O

Sincerely your friend,


The One They Call CbS:

Some know her

But others know OF her.

The one who lurks in the shadows

Who hides in the shallow

Waiting for her precious

Oh, her sweet coffee Cake!

How it makes us all quake

In fear of seeing her crazed

When she starts to eat it she feels a bit dazed.

The sugar rushes through her veins

Dear me why couldn't I just shove it down the drain?

Now the sugar is taking over her mind

She starts to laugh and we all try to find

Something to stop her evil sugar crazed cackle

Tumblr, youtube, funny pictures, Oh joy!

Is it just a ploy?

A ploy of hers to get us to let down our guards?

I back peddle a couple of yards.

This is our CRAZEDbySUGAR

The one a only

A true friend

But also a true coffe cake feind.