For everyone I know here is a poem for you. To all of those who I do not know, here is a poem for you. Everyone is awesome, so stay awesome everyone!



For You:

For you I would shed a tear

For you I would stop a sneer

For you I will stand up

For you I will smile to stop the abrupt

Unhappiness that might erupt

For everyone who needs me

I will always see

You all matter

I don't try to flatter you

I like to think you'd do anything for me too

For you I would shut everything out.

For you I'd let down my walls

No longer ignorant of your calls

Let me see you smile

Even if just for a while

Let me care for you

I can bear the weight of two

Don't let me see you crumble

Crash and burn

It would make my stomach churn

I wish you all the best

Because for you I'd be laid to rest.